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435期 初三Quiz time

Day 2
Reform the gaokao (P2)
Choose the best answer:
1. Which of the following is TRUE
according to the reform plan?
A. Everyone has to take five tests.
B. Only Chinese and math are marked out
of 150.
C. Students can take all of the tests twice.
D. Students choose their best English

2. How many subjects do students have
to learn?
A. Three. B. Five.
C. Six. D. Nine.

3. According to the new plan, all
students will _____.
A. have less time to study English
B. have different tests in all subjects
C. have the same tests in math
D. have more time to develop their interests

4. According to Zhao Yunsong, _____.
A. students can benefit from the two English
B. the reform is bad news for students
C. students have to read more newspapers
D. students can’t show their real level

Day 3
Creativity with cooling... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. The students were asked to make
air-conditioners _____.
A. in a week
B. in a month
C. during this term
D. in a few hours

2. The students learned how to write
reports about their production in _____.
A. math class
B. social studies class
C. language arts class
D. science class

3. The aim of the activity was to _____.
A. save money by making air-conditioners
B. create something with the students’ own
C. learn more about physics
D. make something out of waste

4. We can learn from the article that _____.
A. some students failed to make air
B. working together can sometimes make a
big difference
C. what the students made didn’t reach the
teacher’s expectation
D. many students don’t know how to solve

Bounce back on court to... (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. The writer hesitated to get on the court
because _____.
A. she was not good at basketball
B. she was the only girl wanting to play
C. boys can play better than girls
D. the coach didn’t let her join in

2. The underlined word “tripped” in
paragraph 4 means _____.
A. fell
B. ran
C. succeeded
D. jumped

3. In the end, the writer _____.
A. hid in the bathroom
B. beat every boy on the court
C. decided not to play basketball again
D. proved that she was wrong

4. Which of the following may be the best title?
A. Be brave to prove yourself.
B. Practice makes perfect.
C. Don’t care what others say.
D. Boys and girls are equal.

Day 5
Not only adults but also teenagers have problems in their life. Here is a survey showing the main problems of 1 .
They feel stressed because they have 2 homework to do – both at school and at home. They have lots of exams to 3 . And parents usually send them 4 different classes at weekends. As a result, many of them become bookworms (书虫). On holidays, they could 5 have their own time to do what they are interested in. Now more and more teenagers are getting short-sighted. They often read in bed 6 keep reading for a long time without having a 7 . Some of them are crazy about playing computer games. Some 8 too much time watching TV. 9 serious problem among teenagers is that many of them are becoming fat. They eat too much junk food, but they take little exercise.
I think teenagers should think of ways to 10 the problem. They should make a plan for study and hobbies and find time to relax as much as possible.

1. A. parentsB. adults
C. teachersD. teenagers
2. A. too manyB. too much
C. much tooD. many too
3. A. take B. have
C. showD. win
4. A. toB. for
C. ofD. in
5. A. nearlyB. hardly
C. almostD. easily
6. A. andB. or
C. butD. so
7. A. breakB. talk
C. sleepD. job
8. A. payB. cost
C. spendD. take
9. A. AnotherB. Other
C. SomeD. One
10. A. come up withB. catch up with
C. deal withD. provide with

【Listening Cafe】 CBBA
Well, boys and girls, Dr Wang will come to our school and give us a talk on how to keep healthy. There’re three parts in his talk. The first part is about what kinds of food are good for us. The second part is about what exercise is helpful to us, and the last one is what we should do in our daily life.
OK, then, I’d like you to take notes while listening to the talk. You should write down the names of healthy food and types of exercise you should take. You should also know why these foods are healthy and how the exercises are good for you. Finally, I want you to choose one kind of exercise you think is goodbest. Your notes don’t have to be very long, but they must include all the important points. Well, please get ready for it.
【P6】 ABA
Cloze:1-5 BACBA 6-10 BDCDA 11-12 AC

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