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598期 高一Quiz time

Day 1

PK teaches us ... (P1)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the article mainly about?
A. How PK is different from other sci-fi movies.
B. Why sci-fi movies are gaining popularity in India.
C. The shooting of the movie PK.
D. The story of the movie PK and comments on it.
2. Which of the following about the movie PK is TRUE according to the article?
A. It focuses on how an alien adapts to living in India.
B. It has inspired people to rethink their beliefs and religion.
C. It was banned in India due to some religious activists’ violent protests.
D. It has made people shed tears for the alien PK’s tragic ending.
3. According to the article, most people have a(n) ______ attitude toward PK and its lead actor and director.
A. supportive B. indifferent (漠不关心的)
C. critical D. sympathetic (同情的)

Attitudes to the sun ... (P4)
Things that 1. ______ the author Many women carry umbrellas on 2. ______ days in Beijing.
Skin whitening creams are quite 3. ______ in China.
The author’s
thoughts on the umbrellas It must 4. ______ endlessly in Beijing.
The umbrellas are a good way to protect people from skin 5. ______.

Day 3
6. ______ toward the sun and skin color In China, pale skin is considered a sign of 7. ______.
People carry umbrellas to keep their skin white.
Many women stay away from the sun and prefer to wear lots of white makeup.
In the west, a darker skin color is considered 8. ______ and attractive.
Many young people try to get a tan.
Tanning and browning lotions are 9. ______ products.
10. ______ Each culture has different ideas about what is beautiful.

Day 4
Why we don’t recall ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. According to the article, high dream recallers ______.
A. have very little brain activity during sleep
B. can remember their dreams clearly
C. don’t know how to describe their dreams
D. remember their dreams twice a week
2. Compared to high dream recallers, low dream recallers ______.
A. have higher sleep quality
B. have more sleepless nights
C. are more easily woken at night
D. respond faster when hearing their names
3. What is the main purpose of the last paragraph?
A. To show the benefits of being a low dream recaller.
B. To suggest what to do to become a low dream recaller.
C. To arouse readers’ interest in future studies.
D. To further explain Ruby’s quotation.

Cover up the feet (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why does the author hate wearing flip-flops?
a. He is afraid that he’ll hurt himself wearing flip-flops.
b. He thinks it is dangerous to wear them around.
c. It is considered unfashionable to wear flip-flops.
d. Wearing flip-flops reminds him of the history of footwear.
e. He doesn’t want to show his thin feet to others.
A. acd B. cde
C. abde D. abcd
2. How does the author’s wife react to the fact that he can’t wear flip-flops?
A. She gives him advice on how to properly wear flip-flops but fails.
B. She always makes fun of the author for his fear of wearing flip-flops.
C. She feels for the author as she doesn’t like flip-flops either.
D. She repeatedly encourages the author to wear flip-flops.
3. Which of the following words best describes the author’s tone in the article?
A. Cheerful. B. Frustrated.
C. Humorous. D. Self-pitying.

D1 1-3 DAB D2 1-3 DCA
D3 1-4 DDBA D4 1-5 GEFBD
D5 1-5 ABDCA 6. waving 7. what 8. yourself
9. differences 10. so/and 11. trying 12. of/when/for
13. personally 14. to be treated 15. no

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