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438期 初三Quiz time



1. Jones’ Health Center is closed until ________ o’clock tomorrow morning.

2. If you want to make a date with the doctor, you can call the phone number ____________. Please call after 8 am because the health center is always ________ in the morning.

3. If you want to get medicine, you can go to ___________ Shop. It’s open until 10 pm every evening, including ________. The No ________ bus will take you to the shop.

4. If you need to see a doctor now, please go to A&E at Howard Hospital. They are open ________ hours a day.

An educational tour in... (P3)
Choose the answer:
1. From the project, students can find out _____.
A. how people travel by airplane
B. how newspapers are made
C. what jobs are really about
D. why people have to work

2. How did Aguillard feel when she visited the cockpit?
A. She was disappointed.
B. She was excited.
C. She was scared.
D. She was not interested.

3. What did the students do besides visiting the airport?
A. They worked at security checkpoints.
B. They flew the airplane by themselves.
C. They helped clean the airplanes.
D. They had lectures about airplanes.

4. According to Steinbrecher, the aim of the project was to _____.
A. help students learn their school subjects better
B. make students open their eyes and minds
C. help students get good results in tests
D. offer students a good chance to relax

Were there feathers on... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. What do the underlined words “previously thought” refer to in paragraph 3?
A. The skin of dinosaurs was feathered.
B. The skin of dinosaurs was leathery.
C. Dinosaurs were giant and tall.
D. Most dinosaurs ate grass.

2. The findings in Siberia and China lead scientists to conclude that _____.
A. dinosaurs were widespread all over the world
B. there was more than one type of dinosaur
C. all dinosaurs were feathered
D. feathers are only a feature of birds

3. Which of the following descriptions are from the movie Jurassic Park?
 Dinosaurs are feathered.
 Dinosaurs are hard-skinned.
 Velociraptors are about the size of a large chicken.
 Velociraptors are bigger than a man.

A.  B.  C.  D. 

Beauty behind gifts we get (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. The phrase “come across” in paragraph 1 means “_____”.
A. send for B. run into
C. get into D. give up

2. The student thought the water was _____ after trying it.
A. terrible B. sweet
C. tasty D. fresh

3. Why did the teacher pretend to like the water?
A. Because he hadn’t had water for a long time.
B. Because he wished to get one more gift from the student.
C. Because he could feel the act of love from the water.
D. Because he knew water went bad in leather canteens.

4. What does the story teach us?
A. Every gift has its special story.
B. Everything is nice with a grateful heart.
C. It’s better to accept a gift with a smiling face.
D. It’s better to prepare a gift with all of your heart.

In China, very few children get pocket money. 1 , in Western countries, most kids make pocket money by themselves. They make money in many different 2 .
When kids are very young, their parents help them sell fruit from their own trees to neighbors. Kids may also help 3 do housework to make money at home. When they 4 sixteen, they can make money by delivering newspapers or by working in fast food restaurants, 5 during the summer holidays.
There are many 6 of earning pocket money by kids themselves. First of all, they learn the 7 of money by working hard. Second, they learn to 8 their own money, by buying things they need or want, such as books, pencils, movies, and even clothes they like. Third, they learn to 9 daily life problems by helping their parents or others. Earning pocket money is 10 for children when they grow up. That is why parents encourage their kids to earn pocket money.

1. A. Also B. Anyway C. However D. Besides
2. A. ways B. levels C. homes D. countries
3. A. teachers B. friends C. parents D. neighbors
4. A. get B. have C. catch D. reach
5. A. really B. hardly C. properly D. especially
6. A. choices B. advantages C. problems D. lessons
7. A. fun B. value C. message D. purpose
8. A. count B. waste C. manage D. change
9. A. give up B. look up C. deal with D. meet with
10. A. helpful B. careful C. beautiful D. successful


Tom saw an advertisement for a beautiful, modern bicycle in a newspaper. It only cost 50 dollars. So he went to the shop and asked to see the bicycle from the advertisement.
The shopkeeper was very happy to show him. Tom looked at it carefully and said, “Why doesn’t this bicycle have a basket on it? There was one on the bicycle in your advertisement.”
“Yes, sir,” answered the shopkeeper, “but the basket isn’t included in the price of the bicycle.”
“Not included in the price of the bicycle?” Tom said angrily. “But that’s not honest. If the basket is in the advertisement, it should be included in the price you gave there.”
“Well, sir,” answered the shopkeeper quietly, “there is a girl on the bicycle in our advertisement, but we don’t offer one with the bicycle either.?
【Listening café】 BCBA
【P1】 BCCA 【P3】 DBCC 【P5】 BAB
【Cloze】 1-5 ACBDA 6-10 BABBA

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