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495期 初二Quiz time

1. Where does Helen come from?
A. England.
B. The US.
C. Canada.

2. Helen likes _____.
A. singing B. drawing C. traveling

3. Helen likes New York because
A. it is small and beautiful
B. it is modern and beautiful
C. it is large and interesting

4. When will Helen’s family go to
A. In June. B. In July. C. In August.

5. Helen’s family will travel to Beijing
A. by train B. by car C. by plane

Ambitions to be ‘Queen of ... (P3)
Choose the answer:
1. Sara Menoudakis is different from other
teens because _____.
A. she likes Taylor Swift
B. she is a fan of Selena Gomez
C. she likes pop music
D. she is a lead singer of her family band

2. From Paragraph 2, we learn that _____.
A. Sara sings better than her sisters and
B. Sara started to learn about music by
C. Sara was not good at singing soft music
when she was young
D. Sara loves hard rock more than soft music

3. What can we learn from the last two
A. Sara hardly meets difficulties on her
musical road.
B. Sara often writes music herself.
C. Lots of people like Sara’s songs.
D. Sara is too shy to sing in public.

How Earth will look with ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. From Paragraph 2, we learn that _____.
A. the moon and Earth came into being at
the same time
B. there were animals on the moon 4.5 billion years ago
C. the moon helped speed up the rotation
of Earth
D. there were about five hours in a day on
Earth 4.5 billion years ago

2. Paragraph 3 tells us that the moon _____.
A. is moving at a rate of 3.78 centimeters per
B. is gradually moving further away from
C. moves 18 times faster than when it first
D. moves at about 70 centimeters a year

3. The distance between the moon and
Earth can affect _____.
① the size of the moon
② the ocean’s tidal flow
③ the way Earth spins
④ the way Mars moves
⑤ the seasons on Earth
A. ①②③ B. ①②④
C. ②③④ D. ②③⑤

Hands of a loving mom (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. The writer once got angry with her
mother when _____.
A. her mom’s rough hands touched her skin
B. her mother ordered her to go to sleep
C. she found her mother was in poor health
D. her mother worried about her too much

2. The writer missed her mother’s hands
years later because _____.
A. she knew her mother was too old to
support herself
B. she couldn’t cook food as well as her
C. her mother didn’t get angry at her
impolite words
D. she was thankful for her mom’s love and
hard work

3. The sentence “Then a kiss, ever so
gently, touched my brow” means that
A. her mother hadn’t touched her brow
B. her mother loved and cared for her
C. her mother didn’t love her as much as
D. her mother kissed her on the cheek

4. We can infer from the text that _____.
A. the writer’s mother felt sorry for her
B. the writer liked staying with her mother
at night
C. the writer felt sorry about her attitude to
her mother
D. the writer was single and lived with her


If you ask people of different countries “Could you tell me the way to the post office?”, you will get different answers.
In Japan, people use landmarks (路标) instead of street names. For example, the Japanese will say to travelers: “Go straight down to the corner. 1. _____________ The post office is across from the bus stop.”
In Kansas, US, there are no towns or buildings within miles. So instead of landmarks, people will tell you directions and distance. For example, people will say: “Go north two miles
(英里). 2. __________________”
People in Greece sometimes do not even try to give directions. They will often say: “Follow me.” 3. ____________________
Sometimes if a person doesn’t know the answer to your question, he or she might say: “Sorry, I have no idea.” But in Yucatan, Mexico, no one answers “I don’t know.” 4. ___________
_________ They usually give an answer, but often a wrong one. A visitor can often get lost in Yucatan!
5. ____________________ You might not understand a person’s words, but maybe you can understand his or her body language. He or she will usually point to the correct direction. Go on in that direction and you may find the post office!
(参考答案见本期VII 版)


【Listening Cafe】BCAC
It was Saturday, and it was sunny. There were many people in the park. Some were walking, and others were riding bikes. There were two boys sitting on the ground. They were talking about something. Both of them were looking at the sky. “Look, a beautiful kite!” one boy said. The other was also looking up into the sky. Then some other people came over, and some even stopped their bikes. They were also looking up into the sky. Some were asking, “What’s in the sky? What are you looking at?” But when more and more people came to look up into the sky, the two boys left with a smile. In fact, they didn’t see anything in the sky.
【P3】1. Sitting still and keeping quiet.
2. She was shocked and thought the teacher might feel offended.
3. She will easily fall asleep.
4. No, she doesn’t.
5. Both of them have their own good sides.
短文填空:1. children/kids 2. knew 3. nothing 4. times 5. on 6. made/earned 7. elder/older
8. stay/keep 9. What 10. words
6版日积月累: 1-5 DCACC 6-10 BBBAC

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