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505期 初二 Quiz Time

1. Where is the old man?
A. On a bus. B. On a train.
C. In a car.

2. At first, the young woman says that
A. she is taking up the empty seat
B. the empty seat is for a girl
C. the man can sit on the empty seat

3. Whose bag is it?
A. The old man’s. B. A girl’s.
C. The woman’s.

4. According to the story, _____.
A. the old man stands the whole way
B. the old man gets a seat on the bus
C. the woman gives up her seat to the
old man

Day 2
Helping ‘bad kids’ (P2)
Answer the following questions:
1. What kind of student can be called a
“bad kid”?

2. What is a child’s most common first bad

3. When do teenagers usually perform
their first bad act?

4. Why are social workers a better choice
for students with bad behaviors?

5. Is the school social worker system a
developed system in China?

Pale or tanned: Is there a ... (P4)
Fill in the table below:
Physical beauty in the East and West
In East Asia* Have 1. ______ skin, which once
represented wealth and class.

In Western culture* Have tanned skin. Before the 20th
century, being tanned was associated
with the 2. _______ classes; Then in the
early 1900s, tanned skin became a sign
of 3. ______ and class.
* Today, many people use creams to look
tanned or use sunbeds that use
4. _____________ to give the user an
artificial tan.

Is there any truth about ... (P5)
Choose the answer:

1. Which of the following is NOT true
about the study?
A. It studied 300 famous people.
B. These people were born in the same
C. These people worked in different fields.
D. Most of them were born from December
to March.

2. According to Paragraph 3, “relative age”
A. decides whether a person can succeed
B. is the time period when a person was born
C. is the time when a person started to go to
D. says those born earlier are more likely to

3. What does the underlined word
“promote” mean in Paragraph 4?
A. encourageB. weaken
C. changeD. realize

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. Star signs and success.
B. Birth dates and talents.
C. Star signs and careers.
D. Star signs and personality.

Tom brought a box of biscuits to a summer camp. He ate a few and placed the rest under his bed. After lunch, he found the box was gone. He went to tell his camp 1 about it.
The next day, the coach saw a boy eating Tom’s biscuits behind a tree. He 2 an idea to solve (解决) the problem. He found Tom and said to him: “I know who 3 your biscuits. Will you help me teach him a lesson?”
“Well, yes ... are you going to punish (惩罚)
4 , sir?” Tom asked. “No, I am not,” the coach explained 5 . “That would only make him hate you. I want you to write to your mother and ask for more 6 .”
Tom received another box of biscuits by mail from his mother a few days later. “Now,” said the coach, “go and 7 them with the boy who stole your biscuits.” Tom didn’t understand the coach’s intention (目的), 8 he still followed his advice.
Half an hour later the coach saw the two boys come up the hill, arm in arm. The boy was trying to ask Tom to 9 his toy robot in payment for (赔偿) the stolen biscuits. Tom refused the gift from his new friend. He said that a few biscuits were not so 10 .
In some situations, forgiveness (原谅) is better than punishment.
1. A. cookB. doctor
C. coachD. cleaner
2. A. got on withB. went on with
C. came up withD. caught up with
3. A. took awayB. ran away
C. went awayD. threw away
4. A. me B. himC. usD. it
5. A. shylyB. angrily
C. excitedlyD. patiently
6. A. giftsB. biscuits
C. candiesD. toys
7. A. share B. choose
C. divide D. fill
8. A. ifB. butC. sinceD. and
9. A. stealB. mend
C. makeD. accept
10. A. cheapB. delicious
C. differentD. important

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