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474期 初二Quiz time

Growing fresh healthy ... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why did the lunch taste “proud”?
A. Because it was cooked with fresh
B. Because there were different kinds of
food in the meal.
C. Because the students grew the lunch
D. Because it was one of the best school
lunches in the US.

2. From the story, we learn that _____.
A. the small farm is on the playground
B. they don’t grow Asian greens
C. the greens grow under artificial lights
D. every week they can get about 8 pounds
of greens

3. What did the students think of the
A. They were enjoying the food they grew.
B. It took up too much of their study time.
C. It didn’t help to learn science.
D. The greens were not as good as those
grown on farms.
4. What does the story mainly talk about?
A. Different kinds of school lunches.
B. How to grow vegetables.
C. An organic school project.
D. Learning from growing greens.

What an angry face looks ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. Which of the following is NOT a
characteristic of an angry face?
A. A lowered brow.
B. Thinned lips.
C. Flared nostrils.
D. Wide open mouth.

2. What does the blind children example
A. Human’s anger face is not learned.
B. Blind children get angry easily.
C. They can’t see people’s anger face.
D. They look physically stronger than
other kids.

3. Which of the following about the test
is TRUE?
A. 141 men and 141 women took part in the
B. They used two photos both with an anger
C. Stronger people are more likely to show
an anger face.
D. An anger face makes people look stronger.

4. When frogs puff themselves up, it
shows that they _____.
A. want to fight with rivals
B. are becoming angry
C. are hungry and want to eat
D. are about to swim

It’s not always black or ... (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. What happened to the writer in the
A. She fought with a boy in her class.
B. She didn’t get along with boys.
C. She had a big argument with a boy.
D. A boy tried to teach her a lesson.

2. When in the boy’s place, the writer
changed her answer because _____.
A. the boy changed his answer too
B. the ball had two differently colored sides
C. she wanted to say sorry to the boy
D. the teacher said the boy was right

3. From what the teacher did, we know
that she is _____.
A. kind B. friendly
C. wise D. strict

4. What lesson can we learn from the
A. Put yourself into others’ shoes.
B. Seeing is not always believing.
C. Nobody can always be right.
D. Different people have different opinions.

Once a man and his wife worked for an old man. There was a big box in the man’s living room. The old man pointed to the box and said: “There’s only one thing you 1 do. Don’t open the box.” 2 saying this, he left his home.
The woman said to her husband: “There must be 3 expensive in the box. Let’s open it, shall we?” Her husband said 4 to her. But the woman didn’t give 5 her idea. One day, she decided to find out 6 was in it. Her husband didn’t stop her. She opened the box and looked inside. 7 her surprise, she found nothing in the box. She tried hard to close it, but she 8 .
That evening the old man came home and found the box was 9 . He was very angry and asked them to leave his home.
“But there was nothing in the box,” the woman said. “We haven’t taken anything at all.” The old man 10 them: “The box is not important, but I cannot believe you. That’s important!”

1. A. won’tB. needn’t
C. mustn’tD. would not
2. A. AfterB. Before
C. FromD. Until
3. A. nothingB. something
C. anythingD. everything
4. A. yes B. goodbye
C. hurry upD. no
5. A. awayB. up
C. toD. back
6. A. howB. what
C. whichD. that
7. A. AtB. In
C. OnD. To
8. A. failedB. did
C. refusedD. succeeded
9. A. brokenB. empty
C. openD. lost
10. A. turned toB. listened to
C. shouted atD. smiled at

【Listening Cafe】 ABBCA
Uncle Wang works in a bookshop in the middle of the city. The shop is not far from his home. It is about 1 kilometer away. So Uncle Wang seldom (很少) goes to work by bus. He usually goes there by bike, sometimes on foot. It takes him 10 minutes to get there by bike and 25 minutes on foot. Today his bike is broken. He wants to walk there. Now he is having breakfast. He leaves home at 7:45 and walks to work 20 minutes earlier. His work starts at 8:30 in the morning and finishes at 4:45 in the afternoon.
Cloze: 1-5 DCDBA 6-10 DBCAD
6版日积月累:1-5 DBCCD 6-10 CABAD

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