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  • DAY1
    1. What did Mr Smith buy for the girl?
    A. A cake. B. Flowers.
    C. A doll.

    2. When did Mr Smith phone the shopkeeper?
    A. The day before the girl’s birthday.
    B. On the girl’s birthday.
    C. The day after the girl’s birthday.

    3. How old was the girl?
    A. 14. B. 24.
    C. 34.

    4. What does the shopkeeper think of Mr Smith?
    A. He is a lazy person.
    B. He is a polite man.
    C. He is a good man.

    Learning the lessons of ... (P3)
    Choose the answer:
    1. What is the purpose of Let’s Get Real?
    A. To help adults manage money.
    B. To help students learn teamwork.
    C. To help students use money properly.
    D. To help students become actors.

    2. According to Paragraph 3, Dillion _____.
    A. is a 28-year-old engineer
    B. earned $347 a month
    C. wasted money on unnecessary things
    D. learned that managing money was not easy

    3. From the event, Braxton Scamihorn learned that _____.
    A. he should thank his parents
    B. kids should work to help their parents
    C. it is better to have fewer kids
    D. childcare is very important

    4. What did Peggy Murdock think of the event?
    A. It meant little to students.
    B. It was helpful for students.
    C. Students felt bored about it.
    D. It didn’t help the parents.

    Does sharing food make it ... (P5)
    Choose the answer:
    1. What does the new study find out?
    A. The best film is the one that you’ve watched with your friends.
    B. The best meal is the one that you’ve had with your family.
    C. Sharing your secrets with your friends can make you happy.
    D. Your experiences are stronger if you share them with others.

    2. Which of the following is NOT true about the chocolate experiment?
    A. All of the participants were female college students.
    B. The scientists also took part in the eating process.
    C. The participants thought the chocolate was yummier when eaten alone.
    D. The two pieces of chocolate were from different bars.

    3. What does the underlined word “bitter”in Paragraph 4 mean?
    A. 黑色的 B.苦的
    C.大的 D. 甜的

    4. From the last two paragraphs, we learn that _____.
    A. friends or family have much influence on us
    B. males have different feeling from females
    C. male college students don’t like sharing things
    D. sharing things with others can bring you luck

    Letting go of past stones (P6)
    Choose the answer:
    1. The bird picks up stones to memorize_____ in its life.
    A. good events
    B. bad events
    C. the bright sunshine
    D. every event

    2. How does the bird deal with the stones?
    A. She leaves them somewhere when flying in the sky.
    B. She stopped sorting them out years later.
    C. She takes them no matter where she goes.
    D. She only picks up the good stones.

    3. What happens to the bird in the end?
    A. She becomes stronger than before.
    B. She can catch more worms to eat.
    C. She can’t move any more.
    D. She gets rid of all her memories.

    4. What can we learn from the story?
    A. Let go of the old and start the new.
    B. Memories of the past are important.
    C. Life is all about memories.
    D. Remember good times, forget bad ones.

    It was a hot afternoon and Tom was feeling sleepy in his English class. It was a grammar lesson. He 1 grammar. He wanted to leave school and work. Tom looked out of the 2 . He looked at the trees and flowers. Then he started daydreaming.
    After ten minutes the teacher stopped 3 . He asked the students to do some grammar exercises. The students took out 4 exercise books, pencils and started writing. The teacher noticed that Tom wasn’t writing, so he said:
    “ 5 aren’t you writing, Tom?”
    “What, sir?” Tom asked.
    “ 6 , don’t have a daydream, Tom!” the teacher said. “Why aren’t you writing?”
    Tom thought for a moment and answered: “I aren’t got a pencil.”
    The teacher looked 7 Tom and said: “You aren’t got a pencil? You mean you don’t have a pencil?”
    Tom didn’t understand the English teacher,
    8 he said: “Sorry, sir.”
    The teacher said in a(n) 9 voice: “I don’t have a pencil. He doesn’t have a pencil. She doesn’t have a pencil. We don’t have pencils. They don’t have pencils. Tom, do you understand?”
    Tom thought for a while and said: “My goodness! What happened to all the 10 , sir?”

    1. A. hated B. loved
    C. studied D. enjoyed
    2. A. book B. blackboard
    C. window D. desk
    3. A. thinking B. speaking
    C. shouting D. listening
    4. A. their B. his
    C. our D. your
    5. A. When B. How
    C. Where D. Why
    6. A. Sit down B. Come in
    C. Wake up D. Put on
    7. A. after B. at
    C. for D. so
    8. A. because B. when
    C. while D. so
    9. A. happy B. angry
    C. excited D. sad
    10. A. books B. pens
    C. papers D. pencils


    【Listening Cafe】BCACB
    Now everyone, before you have your Chinese exam, you must write down your name, student number and the number of your class on the first page of your paper sheet. The answer sheet is where you should write your answers. You must not write on the question paper. If you don’t know your student number, there is a list on the blackboard. If there are any problems during exam, just put up your hand. If anyone needs a pencil now or during the exam, I have some on my desk. You can have one. And remember you have one and a half hours to finish the exam.
    【P2】 1. 4.76% 2. need it 3. $100
    4. cancer research 5. volunteers
    【P5】 DCA
    【P6】 ABDAC
    Cloze: 1-5 ADBAB 6-10 ACBDD
    6版日积月累:1-5 CABDE 6-10 EADBC

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