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506期 初二 Quiz time

Day 1
1. What was Jack doing on the street?
A. Taking a walk. B. Selling dolls.
C. Playing with a girl.

2. Why was the girl crying the first
A. She lost her way home.
B. She couldn’t find her parents.
C. She lost her doll.

3. How many dolls does the girl have
in the end?
A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

Day 2
Stressed by exams? (P2)
Fill in the table below:
Study pressure in the UK
Present situation More than half of the 1. _______ student counseling cases are about exam stress.

the GCSE exams* It’s like zhongkao in China.
* It’s hard for students to deal with the
* Some may tell friends and family about
their worries, others may just keep it to
* Few of the students turn to 2. _______
or counselors.
Reasons for students not wanting counseling
People have negative thoughts about
3. ________________.

School measures* When students 4. _________, schools
should give them help.
* British schools have canceled some
learning units, removed students’
5. ________________ and encouraged
them to have counseling.

Day 3
Best way to boost your ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. According to the new study, _____ helps
you to concentrate.
A. giving yourself a little pinch
B. drinking a cup of coffee
C. looking at nature for 40 seconds
D. taking a break and closing your eyes

2. Which of the following about the
experiment is TRUE?
A. Students should press every number
B. One group looked at the green roof
during the break.
C. The other group looked at green plants
during the break.
D. The first group didn’t make any mistakes.

3. The study mainly talks about _____.
A. a way to help you concentrate
B. a way to study well
C. how city planners should work
D. how to improve your brain activity

Day 4
What makes a beautiful ... (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. The young man stood in the town to _____.
A. wait for the old man
B. compare his heart with others
C. show off his perfect heart
D. give pieces of his heart to others

2. Why were there many holes in the old man’s heart?
A. Because he didn’t get any in return.
B. Because he could not feel the pain of his
C. Because he often traded with other people.
D. Because he didn’t think it was a serious

3. We can tell from the story that the old man was _____.
A. stupid B. humorous
C. famous D. kind-hearted

4. The story tries to tell us that we can gain more love by sharing our_____.
A. ideas B. scars
C. hearts D. beauty

Day 5


Dear Sandy,
Thanks for your e-­mail. I’ve arrived home safe and sound.
My grandparents (1) ________ (live) in a small town 30 miles away from Xu Zhou. I spent about half an hour (2) ________ (get) there. They gave me a warm welcome, and (3) ________ (cook) me a big meal. We chatted far into the night and I
(4) ________ (tell) some happy stories about them and their neighbors.
Since 2001, great changes (5) __________ (take place) in Xuzhou. I will take some photos and
send some to you. Next time, I’d like you and
your family to come with me. You can (6)_______ (visit) many places of interest here.
Lee Chang


【Listening Cafe】ABCB
There are many people on the bus. An old man is looking here and there to find an empty seat. Then he finds one. A small bag is on the seat and a young woman is sitting beside it. “Is this seat empty?” asks the old man. “No, it’s for a girl. That’s her bag,” says the young woman. “She will come back.” “Well,” says the old man, “let me sit here, please. When she comes back, I will leave.” The bus starts. “She’s not here, but her bag is here. Let me give her the bag.” Then the old man holds the bag up and wants to throw it out of the window. “No!” the young woman shouts: “Don’t throw it! That’s my bag!”
【P2】1. Those who get poor grades, break school rules and even harm others.
2. Smoking and drinking alcohol.
3. On average at the age of 12.25.
4. Because they are well trained and can help students through various ways.
5. No, it isn’t.
【P4】1. light 2. lower 3. health 4. special lights
Cloze: 1-5 CCABD 6-10 BABDD

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