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498期 初二Quiz time

1. Where does the man come from?
A. France.
B. England.
C. Canada.

2. What did the man usually do before
going to the class?
A. He listened to the radio.
B. He did some reading.
C. He exercised by the window.

3. That morning the lady wanted to
hang her birdcage _____.
A. on the tree in the garden
B. on her window upstairs
C. on her building

4. What did the man think the phrase
“look out” means?
A. Watch out.
B. Be careful.
C. Look out of the window.

Cheer for the school race (P3)Answer the following questions:
1. Did the school give the students a pep
rally before spring sports?

2. How did the school divide the track

3. What did the players for the track team
need to do?

4. Which team first took the lead?

5. What happened to the girls’ team at the
last second?

Driverless technology is ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following about the Yanfang
Line trains is NOT true?
A. There will be no driver on the trains.
B. They’ll have an advanced operating system.
C. The speed will be at least 80 km per hour.
D. They’ll carry more than 1,200 passengers.
2. What does Paragraph 3 mainly talk about?
A. Driverless technology is a hot topic.
B. Driverless technology has been developed
C. Big car companies are working together to
make innovation.
D. Big car companies are competing with
each other.

3. Driverless cars are safe because _____.
A. they have their own special tracks
B. there are sensors to help
C. there is GPS in the cars
D. there are people to give them directions

4. From the last paragraph, we learn that
A. pilot-free planes are much safer than
driverless cars
B. automation makes transport more difficult
to deal with
C. driverless technology has its
D. driverless technology will not need workers
any more

Treat love as a two-way ... (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. On his father’s birthday, the boy wanted
to _____.
A. help pay the bills
B. give him kisses
C. buy him a gift
D. have a talk with him

2. The boy felt very _____ when his father
refused him.
A. angry B. surprised
C. sad D. excited

3. A few days later after the father’s
birthday, the boy _____.
A. was badly hurt in an accident
B. died in an accident
C. had to leave home and go back to school
D. was still unhappy with his father

4. We can tell from the story that _____.
A. the father was very sorry for what he did
B. the boy was hard working
C. the father didn’t like the boy
D. the boy was too careless

5. What message does the story tell us?
A. Love keeps one busy all the time.
B. Love can make people happy or unhappy.
C. We should learn to give and receive love.
D. It’s important to love people around us.

One day a poor man was traveling on horseback. At noon, he tied his horse to a tree and then 1 to eat something. A few minutes later, a rich man came along and tied his horse to the same tree.
“Please tie your horse to another tree,” said the poor man. “My horse is wild. It will kill yours.” 2 the rich man said: “I shall tie my horse as I like!” He tied up his horse and had his lunch nearby. After a moment they heard a terrible 3 , the two horses were fighting. They went up to them, but it was too 4 . The rich man’s horse was killed. “See what your horse has done!” cried the rich man. “You will have to 5 it.” And he brought the poor man before the judge (法官) Mr Know.
Mr Know asked the poor man some questions. But he gave no 6 . Finally Mr Know said: “This man is dumb (哑的). He cannot speak.”
“Oh,” the rich man shouted 7 , “he can! He spoke to me when I met him.”
“Are you sure?” asked Mr Know. “What did he 8 ?”
“He told me not to tie my horse to the same tree because his horse was wild and would kill my horse.”
“Oh,” said Mr Know. “So he 9 you. Then can you expect to get money 10 him?”
The rich man said nothing and left silently.

1. A. put down B. set down
C. sat down D. turned down
2. A. So B. But
C. And D. Though
3. A. song B. word
C. bell D. noise
4. A. late B. slow
C. hard D. quick
5. A. pay for B. look for
C. wait for D. care for
6. A. idea B. mistake
C. money D. answer
7. A. quietly B. angrily
C. happily D. heavily
8. A. speak B. tell
C. talk D. say
9. A. helped B. thanked
C. warned D. ordered
10. A. for B. from
C. with D. about


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