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454期 初三Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. Where do penguins live?
A. In the North Pole.
B. In Antarctica.
C. In Australia.

2. The smallest penguin species is_____.
A. the blue penguin
B. the yellow penguin
C. the emperor penguin

3. How many kinds of penguins are there in the world?
A. 19.
B. 27.
C. 40.

4. What can protect penguins from the cold?
A. Hunting.
B. Fat.
C. Swimming.

5. What animals are penguins’enemies?
A. Birds and fish.
B. Dolphins and seals.
C. Whales and seals.

Ban festive fireworks? (P2)
Choose the answer:
1. What caused serious air pollution on Lunar New Year’s Eve?
A. The factories.
B. The cars.
C. The fireworks.
D. The bad weather.

2. How many cities saw serious air pollution on Lunar New Year’s Day?
A. 201.
B. More than 40.
C. Around 400.
D. 500.

3. According to Sina’s survey, the majority of people _____ setting off fireworks.
A. support
B. enjoy
C. are against
D. don’t care about

4. What is a moderate way to solve the problem?
A. To ban fireworks totally.
B. To reduce the time of setting off fireworks.
C. To get more people to set off fireworks.
D. To never change the tradition.

Make room for healthy potatoes (P4)
Choose the answer:
1. We can tell from the first two paragraphs that _____.
A. China now has three kinds of staple food
B. potatoes will become China’s major staple food
C. potatoes shouldn’t be a staple food
D. potato chips are regarded as junk food

2. What is the main idea of Paragraph 6?
A. Potatoes are tasty.
B. Potatoes are healthy.
C. Potatoes are easy to grow.
D. Potatoes are easy to store.

3. Potatoes are made into _____ in Western countries.
A. noodles
B. steamed bread
C. pancakes
D. pizza

4. Which of the following is NOT a reason why potatoes are chosen as a staple food?
A. They can be grown in drought areas.
B. They are rich in vitamin C and low in calories.
C. They can be made into flour and stored for a long time.
D. They can feed more people than other food of the same

Spirit of never giving up (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. The phrase “morning jogger” in Paragraph 1 means a person _____.
A. who eats breakfast quite early
B. who runs in the morning
C. who gets up early in the morning
D. who reads aloud in the morning

2. When did Patti decide to break the world’s long-distance running record for women?
A. After she ran with her father for a few weeks.
B. After she completed her run to San Francisco.
C. When she knew she was an epileptic.
D. When she was in her second year of college.

3. What happened during Patti’s second year of running?
A. She overcame the pain in her foot and achieved success.
B. She fractured a bone in her foot and couldn’t run from then on.
C. She was forced to stop running because of the pain in her foot.
D. She did so well in the run that the president shook hands with her.

4. What was Patti’s attitude towards life?
A. She was proud because of her epilepsy.
B. She expected others to have pity for her.
C. She refused to admit that she was epileptic.
D. She believed people with epilepsy could do anything that others could do.

Some students cheat because they’re busy or lazy and they want to get good grades without 1 the time studying. Other students might feel that they can’t 2 the test without cheating. Even when there seems to be a “good reason” for cheating, it isn’t a good 3 .
A student who thinks cheating is the only way to pass a test 4 to talk with the teacher and his or her parents so they can find some better ways together. Talking about these problems and 5 them out is much more helpful than cheating.
If a student gets 6 cheating, the teacher may give a “ 7 ” on the test, send him or her to the head teacher’s 8 , and call his or her parents. Worse than the 9 grade may be the feeling of having disappointed those people,
10 parents and teachers. A parent may worry that you are not a(n) 11 person and a teacher might watch you more 12 the next time you’re taking a test.
There are plenty of reasons why a kid shouldn’t cheat, but some students do cheat. If that’s you, it’s 13 too late to stop cheating. Cheating can become a 14 , but a student is always able to act better and make better 15 . It might help to talk the problem over with a parent, teacher, or friend.
1. A. takingB. spending
C. costingD. using
2. A. fail B. exercise
C. pass D. expect
3. A. idea B. purpose
C. customD. conclusion
4. A. decidesB. hopes
C. refusesD. needs
5. A. breakingB. dreaming
C. missingD. working
6. A. caughtB. offered
C. appearedD. suggested
7. A. prize B. result
C. zero D. treat
8. A. officeB. school
C. seat D. conversation
9. A. naturalB. dangerous
C. anxiousD. bad
10. A. and B. besides
C. like D. among
11. A. commonB. advantageous
C. interesting D. honest
12. A. closelyB. bravely
C. certainlyD. hardly
13. A. alwaysB. never
C. onceD. neither
14. A. menuB. medicine
C. habitD. match
15. A. educationB. decisions
C. challengesD. risks

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