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468期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. The farmer used to be very _____.
A. richB. poorC. happy

2. Where did the farmer come from?
A. Japan.B. The UK.C. The US.

3. The farmer traveled by _____.
A. trainB. shipC. plane

4. How many drinks could the farmer choose?
A. One.B. Two.C. Three.

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2. 进入会话界面,点击底栏菜单中的“英语视听”,依次选择:英语听力→初中听力→初一报纸,收听听力原文。

Day 2
Cruel or cultural? (P2)
Answer the following questions:
1. What does the underlined word “it” in paragraph 3 refer to?

2. Why do Yulin people eat dog meat hotpot on the summer solstice?

3. What does Sun Li think of Yulin’s tradition of eating dog meat?

4. Is this the first time Chinese people have debated over eating dog meat?

5. What do other people from Yulin think of the tradition?

Day 3
Sleep after learning new ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What does the new study find?
A. The longer you sleep, the quicker you learn a skill.
B. You can get a new skill during your sleep.
C. Going to sleep right away helps you keep a skill.
D. You’re likely to sleep when learning a new skill.

2. According to Paragraph 3, dendrites _____.
A. are proteins in the brain
B. are brain cells
C. teach people how to learn
D. have connections with brain cells

3. Which of the following is NOT true about the experiment?
A. The scientists taught the mice to run on a spinning stick.
B. Some mice were made to sleep after running.
C. The sleepless mice didn’t grow new connections in their brains.
D. The mice that slept did much better than they had the first time.

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. Learning and sleep.
B. Learning and memory.
C. The functions of brain cells.
D. The differences between a mouse brain and a human brain.

Day 4
Ticket to a bright future (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. From Paragraph 1 we learn that the writer _____.
A. used to care little about his studies
B. was naughty and didn’t listen to his parents
C. was interested in school since he was young
D. knew the importance of school from his parents’ experience

2. The writer’s attitude towards school changed because of _____.
A. his failure to find a job
B. his parents’ encouragement
C. the store workers’ trust
D. the manager’s bad attitude.

3. How did the writer get the chance to finally work?
A. By getting work experience in other stores.
B. By getting on well with the manager.
C. By working hard to get a diploma.
D. By running a store on his own.

4. What is the main message of the story?
A. In doing we learn.
B. School education helps in life.
C. Better late than never.
D. Do well and have well.

Day 5
We spent a day in the countryside and picked a lot of flowers. We 1 them so much that we put them around the inside of the car everywhere we could! On the way home, my wife 2 a bookcase in a furniture (家具) shop. She had wanted that kind of bookcase for some time, so we bought it. It was tall, narrow (狭窄的) and very heavy, too. We put it on the 3 of the car.
As it was getting darker, I drove slowly. After some time, my wife said: “There are many cars
4 us. Why don’t they just pass us?” At that moment a police car did pass us. The two officers inside looked at us 5 when they went past. But then, with a kind smile they asked us to follow their car through the 6 traffic. The police car 7 at the church. One of the officers came up to me and said: “Right, sir, here we are. Do you need any more help now?”
I didn’t quite 8 . “Thanks, officer. You are very kind. I live just down the road.”
He was 9 our things: first at the flowers, then at the bookcase. “Well, well,” he said and
10 . “It’s a bookcase! We thought it was, erm, something else.”
My wife began to laugh, too. Then I knew
11 the police drove us all the way here. I smiled at the officer. “Yes, it’s a bookcase,
12 thanks again.” I drove home as fast as I could.

1. A. knewB. loved C. needed D. found
2. A. left B. had C. took D. saw
3. A. back B. front C. top D. foot
4. A. besideB. before C. betweenD. behind
5. A. seriouslyB. happily C. stupidlyD. thankfully
6. A. full B. busy C. long D. easy
7. A. waitedB. ran C. drove D. stopped
8. A. enjoyB. understand C. worryD. thank
9. A. caring aboutB. taking away C. checking upD. looking at
10. A. laughedB. cried C. spokeD. acted
11. A. howB. what C. whyD. that
12. A. andB. but C. or D. so



【Listening Cafe】 BACB
One day, when Jack was taking a walk, he heard a voice. He found a girl crying in the street.
“Why are you crying, little girl?” Jack asked.
“I’ve lost my doll,” the girl answered.
“Don’t cry, little girl. I’ll buy a new doll for you,” Jack said.
So the little girl followed Jack to the shop, and Jack bought a very nice doll for her. The little girl began to feel happy again.
But a few minutes later, Jack heard her crying again. “Why are you crying now?” Jack asked the little girl.
“If I hadn’t lost my doll, I’d have two dolls!” the girl said.
【P5】 BDC
Cloze: 1-5 BADAB 6-10 ABCAD
6版日积月累:1-5 EBACD 6-10 CBEDA

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