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492期 初二Quiz time

Listening Cafe听力测试
1. Where did the speaker travel this winter vacation?
A. To Tokyo.
B. To New York.
C. To Sydney.

2. What was the weather like during the speaker’s visit?
A. Rainy.
B. Sunny.
C. Cloudy.

3. What did the speaker think of people there?
A. They were kind.
B. They were cold.
C. They were funny.

4. What did the speaker like best about the trip?
A. Visiting the city center.
B. Eating all kinds of fruits.
C. Visiting the sea.

Strange socks: walking ... (P4)
Answer the following questions:
1. What does Adele think of socks?

2. What can we assume of Milly if she likes to wear socks with hamburger patterns?

3. How did the fashion of socks begin?

4. What did Marie Claire think of the fashion of socks?

5. Does the writer like fashionable socks? _____________________________________

6. 翻译文中最后一句话。
If you want to be fashionable while keeping your feet warm this
winter,why not wear a pair of funky socks!

How poor penguins really are! (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. The study finds that _____.
A. different penguins have their own favorite fish
B. penguins have different genomes for the five tastes
C. penguins can’t taste the flavor of fish
D. penguins don’t have any of the five basic tastes

2. From Paragraph 5, we learn that _____.
A. penguins’ umami genes work well in cold temperatures
B. penguins only eat cold fish
C. temperatures can decide the umami genes of penguins
D. the umami genes in penguins would work when needed

3. Paragraph 6 tells us that _____.
A. a lack of taste is good for penguins
B. penguins’ tongues are very spiky
C. penguins prefer to eat slippery fish
D. there are no taste buds on penguins’ tongues

4. All of the following decide that penguins need no taste perception EXCEPT _____.
A. they always swallow food whole
B. their tongue structure is special
C. their tongue function is different
D. they live in cold temperatures

Life with my mean mom (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. What does the sentence “But at least I wasn’t alone” mean?
A. The writer’s mother was only mean to her.
B. The writer’s mother liked her the best.
C. The writer’s sister and brothers were mean to her as well.
D. The writer’s mother was also mean to her sister and brothers.

2. The writer’s mother often asked her children to do the following EXCEPT______.
A. eat as much candy as they wanted
B. learn to do housework
C. wear clean clothes
D. go to bed and get up at fixed times

3. The writer’s mother was mean to her children because she
wanted her children _____.
A. to be competitive with each other
B. to make more friends easily
C. to drop out from school early
D. to be educated and honest people

4. What is the writer’s attitude toward her mother now?
A. Hateful. B. Thankful.
C. Worried.D. Angry.

Recently, I felt like I reached a very low point in life. My relationships weren’t good, I wasn’t enjoying my classes, and I felt like I had nothing to 1 . My life seemed to be full of endless homework, tests and loneliness. Nothing anyone said seemed 2 to me. I wasn’t sure what to do about myself. All I wanted was to be happy again, but I didn’t know who or what would 3 that.
During these days, I had trouble sleeping. I had to take sleeping pills but still woke up at midnight. I had no 4 other than to tell my dad. He 5 me the book The Secret. I
immediately read it that night. I’m 6 quite a stubborn (固执的) person, but the book showed great influence on me. I felt like life was beautiful again. I had never felt such a deep and quick 7 in my life before.
In fact, the book’s 8 was very simple – think positively (积极地). The book had many success stories about how people were able to 9 money and friends into their lives. I started learning to thank everything in my life like them. Little by little, I realized that The Secret could only work 10 I believed these people’s success stories.
Now I’m sure I can bring myself happiness.

1. A. take care ofB. come up with
C. look down onD. look forward to
2. A. helpfulB. colorful
C. peacefulD. careful
3. A. find B. offer
C. answerD. stop
4. A. problemB. idea
C. need D. doubt
5. A. borrowedB. collected
C. took D. bought
6. A. normallyB. quietly
C. finallyD. probably
7. A. breathB. notice
C. surpriseD. change
8. A. readingB. story
C. messageD. writing
9. A. draw B. give
C. imagineD. lend
10. A. untilB. how
C. unlessD. before

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