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479期 初二Quiz time

1. When did Mrs Jones and her husband go to the cinema?
A. On Friday. B. On Saturday.
C. On Sunday.

2. What did they think of the film?
A. It was boring. B. It was moving.
C. They liked it.

3. The film might end at _____.
A. 10:00 pm B. 11:00 pm C. 11:30 pm.

4. How did Mrs Jones and her husband get home?
A. By car. B. On foot. C. By bus.

5. Why did the woman run?
A. Because she was in a hurry to wash the dishes.
B. Because the man tried to steal (偷) her money.
C. Because she didn’t want to wash the dishes.
Cooking up a dream (P1)
Choose the answer:
1. What do we know about McGarry?
A. He started cooking ten years ago.
B. He works for a restaurant.
C. He learned to cook by himself.
D. He loves playing basketball.

2. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. People can eat at club Eureka for free.
B. McGarry’s parents didn’t support his hobby.
C. McGarry hosts club Eureka for his friends.
D. McGarry started club Eureka four years ago.

3. According to The New York Times, McGarry’s dishes are _____.
A. strange B. cheap
C. creative D. delicious

4. What is McGarry’s dream for the future?
A. To become an experienced cook.
B. To open his own restaurant.
C. To cook for movie stars.
D. To work in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Funny jokes from an old man (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. Who are Bronson and Troy?

2. What activity do Bronson and Troy usually do every Saturday morning?

3. What kind of champion did the writer think Bernard was?

4. How does the writer describe the old man?

5. Did the brothers’ team win the game?

Charging phones may ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. The study shows that _____.
A. it’s better to charge phones during the daytime
B. using smartphones can make you become fat
C. using your smartphone can affect your eyesight
D. charging a smartphone in your bedroom at night is bad for your health

2. What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2 refer to?
A. Darkness. B. The body.
C. Melatonin. D. Food.

3. From Paragraph 3, we learn the blue light from the phones _____.
A. has a long wavelength
B. can light up a room
C. can help with our sleep
D. slows down our metabolism

4. What do we learn from the article?
A. Not enough sleep can cause many serious health problems.
B. The main reason for cancer and heart disease is a lack of sleep.
C. It’s better not to use smartphones or desktop computers any more.
D. It is important to improve artificial light.

Mr and Mrs Green were very worried about their son, Leo. He seemed to be mute (哑的)
1 he was normal in every other way. They tried everything to get him to 2 , but failed.
When Leo was six years old, the best doctors in the town 3 him carefully, but could find nothing wrong. And he seemed to be smart. It was just that he 4 spoke.
“There might be something wrong with his
5 , and he doesn’t know he’s able to speak,” said one doctor.
“But he can read and write,” said Mr Green. “We’ve written him notes, telling him that he can speak.”
“It’s certainly very 6 ,” another doctor said. “Perhaps he’ll be able to speak some day.”
7 passed. Leo went to university. But he did not speak a 8 word.
Then one day Leo was having a meal with his parents. He looked up from his 9 and said: “Pass me the salt, please.”
Mr and Mrs Green were excited. “You spoke! You spoke!” they cried. “Why have you 10 so long to speak?”
“I didn’t have anything to say,” he said.
“Until now everything was perfect. But you forgot to put salt on the potatoes.”
1. A. because B. when
C. although D. before
2. A. speak B. walk
C. play D. laugh
3. A. taught B. found
C. examined D. asked
4. A. never B. often
C. usually D. always
5. A. back B. hair
C. face D. brain
6. A. unfair B. strange
C. noisy D. quiet
7. A. Days B. Weeks
C. Months D. Years
8. A. good B. right
C. single D. new
9. A. chair B. meal
C. hands D. books
10. A. slept B. walked
C. served D. waited

【Listening Cafe】BABC
Mr Smith loved a beautiful girl. One day, the girl told him that the next day would be her birthday. Then, Mr Smith said that he would buy her some roses, one for each year. The same evening he called a flower shopkeeper and asked him to send 24 roses to the girl. The shopkeeper thought: “Mr Smith is a good man. I’ll give him 10 more roses.” And so he did.
Cloze: 1-5 ACBAD 6-10 CBDBD

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