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475期 初二Quiz time

Day 2
Ma’s living the dream (P2)
Choose the best answer:
1. When did Ma Yun found Alibaba?
A. In 1998. B. In 1999.
C. In 2000. D. In 2014.

2. Why was Ma Yun called “Crazy Jack
A. Because he owned China’s largest
e-commerce company.
B. Because he was China’s richest man
with 150 billion yuan.
C. Because he started an Internet business
in the very early days.
D. Because Ma Yun had many other
businesses like Sina Weibo.

3. What does Ma Yun think is important
for his success?
A. Working in retail business was the best
B. He followed his dream and never gave up.
C. He made few mistakes on the way to
D. He was crazy about what he liked to do.

Spreading the power of ... (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. What is everybody’s super power in
Danika’s opinion?

2. Why do people see Danika as a role
3. How does Danika feel when calling on
others to be kind?

4. Where did Danika get the idea “the
powers to be a super hero”?

5. What should students do when facing a
bully, according to Danika?

The bird who never gets ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. From Paragraph 1, we learn the
following about woodpeckers EXCEPT
A. they eat worms inside tree trunks
B. they find worms by hitting tree trunks
C. they kill worms by hitting their heads on
D. they can hit the tree trunk 20 times a

2. Which of the following can help
woodpeckers protect their brain?
① the texture of their brain
② the cerebral spinal fluid
③thick muscles
④sponge-like bones
⑤ their inner eyelids
A. ①③④ B. ②③④ C.①③⑤ D. ③④⑤

3. Woodpeckers close their inner eyelids
when hitting trees because it can help
them _____.
A. keep their brain from moving around
B. keep their eyes from popping out of the
C. see clearly where worms are.
D. get the male woodpeckers’ attention

One day before my final exam, my dad gave me a gift. It completely 1 my life.
On that day I had a 2 with my friends and it was a difficult time with my studies. I was unhappy. Then I noticed the gift. I 3 it and saw a DVD inside. Its name was The Secret. However, I was in no mood (心情) to watch it. I sat down to study, but the 4 in my life – the fight, the sleepless nights and my poor health ... Everything came to my mind. I wanted an answer but I wondered 5 there was any. Just then, I saw the DVD again. Maybe it would be helpful. I 6 my DVD player. I had no words to describe the feelings I experienced while watching it. The moving (动人的) stories of human beings made me so moved that I wouldn’t 7 any of them.
Thanks to my father’s gift, The Secret, I learned 8 . Everybody has difficulties in their lives. The important thing is that you 9 be brave (勇敢的) enough to face them. Now I have started getting on well 10 my studies and my friends. And I’m in good health, too. I often hear people say, “Wow! What a perfect life you have!”
1. A. helpedB. changed
C. turnedD. gave
2. A. tripB. party
C. talkD. fight
3. A. openedB. kept
C. movedD. broke
4. A. chancesB. problems
C. suggestionsD. mistakes
5. A. whyB. that
C. ifD. how
6. A. turned onB. looked for
C. put awayD. paid for
7. A. reportB. forget
C. thinkD. remember
8. A. nothingB. everything
C. anythingD. something
9. A. mayB. should
C. mightD. can
10. A. inB. along
C. withD. between


【Listening Cafe】 CCABA
Last Sunday, Mr Clark and his wife went to the seaside. They arrived home very late. It was very dark in the house. Mr Clark said: “Listen, I can hear someone in the living room.” They stood quietly outside the room. “Yes, you are right,” said Mrs Clark. “There are two men there. They’re talking.” Then they called out loudly: “Who’s there?” But no one answered. Mr Clark opened the door quickly and turned on the light. The room was empty. Then he saw something and laughed. The radio was still on. “I forgot to turn it off this morning,” he said.
Cloze: 1-5 CABDB 6-10 BDACC

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