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458期 初三Quiz time

Day 1
1. What does a street hawker do?
A. Walk in the street.
B. Sell goods.
C. Have fun with kids.

2. What does a street hawker usually
A. T-shirt and new pants.
B. Sweater and sneakers.
C. Shirt and pyjamas.

3. Which of the following is TRUE
about street hawkers?
A. They go out depending on the
B. They usually ride a bike or walk.
C. They often make kids scared.

4. Street hawkers do this to _____.
A. make a living
B. enjoy the beauty of life
C. get more knowledge

Day 2
Courage can set people ... (P3) Fill in the chart below (no more than 3 words for each blank):

About the book The Maze Runner
Author 1. __________
Characters Some of the characters are 2. _____ while some are not that likeable. However, all the characters are unique and 3. _____ in their own way.
Background The boys are suddenly placed in a maze and they have lost their
4. _____.
Story It tells how the boys get out of the maze with 5._____, 6. _____ and
Addie Akerman’s opinion ● The novel is full of 7. _____ that attracts him a lot.
● James Dashner’s writing style has never made him feel 8. _____.
● The plot is suspenseful, but he can feel calm again after every
9. _____.
● He is eager to turn the page to find out 10. _____ while reading.

Day 3
Rules to remember to stay safe in a school (P4-5)

Choose the answer:
1. What do experts suggest to avoid school
A. Keeping the number of students low in
B. Perfecting school facilities.
C. Teaching students right safety measures.
D. Training teachers.

2. What is the first and most important
rule when in a stampede?
A. Cover your head with both hands.
B. Stand still.
C. Stay in a corner.
D. Calm down.

3. What can you use to avoid breathing in
A. A piece of cloth.
B. A pair of running shoes.
C. A bottle of water.
D. A fire extinguisher.

4. What is the story mainly about?
A. How to deal with emergencies.
B. Why school safety is important.
C. Never panic during a fire.
D. Introduce the results of a new survey.

Day 4
Solar plane arrives in... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. In what way is Solar Impulse 2 different
from other airplanes?
A. It needs less oil.
B. It’s powered by sunlight.
C. It is the biggest airplane in the world.
D. It can travel long distances.

2. The total distance Solar Impulse 2 will
travel is _____.
A. 35,000 kilometers
B. 3,200 kilometers
C. 17,000 kilometers
D. 2,300 kilometers

3. The aim of the airplane landing in
Nanjing is to _____.
A. share the technology that Solar Impulse
2 has used
B. introduce the biggest airplane to China
C. promote the use of green energy in China
D. have a rest and get powered

4. Which of the following is TRUE of Solar
Impulse 2?
A. It can’t fly at night.
B. It is the first solar airplane in the world.
C. It is as light as a family car.
D. The wingspan is the largest in the world.

Day 5
Long ago, in a small village of Wakefield lived two farmers, Harry and Peter. Harry was very hardworking while Peter was 1 . Every day Harry got up early and came home late, but Peter walked around for fun.
One summer there was no 2 and the crops (庄稼) were dying. Harry thought: “I must do something to save these crops, or they shall die.” With this 3 in mind, he went out to find a river so that he could dig a canal (沟渠) to his field. He walked on and on, feeling tired and thirsty. After a 4 search, he found a river full of water. He was very happy. He started digging a canal to his field.
5 it was noon his wife sent their daughter to bring Harry home 6 lunch. But Harry did not go. He did not want to leave his 7 unfinished. He completed his work late at night. He was very 8 . He went home, had a good meal and fell into a sound sleep.
Peter did the same. But he was not at all determined (有决心的). He also 9 digging a canal to his field but he didn’t have his work completed. His field did not get 10 water and all his crops died.
Harry’s field would be watered when needed. He had a good harvest because of his hard work.

Choose the answer:
1. A. cruel B. 1azy
C. careless D. silly
2. A. rain B. wind
C. cloud D. river
3. A. feeling B. dream
C. solution D. thought
4. A. quick B. long
C. slow D. special
5. A. Whether B. Although
C. When D. Unless
6. A. for B. to
C. with D. at
7. A. people B. house
C. field D. work
8. A. angry B. upset
C. satisfied D. unhappy
9. A. stopped B. 1oved
C. forgot D. started
10. A. clean B. enough
C. 1ittle D. fresh


1-5 CDABC 6-10 BDADA
11. opportunity 12. challenge
13. probably 14. can’t wait to
15. Compared with 16. turned out
17. get through 18. except for

19. depends on 20. be put into good use

【Passage 1】 1-5 ADBCB 6-10 CBABC
【Passage 2】 1-5 CACCA 6-10 BBCDB
【Passage 3】 1-5 DABAB 6-10 CDDCB
11-12 AC

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