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464期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. The grandfather’s school is for _____.
A. boys only
B. girls only
C. boys and girls

2. The writer knows his grandfather is a kind man because _____.
A. he gives his students presents
B. he tells stories to his students
C. he gives him presents and tells him stories

3. When the writer’s grandfather walks into a noisy room, _____.
A. the boys begin to talk
B. the boys stop talking
C. the boys speak English

4. If a boy doesn’t do his homework, _____.
A. he’ll do it 10 times
B. he’ll go home after class
C. he’ll stay at school after class

Day 2
Emergency Day teaches life lessons (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. Which of the following is NOT true about Emergency Room Day?
A. It was part of the school’s life science class.
B. The students acted as doctors and patients.
C. The students studied 28 different diseases.
D. They had a book of symptoms to look up.

2. What does the underlined word “intense” in Paragraph 6 mean in Chinese?
A. 危险的
B. 令人紧张的
C. 有难度的
D. 高收入的

3. The activity helps the students learn the following EXCEPT _____.
A. working with others
B. knowledge of medicine
C. taking care of oneself
D. not getting diseases

Day 3
Space salad added to the menu (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. To help astronauts eat in space, NASA is _____.
A. storing enough pre-packaged food for later use
B. doing research on what nutritious food astronauts should eat
C. experimenting with growing vegetables inside the ISS
D. sending chefs to the ISS to help astronauts cook

2. When growing plants in space, which of the following is NOT an issue?
A. No gravity.
B. No soil.
C. No rain.
D. No light.

3. How do LED lamps help the veggie flight pillow?
A. They make it easy to transport.
B. They stop the water from floating away.
C. They make sure that roots will grow downward.
D. They make it easy for gardeners to take care of the plants.

4. From the article, we learn that _____.
A. US astronauts can eat fresh vegetables in space now
B. the fresh vegetables are different from those on Earth
C. astronauts don’t need pre-packaged food in space
D. the safety of fresh vegetables is unknown

Brave Brandy’s helpful bark (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. According to the passage, we learn that Adam was _____.
A. an old dog
B. an 18-month-old boy
C. a policeman
D. a dog owner

2. Some neighbors thought Brandy was _____.
A. brave
B. lovely
C. friendly
D. cute

3. The boy was saved by _____.
A. his neighbors
B. the dog
C. the policemen
D. his mother

4. To express her thanks to the dog, the boy’s mother _____.
A. founded a pet rescue center
B. left food to homeless dogs
C. saved every animal she met
D. put old dogs to sleep

Day 5
My friend, David Smith, had pet birds. One day he called me and told me he would be away for a week. He asked me to 1 the birds for him.
Unfortunately, I did not remember to feed the birds 2 the night before David was going to return. I ran to his house quickly and soon found the key he gave me, but I 3 open the door! I kept 4 what David would say when he came back.
Then I found that one bedroom window was 5 . I put a big stone (石头) under the window, though it was very 6 . I made lots of 7 , but in the end, I climbed up.
I had one leg inside the bedroom when I suddenly found that 8 was shining a flashlight (手电筒) on me. I looked down and 9 a policeman and an old lady, one of David’s neighbors. “ 10 are you doing up there?” asked the policeman. Feeling like a fool, I answered: “I was just going to feed Mr Smith’s birds.”

1. A. buy B. sell C. make D. feed
2. A. until B. before C. as D. since
3. A. shouldn’t B. wouldn’t C. couldn’t D. mustn’t
4. A. asking for B. waiting for C. thinking of D. dreaming of
5. A. broken B. open C. lost D. clean
6. A. big B. small C. light D. heavy
7. A. work B. problems C. noise D. roads
8. A. anybody B. somebody C. nobody D. everybody
9. A. looked B. watched C. saw D. stood
10. A. Why B. How C. When D. What

【Listening Cafe】 ACBB
A train stops at a station. Many people get off to buy something to eat. A young man wants to get off too but it starts to rain. A boy standing outside of the train has a big umbrella.
“Can you go and get us two hamburgers, one for you and one for me? Here is $2,” the young man says to the boy.
“Great!” says the boy. He goes to buy the burgers. After some time, the boy comes back. He is eating a burger.
“Where is my burger?” asks the young man.
“Oh, there was only one burger left and I’m eating it. Here is your dollar.”
Cloze:1-5 CBDAD 6-10 BDADC
6版日积月累: 1-5 BDACE 6-10 DCEAB


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