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494期 初二Quiz time


Listening Cafe 听力测试


1. What was the weather like that  day?

A. It was windy.

B. It was sunny.

C. It was cloudy.


2. What were the two boys doing?

A. They were walking.

B. They were riding bikes.

C. They were sitting on the ground.


3. Many people came over because


A. they wanted to know what was in  the sky

B. they thought the two boys were  fighting

C. there was something wrong with  their bikes


4. The boys saw _____ in the sky.

A. a kite     

B. a plane    

C. nothing




Relaxing American classes (P3)

Answer the following questions:

1. What is the usual style in class for Chinese students?




2. How did the writer feel when she saw  a student lying on a sofa in class?




3. What was the problem for the writer of  sitting comfortably in class?




4. Does the writer have to wear a uniform  at the US school?




5. What does the writer think of the two styles in class?








Twins set for unique NASA ... (P5)

Choose the answer:

1. Which of the following about Mark and Scott is NOT true?

A. Both of them are from the US.

B. They are twin brothers.

C. Both of them are astronauts.

D. They will both go to space.


2. The mission aims to _____.

A. send a team to the moon

B. learn how long humans can stay in space

C. study how human bodies are affected in space

D. examine changes of human genes in space


3. When Scott is in space, _____.

A. he will do no exercises

B. he can’t use the Internet 

C. NASA will monitor him

D. he can do the same as on Earth 





Real gift at Christmas (P6)

Choose the answer:

1. The writer was not happy on Christmas   Eve 1881 because _____.

A. he was worried that his father was still  not back

B. it was the beginning of a new year and  he didn’t want to grow up

C. he couldn’t have the Christmas gift he  wanted

D. he didn’t want to go out in the cold


2. The father decided to help the Smiths   because _____.

A. he learned from widow Smith about her trouble

B. he saw the little child looking for wood  out in the cold

C. he realized widow Smith had to raise  three children

D. he saw their neighbors were not nice or helpful


3. How did widow Smith feel when the dad   handed her the pair of shoes?

A. Surprised.B. Moved.  

C. Excited. D. Worried.


4. What did the writer learn from that  Christmas?

A. Helping those in need makes us feel good.

B. Christmas gifts are unimportant for poor  people.

C. We should get along with people around us.

D. Being helpful sometimes brings people good luck.








Do you often communicate with your parents? Some parents are always comparing their 1.           with themselves or other people when they were young. 

“When I was your age,” a father said to his 16-year-old son one day, “I was at the top of my class every year. And I 2.           what I wanted to do when I left school. I had goals. You are always at the bottom (底部) of your class and you have no goals.” The man’s son said 3.         . He had already heard this from his father many

4.          . 

“And when your mother was your age,” the young man’s father went 5.          , “she had a good job and she 6.           lots of money. You don’t even have a part-time job. You earn nothing.” The man’s son still said nothing. He had heard this before, too. 

“And when your 7.           brother was your age,” the young man’s father said, “he studied hard. But you just waste your time.” And the man’s son still said nothing. 

Finally, the young man’s father said: “And when Abraham Lincoln was your age, he worked all day and studied at night.” This time the son didn’t 8.           silent.

“And when Abraham Lincoln was your age, Father,” he said, “he was the President of the United States. 9.           are you?” His father had no 10.           to say this time. 

Are your parents always comparing you with others? And what’s your reply? Do you have a better way to communicate with each other?







【Listening Cafe】CABC


Attention, please. On Saturday evening, there’s a talk in our city by a famous writer, Miss Anna Black. She teaches at a university in England. Well, she’s giving a talk at 8 pm on Saturday evening in the library. I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting. Miss Black has just returned from Africa and will talk about all her experiences there. She traveled through three different countries. She met lots of interesting people, including a famous actor. I’m sure the evening will be very popular. Have a good time. Thank you!

【P3】BCD      【P5】CDCA     【P6】DAB


1. Yes, he did. 

2. 但是乔的弟弟约翰一点儿也不想做警察或者是消防员。

3. told; to              4. firefighter; died  

5. I love you.

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