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507期 初二 Quiz time

Day 1
1. Where do the father and son walk
out from?
A. A school.
B. A hospital.
C. A restaurant.

2. What is the father doing in the
A. He is drawing pictures.
B. He is singing and dancing.
C. He is asking his son questions.

3. How old is the son?
A. He is 5 years old.
B. He is 6 years old.
C. He is 7 years old.

4. How many policemen are there?
A. One.
B. Two.
C. Three.

Day 2
Band of Hope offers joy ... (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. What is Band of Hope?

2. What did the band do for the patients
besides playing music?

3. How often does the band practice?

4. What did Liam do for one patient when
learning that the patient liked the
band’s singing?

5. What does Kerry Wilson think of their
band’s activity?

Day 3
What kind of people ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. According to the study, some people
attract mosquitoes more often because
of their _____.
A. genes B. skin color
C. weight D. height

2. Which of the following is TRUE about
the experiment?
A. Scientists experimented on 36 twins.
B. There were no mosquitoes in the
Y-shaped tube.
C. Mosquitoes either bit both the identical
twins or none.
D. Non-identical twins were more attractive
to mosquitoes than identical twins.

3. From the last paragraph, we learn that
A. lactic acid attracts mosquitoes
B. there are more mosquitoes outdoors than
C. higher body temperatures don’t attract
D. mosquitoes don’t like to stay beside water

Day 4
Our family’s jar of memories (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. What can we learn from the first three
A. The writer was good at making peanut
butter and jelly.
B. The writer’s mother always made jelly for
the family.
C. The writer’s mother liked making jelly in
different ways.
D. There were few canned goods left after
the writer’s mother’s death.

2. When the writer found the last jar of jelly, _____.
A. she decided to share it with her children
B. she realized she should learn to make jelly
C. she was filled with memories of her
D. she cried because of her great love for her

3. What does the writer want to tell us
with the story?
A. Love from your family often hides in small
B. Home-made food always brings families
C. A mother’s love is the greatest love in the
D. It’s never too late to show love to our

Day 5

Have you ever offered a helping hand to those who are in trouble?
One day, two 1 were walking along the road to school when they saw an old woman carrying a large basket of pears. They thought the woman looked very 2 . They went up to her and said: “Are you going to town? If you are, we will help carry your basket.” “Thank you,” 3 the woman. “You are very kind. You see I’m weak and ill.” Then she told them that she was now going to the market to 4 the pears which grew on the only tree in her little garden. “We are all going to the 5 ,” said the boys. “Let us have the basket.” And they took hold of it, one each side. They walked 6 with the heavy basket, but happily.
The other day, I saw a little girl stop and 7 a piece of orange peel (皮), which she threw into the dustbin. “I wish 8 would throw that on the sidewalk,” she said. “Someone may step on it and fall.”
Perhaps some may say that these are not
9 things. That is right. But such a little thing shows that you have a thoughtful mind and a feeling heart. We must not wait for the
10 to do great things. We must begin with little things of love.

1. A. boysB. girls
C. menD. women
2. A. boredB. tired
C. pleasedD. surprised
3. A. askedB. told
C. repliedD. spoke
4. A. bringB. buy
C. takeD. sell
5. A. townB. hospital
C. gardenD. school
6. A. weaklyB. quickly
C. slowlyD. quietly
7. A. take outB. cut off
C. put downD. pick up
8. A. nobodyB. everybody
C. somebodyD. anybody
9. A. littleB. good
C. greatD. bad
10. A. payB. time
C. adviceD. love


【Listening Cafe】ACA
One day when Jack was taking a walk on the street, he found a girl crying.
“Why are you crying, little girl?” Jack asked.
“I’ve lost my doll,” the girl answered.
“Don’t cry. I’ll buy a new doll for you,” Jack said.
So the little girl followed Jack to the shop, and Jack bought a very nice doll for her. The little girl began to feel happy again.
But a few minutes later, Jack heard her crying again. “Why are you crying again?” Jack asked the little girl.
“If I hadn’t lost my doll, I would have two dolls!” the girl said.
【P2】1. 34,000 2. doctors
3. mental illnesses 4. stay silent
5. make-up exam records
【P5】 CBA
短文填空:1. live 2. getting 3. cooked
4. was told 5. have taken place 6. visit

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