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472期 初二Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. Mr and Mrs Green have _____.
A. a son and a daughter
B. two sons
C. two daughters

2. What is the color of Jim’s
soccer kit?
A. Green.
B. White.
C. Red.

3. How old is Kate?
A. 2. B. 12. C. 14.

4. What is Kate doing?
A. Cleaning the room.
B. Washing clothes.
C. Playing soccer.

5. Whose is the white shirt?
A. Jim’s.
B. Mrs Green’s.
C. Mr Green’s.

Girl’s designs win global ... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. According to the story, we learn that
A. Taylor is the boss of Nordstorm
B. Taylor doesn’t go to school now
C. Taylor loved designing when she was
D. Taylor learned sewing at sewing camp

2. Which of the following is TRUE about Taylor’s designs?
A. Many people like Taylor’s designs.
B. They don’t look fashionable.
C. They look similar to others’ designs.
D. Old people don’t like them.

3. Taylor thinks her clothes are popular
because _____.
A. they are cheap
B. people like the style
C. many stores sell them
D. she sells them online

4. Taylor advises young people to _____.
A. do what you want to
B. have the courage to dream big
C. find a hobby at a young age
D. never mind failure

Full moon festival fun (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. Paragraph 2 tells us that _____.
A. the Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for
family reunions
B. the Mid-Autumn Festival has a short
C. Chinese people like to look at the moon
D. family members are not that important
for Chinese people

2. From the Chang’e story, we can learn
the following EXCEPT _____.
A. Hou Yi and Chang’e were husband and
B. there were 10 suns in the sky at that time
C. Hou Yi shot down nine suns
D. Hou Yi and Chang’e both flew to the moon

3. According to the article, Artemis _____.
A. is the goddess of the moon in Greek myth
B. is the goddess of the moon in Indian myth
C. has four hands and rides through the sky
on a chariot
D. had a baby who was born on a full moon

4. What does the article mainly talk
A. How Chinese people celebrate
the Mid-Autumn Festival.
B. The story about Hou Yi and Chang’e.
C. Stories about the moon in different
D. Who the god or goddess of the moon is in
different countries.

Help others, help yourself (P6)

Choose the best answer:
1. What happened to the lady?
A. She met a bad guy on her way to a cafe.
B. Her car stopped working on the road.
C. She helped a man to fix his broken car.
D. Her friend asked her to pay his money

2. How did the man ask the lady to
thank him?
A. He said she could pay him back next time.
B. He didn’t ask her to do anything.
C. He asked her to help people in need.
D. He asked her to help his wife.

3. What did the lady do in the cafe?
A. She told her story to the pregnant
B. She helped the pregnant waitress lay the
C. She taught the pregnant waitress how to
help others.
D. She left the kind waitress a good tip.

4. What does the writer want to tell us
with this story?
A. The best way to pay back kindness is to
pass it on.
B. The best way to make friends is to help
him or her.
C. Everybody should be ready to give a
helping hand.
D. Everybody should know how to help
others in the right way.

Mrs Yuan is a writer. She’s 1 and often helps the poor people. One day, on her way to her office, she saw an old man 2 on the ground. She came to him and helped him to
3 . She went to buy some porridge and bread for him. The old man ate up the food quickly and 4 her very much. Then she asked: “Where do you live, Grandpa?”
“I have no 5 , madam,” answered the old man. “I have to 6 outside at night.”
“ 7 are you?” “Ninety-two.”
Mrs Yuan felt 8 and went on asking: “Why not live in the old people’s house?”
“ 9 I have a son,” answered the old man. “They’ve never admitted (准许进入) a person who has children.”
“Where is your son, then?”
“He has 10 children, so he had to live in the old people’s house.”
1. A. sadB. kind
C. weakD. healthy
2. A. walkingB. running
C. playingD. lying
3. A. come onB. look up
C. get upD. get on
4. A. thankedB. enjoyed
C. likedD. welcomed
5. A. farm B. trees
C. clothes D. house
6. A. play B. sleep
C. eatD. travel
7. A. WhoB. What
C. How oldD. Where
8. A. excited B. sorry
C. angryD. happy
9. A. SoB. Because
C. But D. Although
10. A. noB. many
C. twoD. some


【Listening Cafe】 BABBC
It was Sunday afternoon. Kim was very happy. It was her birthday. Kim’s mother had a big party for her the day before. Kim called her good friends to come. First, Kim went to a supermarket to buy some food, juice and a birthday cake with her mother. Then she helped her mother do the cooking. Before
7 o’clock, dinner was ready. At about 7:30,
Kim’s friends arrived. They gave Kim some nice gifts. Jenny gave her an interesting storybook. Jack bought a new hat for her, and Tom gave her a new T-shirt. Kim’s parents bought her a computer. Kim thanked everyone very much.
Cloze:1-5 DACBD 6-10 BDACD

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