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471期 初二Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. Kim had a birthday party on _____.
A. Saturday
B. Sunday
C. Monday

2. The dinner was ready _____.
A. before 7:00
B. at 7:00
C. at 7:30

3. Jack gave Kim _____ as her
birthday gift.
A. a book
B. a hat
C. a T-shirt

4. How many friends came to the
A. Two.
B. Three.
C. Four.

5. What did Kim think of her birthday?
A. She felt sad.
B. She thought it was boring.
C. She felt happy.

Humor fills the start of ... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. What does the underlined word mean
in paragraph 2?
A. Unfriendly.
B. Funny.
C. Polite.
D. Helpful.

2. What did they buy in the supermarket?
A. A washing machine.
B. Clothes.
C. A shopping cart.
D. A basket.

3. How did the writer feel about the
customer’s words at first?
A. Surprised.
B. Interested.
C. Confused.
D. Afraid.

4. What does the story mainly talk about?
A. What Australians are like.
B. How to study well in Australia.
C. Interesting Australian English.
D. An experience in Australia.

Start of a robotic revolution? (P5)
Choose the best answer
1. The following about the robots are true
EXCEPT _____.
A. they are transformers
B. they are made of paper
C. they cost about 615 yuan
D. they need batteries

2. When the paper robot is working,
A. it needs five minutes to transform
B. it transforms into a two-legged robot
C. it is about 100g – the size of a book
D. it can walk at the speed of 5cm per second

3. Which of the following can the robots do
① Explore outer space.
②Explore other dangerous places.
③Get into narrow places to save people.
④Walk a dog for people.
⑤ Play chess with people.
B. ①②④
C. ③④⑤
D. ②③④

4. What does the underlined word “fixed”
in the last paragraph mean?
A. 变化的
B. 运转的
C. 固定的

Run your own race in life (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. The writer decided to _____ when he
noticed a man in front of him.
A. talk with the man
B. race with the man
C. make friends with the man
D. cycle slower than the man

2. What happened to the writer when he
passed the man?
A. He rode so fast that he fell off his bicycle.
B. He told the man that he was competing
with him.
C. He realized that he had passed the
place he needed to turn.
D. He found himself lost after cycling six
blocks and couldn’t find his way.

3. The underlined phrase “chase after” in
Paragraph 5 means “_____”.
A. catch up with
C. get on with
C. come up with
D. take care of

4. What is the main message of the story?
A. Competition is important in life.
B. Focus on your own race in life.
C. Always be clear of where you’re going.
D. Try to catch up with those ahead of you.

Sam came to live and work in this small town weeks ago. On weekends, he always found nothing to do and felt bored.
Luckily, he made a few friends here. One day, two men 1 him to go fishing. Sam was very
2 . Then they went fishing near a 3 . After three hours, one of the two men said: “Oh! Sorry, I want to go to the toilet (厕所).”
“There is only one toilet near the lake, 4 it is across from the lake,” said Sam.
“I know!” the man said with a smile. Then he just ran 5 the lake. Sam was very 6 .
A few minutes later, the man 7 . The other man did the same thing, too. “If they 8 do it, so can I!” Sam thought. So he did the same thing. But he fell into the 9 . After he got on the bank (河岸), he asked them how they were able to do it. “That’s easy! We know 10 the stepping stones (垫脚石) are in the lake,” they answered.

1. A. visitedB. left
C. showedD. invited
2. A. happyB. active
C. differentD. healthy
3. A. road B. town
C. lake D. bank
4. A. then B. but
C. soD. or
5. A. in B. from
C. near D. over
6. A. angry B. surprised
C. easy D. excited
7. A. went back B. arrived at
C. came fromD. came back
8. A. can B. may
C. need D. should
9. A. ship B. net
C. water D. toilet
10. A. that B. when
C. how D. where

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