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439期 初三Quiz time

1. How many people are there in Daniel’s family?
A. 3. B. 4. C. 5.

2. Who teaches English at a university?
A. Daniel’s father.
B. Daniel’s mother.
C. Daniel’s brother.

3. When did Daniel start learning English?
A. At the age of 5.
B. At the age of 6.
C. At the age of 7.

4. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. Daniel likes watching English movies.
B. Daniel studied abroad for a year.
C. Daniel can’t communicate with others in English.
Teenager chef’s menu (P3)
Choose the answer:
1. What do we know about McGarry?
A. He doesn’t like to help his mother in the kitchen.
B. He works for a restaurant.
C. He learned to cook by himself.
D. He loves playing baseball.

2. According to the New York Times, McGarry’s dishes are _____.
A. strange
B. cheap
C. creative
D. spicy

3. What is McGarry’s dream for the future?
A. To become an experienced cook.
B. To open his own restaurant.
C. To cook for movie stars.
D. To own a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Secret of the human... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. The first discovery about how people locate themselves was made by _____.
A. Edvard Moser
B. John O’Keefe
C. May-Britt Moser
D. Juleen Zierath

2. From the story, we learn that grid cells_____.
A. can only be found in rats
B. help to mark places in the brain
C. help rats feel active
D. enable rats to find their direction

3. Scientists are trying to make use of the discovery _____.
A. to explain how rats find places
B. to help make a map in our brain
C. to treat certain diseases like Alzheimer’s
D. to help people find shortcuts in
everyday life

Act of helping turns full circle (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. What happened to the lady at first?
A. She met a bad guy on her way to a cafe.
B. Her car broke down on the road.
C. She helped a man to fix his broken car.
D. She didn’t have enough money to pay
the man.

2. What did the man ask the lady to do?
A. She could pay him back next time.
B. She should go to a cafe nearby.
C. She could help anybody in need next time.
D. She could give his wife a hand.

3. What did the lady do in the cafe?
A. She told her story to the pregnant waitress.
B. She helped the pregnant waitress lay the table.
C. She refused the pregnant waitress’ service.
D. She left the kind waitress a good tip.

4. What does the writer want to tell us with this story?
A. The best way to pay back kindness is to pass it on.
B. Helping others can help us make more friends.
C. Not everybody can live an easy and comfortable life.
D. Everybody should know how to help others in the right way.

Natural resources are things that we use that come from Earth. Out natural resources are limited (有限的). This means that they will not 1 forever. Some are renewable, like when you plant a new tree when you 2 one down. Others are not renewable, like when you dig coal (煤) out of the 3 . Once it is used, it is gone.
People realize the 4 that Earth’s natural resources are limited, and can do things to help conserve (节约) those resources. 5 you try to conserve a natural resource, you try to use less of it, so it does not get used up so 6 . One way that people conserve fuel, like gasoline, is by riding a bicycle or walking when the 7 is short instead of driving everywhere.
Water is a very important natural resource because we all need it to stay 8 . We can
conserve water 9 making sure that our pipes and taps do not leak (漏). We can also make 10 choices to conserve water, like only using the dishwasher or washing machine when they are full. Everyone can make contributions to protecting natural resources.

1. A. last B. spread
C. burn D. change
2. A. turn B. cut
C. put D. move
3. A. station B. building
C. ground D. brick
4. A. news B. plan
C. decision D. fact
5. A. When B. Although
C. Whatever D. Whether
6. A. slowly B. hard
C. regularly D. quickly
7. A. money B. space
C. place D. distance
8. A. alive B. alone
C. asleep D. awake
9. A. about B. for
C. by D. with
10. A. generous B. funny
C. wise D. surprising


【Listening Cafe】1. 8 2. 9733260; busy
3. Padley; Sundays; 6 4. 24
This is Jones’ Health Center. It’s closed until 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, but here is some important information. To make a date with one of the doctors, you can phone us tomorrow. The number is 9733260. The health center is always busy early in the morning so please phone after 8 am.
If you want to get medicine, you can go to Padley Shop, that’s P-A-D-L-E-Y. It is open until 10 pm every evening, including Sundays. Take the No 6 bus to Main Street. The shop is right there.
If you need to see a doctor right away, please go to A&E at Howard Hospital. They are open 24 hours a day.
Thanks for calling. We’ll be pleased to answer any more of your questions tomorrow.
Cloze:1-5 CACDD 6-10 BBCCA

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