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466期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening cafe 听力测试
1. Mr Black gave money to Mrs Black on _____.
A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Friday

2. Mrs Black always spent the money _____.
A. the next day B. in five days C. in a week

3. Mr Black gave his wife money _____ a week.
A. once B. twice C. three times

4. Mr Black gave his wife a notebook to _____.
A. remind her not to spend much money
B. write down what she spent the money on
C. do some writing rather than shopping

5.The story tells us that Mrs Black is a _____ person.
A. kind B. careless C. careful

Day 2
What not to wear (P2)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why were the 170 students told to go home on May 14?
A. Because they had the day off.
B. Because they had a special activity.
C. Because they didn’t wear their uniform.
D. Because they didn’t wear the right clothes to school.

2. Students at Duncanville High School _____.
A. cannot wear belts or shirts
B. should not wear clothes with logos
C. should not wear expensive clothes
D. should not wear colorful clothes

3. According to the article, students in Florida _____.
A. can wear saggy pants
B. can choose what they like to wear at school
C. can wear leggings in school now
D. are not allowed to wear skirts in school

4. What do the schools think of the dress codes?
A. They may be too hard on students.
B. Most students are against the codes.
C. They help students in some way.
D. They help students stand out outside of school.

Is this the biggest ever ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. The paleontologists digging in Argentina found _____.
A. some ancient kings
B. the biggest dinosaur ever on Earth
C. a type of tyrannosaurus
D. 14 huge elephants

2. What did the scientists find by examining the rocks?
A. The time when the dinosaur lived.
B. How the dinosaur lived.
C. What the dinosaur ate.
D. How the dinosaur moved.

3. Paragraph 5 mainly talks about _____.
A. how the fossils were found
B. why the fossils were important
C. how many fossils were found
D. what the scientists named the fossils

Love every moment of life (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Since their marriage, Lisa and Mike _____.
A. became sweeter and sweeter
B. didn’t love each other anymore
C. lived a poor and difficult life
D. fought over every little thing

2. What happened to the couple on their anniversary?
A. The husband died in a car accident.
B. The husband’s wallet was stolen.
C. The wife got ill and rolled on the floor.
D. The husband bought some flowers for his wife.

3. When Lisa opened the door, she was _____ to see Mike standing there.
A. nervous B. afraid
C. angry D. excited

4. What is the message of the story?
A. All should treasure what they already have.
B. All things are difficult before they are easy.
C. A husband without faults will never be found.
D. A bad beginning makes a bad ending.

Katy Ross is an 18-year-old now in Nepal, a small country north of India. Katy 1 school eight months ago and soon she will go to university. She loves traveling and decided to visit Asia 2 she goes to university.
Katy is living with a family in the capital of Nepal. She has 3 a lot about the country since she arrived four months ago. The family has two children but many uncles and cousins live with 4 in their big house. They have taken Katy to many parties.
Katy teaches for four hours a day at a small
5 . All the classes are in English and the pupils have spoken English since the 6 of six. The older children speak English very 7 . Katy has taught writing, grammar and art, all in English. She enjoys art the most. She thinks the children like art best, too.
Katy doesn’t have a lot of time to 8 Nepal, but soon she will stop teaching and travel around Nepal 9 a friend. “After that, we will visit more countries such as China and Japan in 10 . We are really looking forward to it,” Katy says.

1. A. left B. found
C. visitedD. reached
2. A. beforeB. when
C. after D. while
3. A. used B. taught
C. madeD. learnt
4. A. us B. him
C. her D. them
5. A. shop B. cinema
C. schoolD. factory
6. A. life B. age
C. numberD. amount
7. A. bad B. good
C. fine D. well
8. A. see B. hear
C. look D. smell
9. A. of B. on
C. with D. in
10. A. EuropeB. Asia
C. AfricaD. America


【Listening Cafe】CABB
Last summer holiday, I went to the grasslands of Zhangbei with my parents. It took us about five hours to get there by car. I felt tired. However, I was excited when I saw the grasslands. Oh, how beautiful they were!
In the evening, my parents and I took part in a campfire party (营火晚会). Everyone sang and danced around the campfire.
The next morning, I rode a horse on the grasslands and really enjoyed the feeling of flying.
I had a wonderful time in Zhangbei. I am looking forward to visiting there again.
1. It is a picture above the search box and it is to remember special events in history.
2. It is a machine that turns trash into compost and the whole picture spells out the letters “G-O-O-G-L-E”.
3. He wanted to help create a greener world.
4. They thought the doodle showed Lincoln’s creativity on how to change the world.
5. No, he hasn’t.
6. He thinks the secret to art is not to over think it.
【P4】 ACA
【P5】 DBB
Cloze:1-5 BACBD 6-10 DBDCA

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