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493期 初二Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试听两遍,选择正确答案。
1. When will the talk be held?
A. On Friday evening.
B. On Saturday morning.
C. On Saturday evening.

2. What is Miss Anna Black?
A. She is a writer.
B. She is a student.
C. She is an actor.

3. Where will the talk be held?
A. In the school hall.
B. In the library.
C. In the city center.

4. Miss Black will talk about her
experiences in _____.
A. Europe
B. America
C. Africa


Babysitter network is big ... (P3)
Choose the answer:
1. How does Noa Mintz get pocket money?
A. She asks for money from her parents.
B. She works as a babysitter.
C. She hands out ads during her summer
D. She cleans houses for other families.

2. According to the story, we learn that
A. Mintz set up her company at the age of 15
B. Mintz’s friends and classmates don’t
support her
C. Mintz’s company has attracted lots of
D. Mintz learned babysitting on social
networking sites

3. What does Mintz think of her work?
A. It was a pity that she didn’t do it earlier.
B. She feels sorry for spending so much time
C. She is not old enough to do social work.
D. She feels proud of herself and will try her
best to do more.


Plane flies on the rays of ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. Solar Impulse 2 is different from other
planes because it uses _____ for power.
A. windB. oil
C. sunlightD. water

2. Which of the following about Solar
Impulse 2 is NOT true?
A. It will go on a five-month trip.
B. Its pilots are Swiss.
C. It will fly over China.
D. It is the first solar airplane.

3. According to the story, the solar cells in
Solar Impulse 2 _____.
A. weigh as heavy as 2,300 kg
B. can provide energy for two engines
C. can recharge lithium batteries
D. work better at night

4. What does the story mainly talk about?
A. How Solar Impulse 2 works.
B. How solar power is produced.
C. How solar power works.
D. How to use solar power in daily life.

Stop, listen and heal (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. When the writer saw the old woman,
A. she examined her condition carefully
B. she was ready to listen to her story
C. she wanted to know more about the
woman’s son
D. she didn’t expect to learn anything
from her

2. What does the sentence “her only
son lived around the corner from
her” mean?
A. Her son lived very close to her.
B. Her son didn’t live in good conditions.
C. Her son didn’t live nearby.
D. Her son lived in a corner in a building.

3. What does the writer mainly want to
tell us?
A. Everybody should talk less and listen
B. Listening has great healing powers.
C. Children should visit their parents
more often.
D. Doctors and patients can learn from
each other.


My son Joe started dating a young lady whose father worked in a police station. Joe was interested in working there. He came home one day and said: “I’m taking the police test.” When he graduated, they assigned (分配) him to East New York where I started my career. However, Joe’s brother, John, wanted nothing to do with the police or firefighters.① He wanted to be the “next Donald Trump”, a well-known American millionaire (富翁). But in 1984, I came down with throat cancer. He noticed how the guys I worked with in the fire department (消防队) took care of us. He decided to be a firefighter.
Both the boys would call us when they were working. John would always call around four o’clock, and that particular (特别的) night, Sept 10, we spoke for a few minutes. I said: “I love you.” And he said: “I love you.” Joe called me in the morning and told me to turn on the television, that a plane just hit the Trade Center (世贸大厦). I just said: “Be careful. I love you.”② He said: “I love you, too.” That was it.
We had the boys for John for 34 years, Joe for 36 years. It’s not many people that the last words they said to their son or daughter were “I love you,” and the last words that they heard were “I love you.” So, that makes me sleep at night.

1. Did Joe want to be a policeman?

2. 将①处翻译成汉语。

3. 根据②处完成下面的句子。(每空一词)
I just ________ him ________ be careful and
I loved him.

4. 根据短文内容,完成下面的句子。
Joe was a policeman while his brother, John,
was a _________. The two brothers both
_________ when the Trade Center was

5. From the story, we learn that sometimes it’s necessary to say
“ ______________” to those we love.


【Listening Cafe】CBAC
I had a trip to Sydney with my family this winter vacation. Sydney is very beautiful. During our visit, it was sunny all the time. We visited many places of interest there and met many friendly people. They gave us a lot of help and one of them showed us around the city center. We ate all kinds of fruits and delicious food. But the most interesting part was visiting the sea. It was our first time to see such a wonderful place. We swam in the sea and enjoyed ourselves very much. We felt tired but happy. We’ll never forget the trip.
【P4】1. They are a fun way to stand out in boring school clothes.
2. She is funny and likes to joke around.
3. It began with Japanese high school girls in the 1990s.
4. It is the latest trend to hit the catwalk.
5. Yes, she does.
6. 如果你想在冬天里既时尚双脚也暖和,何不穿一双时髦的袜子呢!
Cloze: 1-5 DABBD 6-10 ADCAC

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