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461期 初二Quiz time



The worst traveler in the world was Paul of San Francisco. Once he 1. f from the US to his hometown in Italy to see someone at home. The plane made a one-hour stop to get oil at an airport in New York. Paul thought he was in Rome. Believing this, he got off the 2. p .
When nobody was there to meet him, Paul thought maybe the heavy 3. t made his friends late. While looking for their address, Paul found that the old Rome had changed a lot. He found many high 4. m buildings instead of old ones. He also found that many people 5. s English but not Italian and that many street signs were written in English.
Paul knew very 6. l English. So he asked a policeman in Italian the way to the bus station. He happened to meet a policeman who was also born in Italy and answered in the same 7. l .
After 12 hours’ traveling round on a bus, the driver handed him over to 8. a policeman. But this time, this policeman could only speak English. So Paul asked the policeman why the Rome police employed (雇佣) so many people who spoke English as policemen.
Paul didn’t 9. b he was in New York when he was told so. To get him on a plane to Italy, he was sent to the 10. a in a police car.
1. __________ 2. __________
3. __________ 4. __________
5. __________ 6. __________
7. __________ 8. __________
9. __________ 10. __________


receive minute when helpful early
if I from waste three year but


Michael Leung, a famous TV host (主持人) in Hong Kong, wrote a letter to his son. It is not only
1 to children, but also good for all ages. The following are chosen 2 his letter.
1. Life is short. While you are 3 it today, you’ll realize you are at the end of it tomorrow. So the earlier you start to value (珍惜) your life, the 4 you can enjoy it.
2. You might not be successful 5 you don’t study hard, although a lot of successful people
haven’t 6 higher education.
3. I don’t expect you to support (供养) me for the rest of 7 life, so I’m not going to do the same for you. You will be living on your own when you grow up.
4. You can require yourself to be nice to others,
8 you shouldn’t expect the same from others.
5. I’ve been buying the lottery (彩票) for almost 20 9 , but I’m still poor. I have never even got
10 place. So you have to work hard to be successful. There is no free lunch in the world.
1. __________ 2. __________
3. __________ 4. __________
5. __________ 6. __________
7. __________ 8. __________
9. __________ 10. __________



In every little girl’s toy box, there might be a Barbie doll. 1 It was designed in 1959 by an American businesswoman named Ruth Handler. She and her husband Elliott started the toy company Mattel. 2
The first Barbie doll appeared at a toy fair (交易会) in New York on March 9, 1959. 3 Mattel sold 300,000 Barbie dolls in the first year at a price of three dollars. Today, a 50-year-old Barbie in good condition might cost more than twenty-seven thousand dollars. Mattel says 90% of the girls in the United States aged from three to ten own at least one Barbie doll. 4
When Mattel created Barbie dolls half a century ago, they never thought this doll would become a legend. Now Barbie dolls are famous all over the world. They are sold in 150 countries, and every second three Barbie dolls are sold around the world.
A. She named the new doll after her daughter Barbara.
B. Barbie is 50 years old this year.
C. And girls aged three to six own an average (平均)
of about 12.
D. This date is used as Barbie’s birthday.
E. Every year, we celebrate the birthday.

1. ____________________
2. ____________________
3. ____________________
4. ____________________



We all need a healthy environment, but we produce waste every day and it does harm to our environment. Though we are young, we can still do something to help. In fact, even the simplest everyday activities can make a real difference to the environment. Here are some ideas for you to live a green life.
Remember these three words: reduce, reuse and recycle.
Reduce means “use less”. Don’t waste things. This saves money and reduces pollution and waste going into the environment. Before we buy something new, think if it is really necessary or maybe the old one will be just as good! When we do buy things, choose local products if possible, and try not to buy too many things from abroad.
Reuse means “use again”. Use things for as long as possible. When we buy things, make sure that they last a long time. We should take care of them so that they will last, and we should repair them if we can instead of throwing them away and buying new ones. Don’t use a paper cup or a paper bag. It’s better to use a china cup and a lunch box because you can use them again.
Recycle means “change things into something else”. Although it takes energy to change something into something else, it’s better than throwing things away or burning them. Find out what can be recycled in your neighborhood and take part in recycling programs. We should also buy products made from recycled materials, such as recycled paper, to help save trees.
1. __________ 2. __________
3. __________ 4. __________
5. __________ 6. __________
7. __________ 8. __________
9. __________ 10. __________


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