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496期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
1. What competition will they have?
A. A soccer competition.
B. A baseball competition.
C. A basketball competition.

2. When will the competition be held?
A. On April 2.
B. On May 2.
C. On May 4.

3. How many people will be in the
A. 9.
B. 10.
C. 11.

4. How often will the team practice
each week?
A. Once a week.
B. Twice a week.
C. Three times a week.

5. If a student wants to be a member
of the team, he can call _____.
A. 6312-9845
B. 6312-9854
C. 6322-9845

Day 2
Science of success (P2)
Choose the answer:
1. Professor Xie Yi received the award for
her achievements in _____.
A. math B. physics
C. chemistry D. biology

2. Xie Yi discovered new nano materials
that can turn _____ into electricity.
A. heat
B. wind energy
C. water energy
D. gas

3. What does Xie’s success tell us?
A. Interest is the best teacher.
B. Keep a positive attitude in life.
C. Don’t waste opportunities.
D. Failure is the mother of success.

Day 3
How do you escape the maze (P3)
Fill in the table below (no more than 3 words in each blank):

About the book The Maze Runner

1. _________

Some of the characters are
2. _________ while some are not that likeable. However, all the characters are unique and
3. _________ in their own way.

The boys are suddenly placed in a maze and they have lost their
4. _________

How the boys get out of the maze with 5._________, 6. _________ and determination.

Addie Akerman’s opinion
﹡ The novel is full of 7. __________ that attracts him a lot.
﹡ James Dashner’s writing style has never made him feel 8. _________.
﹡ The plot is suspenseful, but he can calm again after every 9. _______.
﹡ He is eager to turn the page to find out 10. _________ while reading.

Day 4
Hubble: Age of unlocking ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following about the Hubble
Space Telescope is NOT true?
A. It began to explore the universe in 1990.
B. It’s the first large telescope to be sent to
C. It orbits Earth and takes pictures of the
D. It has stopped working because it’s too

2. From Paragraph 3, we learn that _____.
A. Hubble works similar to school telescopes
B. light is important for Hubble to work
C. it’s better to use a smaller mirror for
D. Hubble can see fireflies on Earth in space

3. After years of works, Hubble found
out that _____.
A. the Earth is round
B. the universe was slowing down
C. there are black holes in the universe
D. the universe will explode in 13.7 billion

4. The article mainly talks about _____.
B. school telescopes
C. the Hubble Space Telescope
D. the Webb Space Telescope

Day 5

Jenny was a nurse in a children’s hospital. One evening there was a big dance at the hospital. Most of the doctors and nurses would be there, but some of them had to be 1 to look after the children. Jenny was not among the 2 ones who were free to go to the dance. She enjoyed dancing very much, so when she had to start 3 that evening while her friends were getting ready to go to the dance, she felt very 4 for herself. She went to each sick child one after another and said good night.
5 she came to a little boy called Tommy. Tommy was only 11 years old, but he already talked like a(n) 6 . Poor Tommy had a very serious illness, and now he was hardly able to
7 any part of his body except his hands. But he was always happy and always thinking about others instead of himself.
When Jenny came up to his bed, he said: “I’m very sorry that you have to 8 the dance because of us. But we’re going to have a party for you. If you look in my 9 , you’ll find a piece of cake. I saved it from my supper today, so it’s quite 10 . And I’d get up and dance with you myself if I was able to.”
Suddenly the hospital dance seemed very far away and not at all important to Jenny.

1. A. allowed B. invited
C. left D. made
2. A. lucky B. active
C. beautiful D. wise
3. A. dancing B. working
C. drinking D. relaxing
4. A. thankful B. happy
C. sorry D. proud
5. A. Quickly B. Hopefully
C. Firstly D. Finally
6. A. actor B. doctor
C. teacher D. adult
7. A. touch B. wave
C. move D. clean
8. A. miss B. attend
C. forget D. host
9. A. dustbin B. drawer
C. wallet D. bed
10. A. big B. sweet
C. old D. fresh



In North America, most students go to school on the school bus. Some students also walk or ride bikes to school. In other parts of the world, things are (1) d_________. In Japan, most students take trains to school, although others also walk or ride their bikes. In China, it (2) d_________ on where you are. In big (3) c_________, such as Beijing, Shanghai, students usually take buses or ride bikes to school. And in places where there are (4) r_________ and lakes, like Hongshanhu and Kaishandao, students usually go to school by boat. That must be a lot (5) m________ fun than taking a bus.


1-5 CBDBD 6-10 ACBDB
11. get through 12. except for
13. express 14. pay attention to 15. celebrate
【Passage 1】 1-5 CABAD 6-8 BCD
【Passage 2】 1-5 ADBAC 6-10 DBABD
【Passage 3】 1-5 ADCBA 6-10 BDCAC


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