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477期 初二Quiz time

1. What exam will they take?
A. English. B. Chinese. C. Math.

2. Students should write down ____things on the first page of the paper sheet.
A. one B. two C. three

3. Students should write their answers on _____.
A. the answer sheet
B. the question paper
C. the first page of the paper

4. If students don’t know their student number, they can _____.
A. ask the teacher
B. ask their deskmate
C. find it on the blackboard

5. How long will the exam last?
A. One hour.
B. One and a half hours.
C. Two hours.
It’s more than money (P2)
Fill in the table below:

About charities

Donations in China in 2013
Chinese charities raised 98.9 billion yuan.
It is only 1. ______ of charity in the US.

Opinions on charities
* Chen Shuju: Money is only useful if you give it to people who 2. ______.
* Kathryn Thompson: Make some people feel better about themselves.



Other ways to do charity

* The Ice Bucket Challenge: Those who refused to pour buckets of ice-cold water over their heads should donate
3. ______.
* “No makeup selfie” campaign: It aimed to call on people to donate money to
4. ______.
* Charity shops: Most workers there are 5. ______.
* Charity concerts.

Why some of us bite our ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. From the article, we learn that _____.
A. nail biting proves that the person is not focused
B. nail biting begins as early as babies are born
C. more than half of teenagers bite their nails
D. nail biting happens when people feel stressed, bored or excited

2. According to the article, those with higher levels of intelligence _____.
A. hardly have nail-biting habits
B. feel less stress than the average person
C. may feel stress more easily
D. work better under stress

3. Which of the following can help a person to stop the habit of nail biting?
①Keep the nails clean.
② Do exercise when feeling stressed.
③ Keep the nails short.
A. ①②B.①③
C. ②③D. ①②③

See the beauty of Mom’s gift (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. Why didn’t the writer want his mom to show up at his school?
A. Because he thought she was ugly.
B. Because his mom had a terrible illness.
C. Because his mom couldn’t see anything.
D. Because his classmates didn’t like her.

2. From the underlined word “shouted” in Paragraph 4, we learn that at that time the writer was very _____.
A. nervousB. angry
C. excited D. calm

3. That night, the writer decided to _____.
A. take his mom to the doctor
B. take good care of his mom from then on
C. ask his mom never to go to his school
D. work hard and stay away from his mom

4. The writer’s mom lost one eye because_____.
A. she used it to save her son’s vision
B. she had a serious car accident
C. she cried too much
D. she was born with only one eye

5. The story is mainly about _____.
A. a mother’s hard work on teaching her son
B. a naughty boy’s experience of growing up
C. a mother’s great love for her son
D. the difficulties on a boy’s way to success

Life is not easy, so I’d like to say, “When anything happens, believe in yourself.”
When I was a young boy, I was 1 shy to talk to anyone. My classmates often 2 me. I was sad but could do nothing. Later, 3 happened, and it changed my life. It was an English-speaking contest. My 4 asked me to take part in it. What a terrible idea! It meant I had to speak before all the teachers and students of my school.
“Come on, boy. Believe in yourself. You are sure to 5 the contest.” Then Mother and I talked about many different topics. At last I
6 the topic “Believe in yourself.” I tried my best to remember all the speech and practiced it over 100 7 . With my mother’s great love, I did the best in the contest. I could hardly believe my ears when the news came that I had won first place. I heard the cheers 8 the teachers and the students. Those classmates
9 once looked down on me, now all said
“Congratulations!” to me. My mother hugged me with tears.
Since then, everything has changed for me. When I do anything, I try to tell 10 to be sure and I will find myself. This is not only for a person but also for a country.

1. A. tooB. so
C. quiteD. very
2. A. chatted withB. looked after
C. caught up withD. laughed at
3. A. nothingB. something
C. everythingD. anything
4. A. motherB. father
C. teacherD. classmate
5. A. loseB. win
C. passD. beat
6. A. choseB. changed
C. taughtD. learned
7. A. wordsB. topics
C. timesD. sentences
8. A. forB. from
C. atD. to
9. A. whenB. what
C. whichD. who
10. A. herB. me
C. itD. myself


【Listening Cafe】 BCABA
Mrs Green loved flowers and had a small but beautiful garden. In the summer her flowers were always the best on the street. One summer afternoon her bell rang, and when she went to the door, she saw a small boy outside. The boy was holding a lot of flowers in his hand. He was about 7 years old.
“I am selling flowers,” he said. “They are quite cheap. I picked them this afternoon. Do you want any?”
“My boy,” Mrs Green answered. “I have lots in my garden. I needn’t pay anything for them.”
“Oh, no, you haven’t,” said the boy. “There aren’t any flowers in your garden because they are here in my hand.”
【P3】1. Yes, she does.
2. They are both endangered species.
3. To feel how weak and friendly these animals are.
4. 我知道我们应该学着尊重和保护那些濒危动物,因为这也是在学着如何保护自己。
5. To find the legs of some special species.
6. It was meaningful/wonderful/great.
Cloze: 1-5 ABCDD 6-10 CBAAD

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