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481期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. The speaker and his friend went to the cinema _____.
A. on Friday
B. on Saturday
C. on Sunday

2. Who stopped the speaker and his friend?
A. A policeman.
B. Their friends.
C. A man and a girl.

3. The young man and the girl stood there for about _____.
A. half an hour
B. an hour
C. one and a half hours

4. What would the speaker and his friend do next?
A. Go to the police station.
B. Catch the next rider in a similar situation.
C. Wait for the policeman to come over.

Day 2
School Halloween party ... (P3)
Choose the answer:
1. What did the writer dress like this Halloween?
A. She wore the traditional Hanfu.
B. She dressed like a witch.
C. She dressed like a butterfly.
D. She wore a wig.

2. During the language class, they did the following EXCEPT _____.
A. eat snacks
B. watch a horror film
C. sell candy
D. do activities with other students

3. What did the writer think of the dancing party?
A. It was boring.
B. It was wonderful.
C. It was tiring.
D. It was terrible.

Day 3
What your season says ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. The new study shows that your temperament has something to do with _____.
A. who your parents are
B. what environment you were born in
C. which kind of books you like
D. in which season you were born

2. Which of the following is TRUE about the study?
A. There were 400 students born in each season.
B. The students needed to act in certain situations.
C. The questionnaire was about statements on temperaments.
D. The answers to the questionnaire were matched with their ages.

3. According to the findings, people born in summer _____.
A. change their mood easily
B. always feel cheerful
C. often stay in a bad mood
D. seldom show their mood

4. According to the article, chemicals like dopamine and serotonin _____.
A. exist in people’s body in certain seasons
B. can control people’s mood
C. increase people’s mood disorders
D. decrease your chance of anxiety

Day 4
Smiles sent from the sky (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. The little girl usually went to school _____.
A. by car
B. by bike
C. by bus
D. on foot

2. The little girl’s mother felt worried at first because _____.
A. she herself didn’t like cloudy and rainy days
B. her daughter didn’t take an umbrella with her
C. she thought her daughter would be afraid of the lightning
D. she had no time to pick her daughter up from school

3. What is the main idea of the story?
A. Life will be more colorful if you keep a positive heart.
B. It is better not to walk in the rain when it’s lightning.
C. Mother’s love is the greatest love in the world.
D. Smiling is the best way to get thoug difficulties.

Day 5
Once, in a small village lived a family with eight children. Two of the children loved (1) very much, but the family was so poor that it was impossible to send (2) of them to study at the art college at the same time. After many discussions the two boys finally (3) a plan. They would toss (抛) a coin. The loser would go (4) into the mines (煤矿) and, with his money, (5) his brother’s study at the college. Then when the brother who won the toss finished his studies, after four years he would support the other brother studying at the (6) .
James won the toss and Jack went down into the mines. James worked with all his heart and his paintings were much (7) than those of most of his teachers and by the time he (8) he was beginning to make a lot of money for his paintings.
James returned. When he told Jack he could go to the art college, Jack said (9) : “The four years in the mines has done too much to my hands so it is too (10) . Now I can’t even hold a glass.”
To show his great love, James drew his brother’s hands with fingers towards the sky. He called his drawing “The Praying Hands” which became very famous years later.
1. A. schoolB. books
C. paintingD. money
2. A. bothB. all
C. anyD. neither
3. A. looked outB. got out
C. took outD. worked out
4. A. offB. down
C. upD. away
5. A. payB. follow
C. agreeD. let
6. A. collegeB. mine
C. homeD. factory
7. A. cheaperB. worse
C. betterD. older
8. A. waitedB. graduated
C. walkedD. arrived
9. A. happilyB. bravely
C. softlyD. angrily
10. A. lateB. early
C. goodD. helpful


【Listening Cafe】CACB
Dear Grandpa,
How is it going? I hope you are well now.
Things are fine here. I always get nervous when I see the letter from school, but I did OK this time. I had a really hard time with science this term, and I wasn’t surprised to find that my worst report was from my science teacher. She said I was lazy. Another disappointing result I got was in history. My history teacher said I could do better. The good news is that my math teacher said I was hardworking. And my Spanish teacher said my listening was good.Well, that’s about all the news I have for now.
Cloze: 1-5 ACBAD 6-10 CBADC

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