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484期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. When did the story happen?
A. In the morning.
B. In the afternoon.
C. In the evening.

2. Mr Baker felt _____ about the
telephone call.
A. angry B. excited C. happy

3. The young man called Mr Baker in order to _____.
A. buy something
B. get into his house
C. get out of his shop

4. From the story, we learn that _____.
A. the young man worked in Mr Baker’s
B. Mr Baker didn’t know the young man
was in his shop
C. the young man didn’t get along with
Mr Baker
Day 2
Standing out in tech (P2)
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following is NOT included
in the Future 8 Awards?
A. Web design. B. Video.
C. Math. D. Animation.

2. According to the Guardian, the winners
A. are mostly gifted kids
B. do well in nearly every subject
C. don’t always go to school to learn
D. are good at using online and offline

3. From the story, we learn that Anwar
A. designed a mobile app on safety
B. made websites and games
C. liked to write down his ideas
D. was the winner of the best animation

4. What do the underlined words “sell
yourself” mean?
A. To do things quietly and on your own.
B. To promote yourself and your works.
C. To sell your works online.
D. To show off your literacy.

Teens host United Nations ... (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. What was the unforgettable trip for the
students from Milwaukee’s Highland
Community School?

2. What kind of topics did the students
discuss at the conference?

3. What was the biggest barrier for the
students, according to Gillery?

4. How did the students raise money
before the trip?

5. What did the students think of the

Day 4
Why do cats like to stay in ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. People found that cats _____.
A. like to play with string
B. often play with masking tape
C. prefer to eat bananas
D. like to sit inside a circular shape

2. The underlined word “security” in
Paragraph 3 means _____.
A. being safe B. being free
C. being active D. being strong

3. From the article, we learn the following
EXCEPT _____.
A. cats like the shapes of tea towels and
B. cats mark the boundaries with their
scent glands
C. cats show interest in new smells
D. cats have great curiosity about new things

4. The article mainly talks about _____.
A. how to give cats orders
B. why cats like circles
C. the proverb “curiosity killed the cat”
D. differences between cats and dogs

Day 5
One midnight, a little girl got up to drink water. She walked to the bedroom door and
1 it. The little girl looked outside but walked
2 , because it was so 3 in the hall and she was scared.
Her mother said: “Don’t be afraid, honey. Have courage (勇气)!”
“ 4 is courage?” she asked, running to her mother’s bed.
“Courage is the brave breath (呼吸),” her mother answered.
“Mom, do you have courage?”
The little girl held out her cold hands, saying: “Mom, blow (吹) some of your breath of courage to 5 .”
After her mother blew into her little cold hands, the little girl clenched her fists (握拳)
6 , afraid that the “breath of courage” would run 7 . Then with her fists clenched, she walked out of the bedroom towards the kitchen with 8 to be afraid of.
Her mother said to herself: “It will be nice
9 someone can blow some courage to me. Then I can also hold it in my hands when I feel terrified.”
In a word, the thing that we are terrified of is nothing but the 10 in our mind. The person who we should defeat is nobody but ourselves.

1. A. closed B. knocked C. opened D. took
2. A. forward B. back C. out D. further
3. A. empty B. dark C. cold D. large
4. A. What B. How C. Where D. Why
5. A. me B. you C. her D. it
6. A. slowly B. happily
C. quietly D. carefully
7. A. back B. away C. in D. over
8. A. something B. anything
C. everything D. nothing
9. A. because B. though C. if D. until
10. A. fear B. idea C. problem D. view

【Listening Cafe】AABAC
I have a pet dog. Its name is Billy. Early every morning, Billy goes to the shop in the village. The girl in the shop gives him two things: a small piece of meat and a newspaper. Billy eats the meat, and then takes the newspaper in his mouth, running home. I like reading my newspaper in bed, before I get up. Billy knows that, and brings the paper to my bedroom. When I am eating my breakfast, he brings all the letters to me. After that, he goes out to wait for the bus. When he sees the bus coming, he barks, I run out to take the bus. Billy never lets me miss the bus.
Cloze: 1-5 BADCA 6-10 CBDAC

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