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465期 初二Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. The writer visited the grasslands
of Zhangbei during _____.
A. the winter holiday
B. the national holiday
C. the summer holiday

2. The writer went to the grasslands
of Zhangbei with his _____.
A. father and mother B. classmates
C. friends

3. The writer _____ to Zhangbei.
A. took a plane B. took a car
C. took a bus

4. The writer was _____ to see the
A. tired B. excited C. nervous

Google doodle for a ... (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. What is a Google doodle and what is it for?

2. What does Lincoln’s Google doodle look like?

3. Why did Lincoln design such a doodle?

4. What did the judges think of Lincoln?

5. Has Lincoln formally studied art at school?

6. What is the secret to art in Lincoln’s opinion?

How should I respond? (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. What does the underlined sentence
mean in paragraph 2?
A. The textbook is sometimes different from
daily talk.
B. Don’t believe what the textbook tells you.
C. The English textbook in China isn’t
D. The conversation on the street often
annoys people.

2. According to the article, in the UK,
if your friend said “thank you”, you’d
probably respond with “_____”.
A. you’re welcome B. my pleasure
C. no problem D. sure

3. Which of the following would an
Australian commonly respond with
to “thank you”?
A. No worries. B. It’s OK.
C. It’s fine. D. You’re welcome.

Octopus’ arms don’t ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. Octopuses can control their arms
without catching themselves, because
A. their eight arms can control each other
B. eating cake gives them the ability
C. they have a special chemical in their brain
D. nervous systems on their arms can
control movement

2. From the article, we learn the following
EXCEPT _____.
A. an octopus’ arms can live for a while after
being cut off from the body
B. the cut-off arms were not from the
octopus in the test
C. the cut-off arm didn’t catch the live octopus
D. the cut-off arm caught the skinned
cut-off arm

3. Why did the scientists offer food with
chemicals of octopus skin and fish skin?
A. To test whether octopuses like to eat fish.
B. To test whether there were special
chemicals on octopus skin.
C. To test whether octopuses can recognize
other animals.
D. To test how important an arm is for

Two days ago, Bob got a letter from his girlfriend, Mary. She wrote: “My plane leaves Beijing for London at 10:00 am on June 3. Please meet me at the 1 .”
Bob was now standing at the airport and 2 some flowers. He was 3 because Mary’s plane was three hours late, but 4 knew why. Bob walked over to the bar at the airport and had a drink. He walked back to the gate. There was still 5 news. He walked back to the bar and had 6 drink.
Two hours later, Mary’s plane landed and the people on the plane started coming out. Bob smiled and 7 Mary. After some time he 8 smiling because the last person to get off the plane was not Mary.
Bob said to himself: “What has happened to her?” He went over to the information desk. “My name is Bob Watson,” he said. “Have you got any messages 9 me?”
“Yes,” said the girl standing there. “A telephone message from 10 .” With these words, she handed him a piece of paper. “Mr Bob Watson, London Airport. Sorry, I’ll return next Sunday.”
Bob thanked the girl at the airport, gave the flowers to her and said goodbye.
1. A. hotel B. airport
C. restaurant D. bar
2. A. holding B. taking
C. bringing D. wearing
3. A. surprised B. pleased
C. worried D. interested
4. A. somebody B. nobody
C. anybody D. everybody
5. A. some B. good
C. bad D. no
6. A. other B. others
C. the other D. another
7. A. looked at B. looked for
C. looked like D. looked after
8. A. started B. avoided
C. finished D. stopped
9. A. about B. with
C. for D. at
10. A. China B. England
C. Japan D. America


【Listening Cafe】ACBC
My grandfather is a teacher at a boys school. I know he is a kind man because he gives me presents and tells me stories. But the boys at school are afraid of him.
At school, when he walks into a room full of noise, the boys turn silent at once. If a boy doesn’t finish his homework, he’ll tell the boy to stay at school after class. If he doesn’t write carefully, my grandfather will throw the boy’s book away and say: “Do it again!”
Cloze:1-5 DACCB 6-10 DCBCD


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