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497期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
1. Tonight there is _____ in the school.
A. a meeting
B. a party
C. a talk

2. When does the activity start?
A. At 6:30 pm.
B. At 7:30 pm.
C. At 8:30 pm.

3. Mr Green comes from _____.
A. London
B. New York
C. Paris

4. The Beach Boys is _____.
A. a soccer team
B. a dance club
C. a music band

Teen designs new British £1 coin (P3)
Choose the answer:
1. Why did the UK government hold the
design competition for coins?
A. To fight against fake coins.
B. To choose beautiful coin designs.
C. To find those who are good at designing.
D. To encourage students to be coin designers.

2. What is Pearce’s coin like?
A. There is no picture of the Queen on it.
B. There are 12 plants on one side.
C. His design stands for all parts of the UK.
D. It has 10 edges and will be used next year.

3. What do people think of Pearce’s
A. People are worried that it may be easy
to fake.
B. Lots of people like his design.
C. Many people think it lacks imagination.
D. It cannot be used in real life.

What is the best way to shuffle? (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. According to Peri Diaconis, _____.
A. the one who shuffled the deck is unlikely
to get good cards
B. you can get good cards after shuffling the
deck over three times
C. a well-experienced player can remember
where all the cards are
D. the cards still follow a regular pattern
after being shuffled two or three times

2. Which of the following about riffle shuffle
is NOT true?
A. It’s a good way to get a random pack.
B. The player should cut a pack of cards in half.
C. The player should shuffle a smaller part of
cards into a bigger part.
D. Players can get similar chances of winning
after riffle shuffling seven times.

3. In order to make the results similar to
riffle shuffles, a player with an overhand
shuffle needs to _____.
A. shuffle cards seven times for each round
B. shuffle cards within 30 seconds
C. shuffle cards 10,000 times
D. put some cards from one hand to the other
hand secretly

Day 4
Keep your zeal to success (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. The girl clerk seemed to be ______ her
A. tired of B. disappointed with
C. experienced in D. proud of

2. What does the underlined sentence mean,
“if you can keep up this zeal day after day,
in ten years you will own every shirt in
the United States”?
A. There are many shirt stores in the United
B. It’s difficult to stay enthusiastic about
something for long.
C. A person needs to look for something new
in a job.
D. Keeping enthusiastic about a job will lead
to success.

3. According to the writer, many shop clerks
A. always try to encourage customers to buy
their goods
B. don’t think they need to present the goods
to customers
C. show no or little interest in serving their
D. can keep improving themselves in selling

4. What was the writer’s aim in writing this
A. To share an interesting shopping experience.
B. To tell the story of a successful young
C. To encourage young people to do their work
with zeal.
D. To call on salespeople to keep interest in
their work.

Day 5
American schools are quite different from those in China. In America, at the beginning of the term, students must select (选择) their courses and teachers first. While in China students usually have no chances to select their courses and teachers.
Selecting is very important for your grades in America. So at the first term, don’t select too many courses, or you’ll feel very nervous and it may influence your study.① Then you have to ask for some teaching plans. There is some information about subjects, time arranging (安排), marks and textbooks. At the same time, you must choose the teachers. Different teachers have different teaching methods. If the teacher is called “killer” by the last grade, many students will give up choosing him. Because this kind of teacher will leave too much homework, too many exams and give too low grades.
There is another thing after you select the course and the teacher. How to buy textbooks makes each student feel hard. The textbooks in America are very expensive. Each copy is about $30-$50. In order to save money, many students buy some used textbooks, and some students usually borrow textbooks from the school library. You must get enough ready before class. In class, discussing is very important. 老师鼓励你提问题或表达你的观点。② They don’t usually ask you to sit well. Instead they allow you to sit or stand everywhere you like. They don’t give you much homework to do. You can learn some knowledge and do exercises by yourself. So in American schools, you must do almost all things yourself.
1. At the beginning of the new term, American students have to ask for some teaching plans and get their textbooks ready besides ______

2. 请将①处划线句子译成汉语。

3. The teacher _________________ will always
leave too much homework, have too many
exams and give too low grades.

4. Why do many students in America buy used

5. 请将②处划线句子译成英语。


【Listening Cafe】CBBCA
Hello, everyone. I’m Gary. This is just a quick note to tell you that we’ll have a basketball competition with a team from St Paul’s High School. The competition will be held in four weeks, on May 2. There’ll be ten members in the team, and we’ll need to train hard over the next few weeks. I think we should practice at least three times a week. Is anyone interested in being part of the team? If you are, and you’ve got time to take part in the training, please let me know. You can go to the gym to find me, or you can call the number 6312-9845. That’s all.
【P3】1. James Dashner 2.loveable 3. different
4. memories 5. teamwork 6. skills 7. action
8. bored 9. funny part 10. what happens next
完形填空:1-5 CABCD 6-10 DCABD
短文填空:1. different 2. depends 3. cities
4. rivers 5. more

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