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483期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. Where does Billy go early every morning?
A. To a shop.
B. To a park.
C. To a post office.

2. What does Billy bring back home?
A. A newspaper.
B. A piece of meat.
C. A piece of bread.

3. What does the speaker do before getting up?
A. Eat breakfast.
B. Read the newspaper.
C. Read letters.

4. What does Billy do when he sees the bus coming?
A. He barks.
B. He runs to the bus.
C. He runs inside the house.

5. From the story, we learn the dog is _____.
A. lazy
B. pretty
C. helpful

Day 2
Dress code too strict? (P2)
Choose the answer:
1. Cassidy had to go home on Nov 5 because _____.
A. she was late for school
B. she left her homework at home
C. she didn’t wear her uniform that day
D. she didn’t wear the right uniform

2. According to the new dress code, students can’t wear _____ at school.
A. sports shoes
B. ties
C. tailored trousers
D. black leather shoes

3. What does the headmaster think of the new rule?
A. It may be too strict for students.
B. It’s important for students’ growth.
C. It will be stopped after several weeks.
D. The school will make some changes later.

4. The article mainly talks about _____.
A. what kind of school uniforms students like
B. why British schools have strict dress codes
C. differences of dress codes between the UK and the US
D. the new strict dress code for students in a UK school

Day 3
Are our tears connected ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. What do researchers think of the act of crying during joyful moments?
A. It is truly sad.
B. It is strange.
C. It is logical.
D. It is impossible.

2. Which is a positive experience with a negative emotion response?
A. A student cried when learning she failed the exam.
B. A kid cried when he couldn’t get a toy.
C. The parents cried when they couldn’t find their kid.
D. A player cried when he won the gold medal in a competition.

3. The underlined word “moderate” in Paragraph 4 means “_____”.
A. make something less strong
B. make something stop
C. make something clear
D. make something stronger

4. What does the last paragraph mainly talk about?
A. What emotional balance is.
B. How to keep emotional balance.
C. The importance of the findings.
D. The researchers’ future plans.

Day 4
First time he saw me play (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. Adam couldn’t play in a football game before because _____.
A. he was not fond of football
B. the coach didn’t like him.
C. his job was to clean the bench
D. he was shorter than the other boys

2. Adam became silent after reading the message because _____.
A. he was sorry to miss the final game
B. he was sad about his father’s death
C. he didn’t want to have a rest
D. his father had never come to see his play

3. We can tell from the story that _____.
A. Adam’s father never showed love to him
B. Adam’s father got to see his play at last
C. Adam proved to be a good player
D. Adam disappointed his father

Day 5

Jim Smith was a poor boy. One day he was very cold and (1) . He came to a house and asked a young ( 2) for a glass of water. But the lady was so (3) that she gave him a large glass of hot milk.
Jim drank it and then asked: “ (4) should I pay you?”
“You don’t need to pay,” the lady said. Jim ( 5) her again.
Years later, Jim became a (6) . One day, a woman was sent to his hospital. She was seriously ill. He recognized her at once and did his best to save her life.
The operation was successful, but the (7) was high. After looking at the woman’s bill, Jim wrote (8) on it. When the woman received the bill, she didn’t dare to look at it. (9) , something on the side of the bill caught her attention. She began to (10) the following words:
Paid in full with one glass of milk.

1. A. hotB. hungry
C. coolD. strong
2. A. womanB. man
C. husbandD. waiter
3. A. angryB. beautiful
C. luckyD. kind
4. A. WhenB. Where
C. How muchD. Why
5. A. thankedB. forgot
C. missedD. understood
6. A. teacherB. worker
C. doctorD. driver
7. A. priceB. cost
C. moneyD. pay
8. A. anythingB. everything
C. nothingD. something
9. A. HoweverB. Whenever
C. InsteadD. Besides
10. A. writeB. remember
C. readD. guess


【Listening Cafe】BBCBA
We had a trip to the Science Museum last Friday. It was great fun. All the eighth-graders joined in the trip. There were seven big buses waiting for us in front of our school gate. First of all, our teachers told us a lot on safety information. After that, we got on the buses. Everyone felt so excited that we talked and laughed all the way. Two hours later, we arrived there. It was 10:00 am. At 5:00 pm, we finished the trip and went back home happily.
【P3】1. It asked for donations to help blind people.
2. It’s the language for blind people.
3. Yes, it is.
4. Three months.
5. Intel Capital, an investment company.
Cloze: 1-5 ABDAC 6-10 DBBCC

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