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467期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. Jack was _____ one day when he heard a girl crying.
A. playing basketball
B. walking on the street
C. buying some toys

2. The little girl cried because she _____.
A. lost her doll
B. couldn’t find her mother
C. couldn’t find her way home

3. We can tell that Jack is _____.
A. lazy B. brave C. kind

4. How many dolls did the little girl have?
A. None. B. One. C. Two.

Day 2
‘Murder’ mystery in the ... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. The “dead” guy in the computer lab _____.
A. collapsed after playing too many computer games
B. was killed for stealing school supplies
C. was killed by one of the students
D. was acted by a student in a mock murder

2. What did the activity aim to do?
A. To encourage students to spend less time on computers.
B. To teach students to use scientific ways to solve a crime.
C. To make students understand how the police work.
D. To get students interested in becoming policemen.

3. The students did the following EXCEPT _____.
A. learned how to protect a crime scene and question suspects
B. learned the investigation process of policemen and lawyers
C. went to a real crime scene with several police officers
D. investigated “suspects” and examined the evidence

4. What did the students think of being detectives?
A. It was exciting.
B. It was dangerous.
C. It was tiring.
D. It was hard work.

Day 3
Power of a poem helps ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why can the poem help control air pollution?
A. Because it can warn people of the dangers of pollution.
B. Because the poster that the poem was written on is special.
C. Because it has pictures that explain air pollution.
D. Because Professor Tony Ryan and Professor Simon Armitage are famous.

2. Which of the following is NOT true of the poster?
A. It is 10 meters by 20 meters.
B. It is coated with nanoparticles.
C. It can absorb the waste from cars.
D. It’s widely used in the UK.

3. From the last two paragraphs, we learn that _____.
A. the technology costs too much
B. it would make advertisement cheaper
C. washing powder may one day soak up poisons
D. you would feel different wearing the clothes

Day 4
Make use of your present (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. The writer compares the _____ of a day to $86,400 in a bank account.
A. secondsB. minutes
C. hours D. meals

2. What is special about the time bank each of us has?
A. We can store time in it whenever we like.
B. Someone puts $86,400 in it every day.
C. The time in it will get lost if you don’t use it.
D. Someone helps you spend your time every night.

3. _____ will know the value of a week, because he or she has a weekly deadline.
A. A student who failed a grade
B. A person who missed the train
C. The editor of a weekly newspaper
D. Lovers who are waiting to meet

4. In the article, the writer mainly tells us _____.
A. what a bank account is
B. how to save money
C. the differences of time units
D. how important time is

Day 5
Jack is an English teacher at a college. He moved to New York City 1 all the members of his family. Jack is an excellent teacher, so we’ve all 2 him very much since he left. It was not long before Jack came back to North Carolina for a short 3 . The teachers and students held a small party for him.
At the party, people walked around and 4 with each other. I certainly would not give up a good chance to learn English. So I tried to think of all kinds of topics to talk with Grace, another 5 teacher.
Just before I was about to run out of topics, I suddenly 6 Jack say to others loudly: “I dig (挖掘) New York!” I immediately asked Grace “Is it really difficult to find a 7 in New York? Why does Jack have to do 8 work since he is such a good teacher?”
Grace didn’t seem to understand what I said.
“Didn’t you hear him say that he is digging New York? Is he building an underground passage (地下通道)?” I asked.
When she finally realized what I meant, Grace laughed so hard. She then asked us whether we 9 the meaning of “I dig New York.” All of us shook heads and said no. So Grace asked Jack to 10 it to us.
It turns out that “I dig New York” means “I like New York” in American slang (俚语). Though few people say that now, we still hear it from time to time.
1. A. afterB. with
C. ofD. in
2. A. missedB. loved
C. liked D. thought
3. A. speechB. party
C. talk D. visit
4. A. talkedB. drank
C. helpedD. danced
5. A. ChineseB. English
C. mathD. music
6. A. heardB. listened
C. madeD. told
7. A. teacherB. job
C. workD. book
8. A. busy B. free
C. heavyD. easy
9. A. knewB. studied
C. thoughtD. brought
10. A. expressB. experience
C. enjoyD. explain



【Listening Cafe】CBABB
Mr Black gave his wife money every Friday, but she always spent it before the next Wednesday. For the next two days she had no money.
“What did you spend all that money on?” Mr Black asked her. “I don’t know,” she always answered.
One Friday Mr Black brought home a notebook. He gave it to his wife. “Now look,” he said to her. “When you get money from me, write it down on this page, and on the next page write down what you do with the money.”
When Mr Black came home the next Tuesday, his wife showed him the book. On the first page she wrote: “Friday, June 28. I got $180 from John,” and on the next page: “Tuesday, July 2. I have spent it all.”
【P5】 CAA
Cloze: 1-5 AADDC 6-10 BDACB

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