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473期 初二Quiz time

Day 2
Fairy tale perfect for teens ... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. What didn’t happen in the original Snow
White story?
A. A princess needed saving.
B. A prince saved the princess.
C. There was an evil witch.
D. The princess and the prince often argued.

2. In the TV show Once Upon a Time,
A. Snow White and Prince Charming live
normal lives
B. there are no evil wizards
C. they have no friends
D. the Evil Queen adopts the couple’s son

3. How did the writer feel about the show
at first?
A. It was interesting.
B. It was strange.
C. She loved it at once.
D. She hated the change.

4. According to the writer, which of the following can make a happy ending?
A. The good beating evil.
B. The evil fighting against each other.
C. Different fairy tale characters coming
D. Romantic stories and funny plots going

Day 3
Attack of the dead biting ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What happened to a cook in Foshan?
A. He ate a meal with snake.
B. He was scared by a mouse.
C. He cut off a dead mouse’s head.
D. A dead snake bit him.

2. Which of the following is TRUE about
A. Reflexes are seldom seen among snakes.
B. Biting is not a kind of reflex.
C. Reflexes can stay alive after an animal
D. Cutting animals can’t cause the
animals’ reflexes.

3. According to the article, we learn
that ions _____.
A. are the nerve cells of a snake
B. can keep active after a snake dies
C. are only in a snake’s mouth
D. can get messages from the muscle

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. How to treat a snakebite.
B. Why a dead snake can bite.
C. How to avoid a snake.
D. The dangers of a venomous snake.

Day 4
Coldness pays a high price (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. How many animals are mentioned (提到) in this story?
A. 3. B. 4. C. 5. D. 6.

2. What did the mouse do when he found
the mousetrap?
A. He thought this was none of his business.
B. He decided to tell the danger to his friends.
C. He decided to get rid of the mousetrap.
D. He tried hard to calm his neighbors down.

3. In what order did the story happen?
a. The mouse went to warn his farm animal
b. John made chicken soup for Molly.
c. Friends came to visit Molly.
d. Molly went to find out what was in the
e. The cow and the pig showed no worry for
the mousetrap.
A. a-d-e-b-c B. a-e-d-b-c
C. c-b-d-e-a D. c-a-b-d-e

4. What can we learn from the story?
A. Don’t tell anybody about your own
B. Animals are not friendly to each other.
C. When using a mousetrap, you must be
D. We should work together in times of

Day 5
Harry was driving a car on his way home. “My son is 10 years old today! I bought a nice
1 for him. He will be happy to wear it … and I will drink this bottle of whisky (威士忌) for his birthday,” he thought, looking at the nice bottle of whisky on the seat. Harry was busy 2 his son’s birthday and didn’t see that the traffic lights were turning 3 . He didn’t stop his car in time 4 his car hit the car in front. An old man got out of the car, walked up to Harry and said 5 : “What are you doing? You nearly killed me!”
“I’m very sorry,” Harry answered. He 6 the bottle of whisky out of his car and said: “Drink some, and then you’ll feel better.” The old man drank some whisky. But then, the old man said 7 : “You nearly killed me!”
Harry asked him to drink more, and the old man did. He drank more and more. At last he drank 8 . Then the old man smiled and said: “Thank you. I feel much better now. But 9 aren’t you drinking?”
“Oh, well,” Harry answered. “I don’t want to be 10 when the policeman comes.”

1. A. carB. bottle
C. whiskyD. gift
2. A. driving withB. talking about
C. thinking aboutD. asking for
3. A. blackB. yellow
C. greenD. red
4. A. becauseB. so
C. whenD. though
5. A. angrilyB. happily
C. weaklyD. surprisingly
6. A. madeB. found
C. broughtD. took
7. A. alsoB. again
C. everD. secondly
8. A. too littleB. too many
C. too muchD. much too
9. A. whyB. what
C. howD. when
10. A. tiredB. excited
C. badD. drunk
【Listening Cafe】 ACBBC
Mr and Mrs Green have two children, a son and a daughter.
The son’s name is Jim. He is 14 years old. He likes playing soccer. Every day, when school is over, he puts on his red soccer kit (服装) and white soccer boots, then goes to play soccer with his friends.
Their daughter, Kate, goes home on time after school. She is two years younger than Jim. Look! She is washing clothes at home now. Whose clothes are they? The green dress is Mrs Green’s. The white shirt is Mr Green’s. The white shoes are Jim’s. Kate is washing them carefully. What a good girl!
Cloze:1-5 BDCAD 6-10 BCBBA

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