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437期 初三Quiz time

Big dreamer Ma (P1)
Choose the answer:
1. We can tell from the first paragraph
that _____.
A. Alibaba Group is the biggest company
in China
B. Alibaba’s IPO has raised $25 billion
C. Jack Ma used to be a math teacher
D. Jack Ma is the richest man in the world

2. Why did Ma cycle to a hotel near the
West Lake?
A. To do morning exercise.
B. To work as a guide.
C. To chat with foreigners.
D. To work part time.

3. When did Ma and his team found
A. In 1995. B. In 1998.
C. In 1999. D. In 2014.

4. Which is the world’s largest e-commerce
A. Alibaba. B. Taobao.
C. Amazon. D. e-Bay.

My school of houses (P3)
Choose the answer:
1. How many student groups are there in the writer’s school?
A. 1 B. 2 C. 4 D. 6

2. Which of the following about the
writer’s house is NOT true?
A. His house is named Cornwallis, with a
dragon as its logo.
B. His house is quite similar to the one in
C. There are students from different grades
in his house.
D. There are different tutor groups in his

3. What activities did the writer’s tutor
group do?
①Raised money for charity events.
② Made a film by themselves.
③ Chatted happily before classes.
④Celebrated the writer’s birthday.
⑤Played a ball game together.
A. ①②③④ B. ①②④⑤
C. ①③④⑤ D. ②③④⑤

4. What does the writer think of the house
system in his school?
A. It is boring and not helpful to his study.
B. It takes up too much time for him to fit
into it.
C. It helps him get used to life in Australia.
D. It isn’t easy to get along with students in
other grades.

Fun science that makes you...(P5)
Choose the answer:
1. Ig Nobel Prize awards are mainly given
for achievements in _____.
A. chemistryB. science
C. medical researchD. math

2. Which research has won this year’s
Ig Nobel for Physics?
A. Why bananas are slippery.
B. The affects cats have on their owner’s
mental health.
C. Looking at ugly art can be painful.
D. Mosquitoes like the smell of feet and

3. What is the function of polysaccharide
follicular gel?
A. It can stop banana peel slipping further.
B. It reduces friction between banana skin
and the ground.
C. It helps to design a joint prosthesis.
D. It helps to stop a boy’s nosebleed.

What do you think of your Chinese? Is it good or bad? If you think you are good 1 Chinese, you can take part in the competition named Chinese Characters Dictation Competition (汉字听写大赛). The competition became popular 2 teenagers. Let’s learn something about it.
Teenagers are using more and more computers and smart phones. They spend 3 time playing and chatting on the Internet. They are used to 4 messages by computers and smart phones. Some of them 5 how to write Chinese characters by hand. Teachers and parents are very 6 it. What can they do?
Not long ago, they found an interesting game called Chinese Characters Dictation, where middle school students stand on the stage to 7 Chinese via (通过) dictation. Over two hundred students from 46 schools compete. The audience (观众) is interested in this new kind of 8 , too. They like to write down the characters 9 the competitors are writing them. But they found it difficult to write down all the characters.
Is it an interesting competition? Can you be the next 10 ?

1. A. atB. forC. withD. to
2. A. betweenB. inC. amongD. of 3. A. too manyB. too much
C. much tooD. many too 4. A. sendsB. send
C. sentD. sending 5. A. forgetB. remember
C. learnD. have
6. A. crazy aboutB. worried about
C. busy withD. satisfied with
7. A. write downB. speak out
C. learn aboutD. deal with 8. A. programB. competition
C. performanceD. relationship 9. A. ifB. whileC. untilD. since 10. A. winnerB. worker
C. teacherD. writer

【Listening Cafe】 ABCA
【P3】 1. She was appealing people to donate food for poor kids. 2. She felt sad. 3. She started in the summer. 4. No, it isn’t. 5. She explained her reasons to the stores.
【Cloze】1-5 ABCBB 6-10 CABDB 11-12 CD

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