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480期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. How does the speaker usually feel when he gets a letter from school?
A. Surprised. B. Excited. C. Worried.

2. This term the speaker did worst in _____.
A. science B. history C. math

3. What did the math teacher think of the speaker?
A. He was lazy.
B. He was smart.
C. He was hardworking.

4. The Spanish teacher said the speaker’s _____ was good.
A. speaking B. listening C. writing

Day 2
Smart or harmful? (P2)
Choose the answer:
1. Because of the smartphone, people _____.
A. can remember numbers better
B. are better at giving directions
C. have less face-to-face communication
D. like to have meals together with friends

2. According to the research in Japan, _____.
A. Chinese people spend nearly three hours on smartphones daily
B. students who use smartphones for over two hours daily perform better on tests
C. smartphones make students’ lives and study easier
D. spending too much time on smartphones is bad for their studies

3. What does the app Forest aim to do?
A. To call on people to care about trees.
B. To introduce a new game.
C. To help people spend less time on their phones.
D. To make people focused on their phones.

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. The advantages of smartphones.
B. The disadvantages of smartphones.
C. How often people use smartphones.
D. The changes of smartphones.

Day 3
Rich experience leads to ... (P3)
Choose the answer:
1. The underlined word “avoids” in Paragraph 1 means “_____”.
A. keeps away from B. does well in
C. likes the most D. works out

2. Ryan had the following experiences EXCEPT _____.
A. appearing on the TV show America’s Got Talent
B. acting in TV movies
C. going to many of his friends’ parties
D. volunteering as a geography teacher

3. What did Amy Jarich think of Ryan?
A. He was a genius.
B. He was a problem student.
C. He knew clearly about himself.
D. He was not ready for university.

4. According to the article, we know that _____.
A. there are not many excellent students at UC Berkeley
B. you don’t need a high math grade to be accepted into UC Berkeley
C. UC Berkeley doesn’t ask for academic credits
D. UC Berkeley is famous for its geology course

Day 4
Little money, big happiness (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. What did the writer’s friend ask him to do?
A. To join the Smile Group.
B. To help people in need.
C. To take photos of strangers’ smiles.
D. To buy secondhand books.

2. Why did the girl say nothing when her mom refused to buy her the toy?
A. Because she didn’t want to behave badly in public.
B. Because she knew her mother would buy her one secretly.
C. Because she was afraid her mother would be angry.
D. Because she got used to getting the answer “no”.

3. What did the writer do for the mother and her daughter?
A. He told the girl not to feel disappointed.
B. He gave the woman all his money.
C. He gave the girl $3 to buy the toy.
D. He did nothing and walked out of the shop.

4. How did the writer feel after helping the little girl?
A. He was sad that he had no money left.
B. He thought the girl didn’t appreciate the gift.
C. He considered it his most unforgettable experience.
D. He felt so much happiness from a little gift.

Day 5
A teenage boy couldn’t stand his parents’ family rules, so he left home.
He wanted to be 1 , but he had a poor education. He didn’t find a job, and asked for food on the street for a living. Years later, his mother died. Though his father was old, he was still looking 2 his son. He had been to every corner of the city. Everywhere he went, he 3 a big photo of himself on the wall. At the lower part of the photo he wrote: “I still love you … 4 back home!”
One day, the son saw one of the photos. The face was familiar. “Is that my father?” He moved closer and read the 5 , “I still love you ...” Tears ran down his face. When he got home, it was early morning. He 6 on the door. The door opened itself. He rushed to his father’s 7 . His father was sleeping. He woke his father up. “It’s me! Your 8 is back
home!” The father and the son held each other, full of 9 tears. The son asked: “Why is the door unlocked (没有锁的)? A thief could get in.” The father answered 10 : “The door has never been locked since you left.”
The door of parents’ love of their children will never be closed.

1. A. famous B. poor
C. different D. pretty
2. A. through B. after
C. for D. out
3. A. looked at B. put up
C. found out D. took out
4. A. come B. go
C. run D. rush
5. A. photos B. posters
C. pictures D. words
6. A. pulled B. closed
C. knocked D. opened
7. A. bathroom B. bedroom
C. kitchen D. toilet
8. A. son B. daughter
C. friend D. grandchild
9. A. sad B. worried
C. angry D. happy
10. A. politely B. exactly
C. softly D. excitedly



【Listening Cafe】BCBAC
On Saturday, Mrs Jones says to her husband:
“There is a good film at the cinema tonight. Can we go to watch it?” Mr Jones is quite happy about it, so they go to the cinema, and both of them like the film very much.
They come out of the cinema at eleven o’clock in the evening. It is quite dark. Then Mrs Jones says: “Look! A woman is running very fast, and a man is running after her.”
Mr Jones then drives the car slowly near the woman and says to her: “Can we help you?”
“No thanks,” the woman says, but she doesn’t stop running. “My husband and I always run home after the cinema, and the last one home washes the dishes!”
【P3】 1. They are brothers in the writer’s homestay family. 2. They play soccer against teams from other schools in nearby areas.
3. A soccer champion. 4. He is funny.
5. No, they didn’t.
Cloze: 1-5 CACAD 6-10 BDCBD

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