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583期 高一Quiz time

Day 1
Big trades made (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. According to the rules of the simulated Wall Street competition hosted by Stevens Institute of Technology, ______.
A. students had to earn $1 million within the required time
B. students could borrow money to trade stocks
C. students had no idea of the stocks they were going to trade in the competition
D. students had to develop trading software to buy and sell stocks with

2. According to the article, the winning students from Morris Hills High School ______.
A. got to meet professionals from financial services companies
B. earned the opportunity for scholarships to study at the business school at Stevens
C. became members of the Future Business Leaders of America
D. could take the profits they made in the competition back home

3. What is Lauren Jackson’s opinion on the simulated Wall Street competition?
A. It is too far away from what is happening in the real world to be useful.
B. It helps students to build up important qualities such as cooperation and stress tolerance.
C. It improves students’ academic performance at school.
D. It shows students the dark side of Wall Street firms.

Day 2
Classic is never gone (P4)

Topic: the film Gone With the Wind
Basic information It celebrated its 1. ______ birthday last month.
It is 2. ______ on a best-selling book of the same name by US author Margaret Mitchell.
Plot of the story It is set in the periods before, during and after the 3. ______ Civil War.
It is about the relationships between members of high-class 4. ______ families.
The heroine Scarlett is beautiful and 5. ______, and she tries to win Ashley’s heart although he is in love with Melanie Hamilton.
Rhett is as 6. ______ as Scarlett and is deeply interested in her.
Scarlett never really loves Rhett although she marries him.
She turns back to her husband when she realizes that she can’t have Ashley, but it’s too late.
Scarlett ends up with 7. ______ to love.
Success It is evergreen and always stays in people’s 8. ______.
It seems to be 9. ______ among people all around the world, young or old.
For over two decades, it held the 10. ______ for making the most money of any film ever made.
Every studio dreams of making a film like it.

Day 3
Phone boxes ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the article mainly about?
A. The history and current situation of red telephone boxes.
B. The reasons behind the popularity of red telephone boxes in the UK.
C. The importance of red telephone boxes in British people’s lives.
D. The fight to keep Britain’s red telephone boxes the way they were.

2. What has a council in Scotland turned a telephone box into?
A. An ice cream shop.
B. A teahouse.
C. An Internet cafe.
D. A library.

3. Which of the following about red telephone boxes is TRUE?
A. There are about 7,000 boxes in the UK.
B. Most of the boxes have been sold overseas.
C. Many people consider them an important part of British culture.
D. Communities have to pay a large amount of money to buy one.

Day 4

Discovering kids (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Who has the naughtiest kids in the author’s family?
A. The author’s eldest child.
B. The author’s second eldest child.
C. The author’s third eldest child.
D. The author’s youngest child.

2. What does the author intend to tell us by describing her children and their kids?
A. Naughty people are more likely to have naughty children.
B. There is nothing we can do to change children’s personalities.
C. People might have children with completely different personalities to their own.
D. It’s better to marry someone who has a different personality to yours.

3. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the article?
A. The author finds the children of her eldest quite annoying.
B. The author’s youngest kid started to behave well at the age of 9.
C. The author feels she is very experienced in parenting.
D. The author thinks you learn in the process of parenting.

4. Which of the following might the author agree with?
A. Parenting is dealing with what you know.
B. Parenting is a long journey that always comes with new challenges.
C. Parenting is largely about recreating a smaller version of you.
D. Parenting is all about teaching children how to plan their futures.

Day 5

1. The purpose of the chart is to ______.
A. explain the relationship between people’s diet and health
B. teach people how to eat in an environmentally-friendly way
C. list unhealthy lifestyle choices that people should avoid
D. inform people of different ways to save energy in daily life

2. Which of the following practices would the author agree with according to the chart?
A. People should not use water bottles any more.
B. People should eat less poultry and beef.
C. People should cook small portions of food for each meal.
D. People should grow all their own food and cook it themselves.

3. The underlined word “eliminate” probably means ______.
A. stop B. improve
C. encourage D. exchange

4. Which of the following shows the features of organic farming?
a. no fertilizers used
b. reusable packaging
c. no chemical pesticides used
d. more protein produced with less energy
A. ab B. ac
C. bc D. cd

D5 1-5 CADCB
6. was confused 7. nothing 8. that 9. why
10. smaller 11. believing 12. never/don’t 13. but
14. Like 15. avoid/have avoided

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