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501期 初二Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. When did the speaker see Emily
last time?
A. One month ago.
B. Four months ago.
C. Five months ago.

2. The speaker went on a school trip
on _____.
A. April 24
B. April 20
C. April 14

3. How did the speaker get to the
A. By bus.
B. By bike.
C. By car.

4. At Cool Park, the speaker watched
A. a monkey show
B. a dance show
C. a painting show

5. What did the speaker think of his
school trip?
A. It was boring.
B. It was interesting.
C. It wasted his time.


Value of e-waste (P2)
Answer the following questions:
1. How much e-waste did Earth produce in

2. Why is e-waste said to be a valuable “urban

3. What will happen if people throw electronic
devices away?

4. What can you do to help reduce e-waste?
(1) ____________________________________
(2) ____________________________________
(3) ____________________________________

5. What will Apple do with the used devices?

Taking tests on websites (P3)
Fill in the table below:


School exam differences between China and the US
China Students take quizzes very often, and take a test 1. ________ a semester.
Students are divided into different classrooms for future tests by their 2. ___________.
After a test, teachers will announce the 3. ____
Students know their 4. _________ in the class.
The US Students use iPads to take tests online.
Teachers use a website detector to 5. _______
Students can check 6. _______________ on their school website.
Teachers keep the paper test face down to keep each student’s grades a secret.


How to get rid of a song in ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. What does the underlined phrase “get
rid of” in Paragraph 2 mean?
A. take part in
B. remove something
C. keep in mind
D. make use of

2. Which of the following is TRUE about
the experiment?
A. There were 98 people that took part in
the experiment.
B. The volunteers listened to the songs for
three minutes.
C. The volunteers hit a button when they
knew what the songs were.
D. The volunteers kept chewing gum during
the test.

3. What did the experiment find?
A. Chewing gum helps people think of catchy
songs less often.
B. Chewing gum affects people’s hearing.
C. Tapping fingers helps people forget catchy
D. Tapping fingers makes people chew gum
less often.

4. When people are chewing gum, _____.
A. the auditory cortex doesn’t work
B. regions about speech production don’t
C. brain regions cannot work together
D. it’s hard for brain regions to support an
earworm at the same time


One Saturday afternoon, my daughter Alice asked me: “Are all people the same even if they are different in color?”
I thought for a minute, and then I said: “I’ll explain to you if we can make a quick 1 at the grocery store. I have something 2 to show you.”
At the grocery store, we 3 some apples
– red, green and yellow ones. Back home, I told Alice: “It’s time to answer your question.” I put one apple of each 4 on the table. Then I looked at Alice, who had a 5 look on her face.
“People are like apples. They come in all
6 colors, shapes and sizes. Some of the apples may not even look like the others.” As I was talking, Alice was examining each one carefully.
Then, I peeled (削皮) each of them and placed them back in a different place. I said: “Okay, Alice, tell me which is which.”
“That’s difficult. They all look the same now,” she said.
“Take a bite of 7 . See if that helps you
8 which one is which,” I told her.
She thought for a while and a huge smile came across her face. “People are just like apples! They are all different, but once you 9 the outside, they’re pretty much the same on the inside.”
She totally 10 it. I didn’t need to say or do anything else.

1. A. stop B. start
C. turn D. stay
2. A. exciting B. interesting
C. strange D. encouraging
3. A. bought B. counted
C. saw D. ate
4. A. size B. shape
C. color D. group
5. A. worried B. confident
C. happy D. strange
6. A. proper B. special
C. different D. similar
7. A. each one B. each other
C. the other D. one another
8. A. believe B. decide
C. consider D. connect
9. A. put away B. get down
C. hand out D. take off
10. A. made B. took
C. got D. did


【Listening Cafe】ABAC
This summer vacation is coming. Tom and his family are going to take a long holiday. Paul, Tom’s brother, is a busy doctor. He works six days a week, so he decides to relax at home. Gina, Tom’s sister, is going to Paris. Tom’s mother loves traveling. This holiday, she is staying at home for a month then she is going hiking in the mountains of Scotland with her husband. They are staying three weeks there. As for Tom, he has to stay at home the first week. His school plans to take all the students to Japan in July.
【P3】 BAC 【P5】 BAA 【P6】 DACD
1. I should say “Thank you!” 2. ther; but
3. 请人帮忙而不说“请”是不礼貌的。
4. When we have told a lie and feel sorry, we will have to use the same word.
5. “Thank you! Please! Sorry!” – these words are simple but important.

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