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508期 初二 Quiz time

1. At the age of _____, David finished
A. 18 B. 19 C. 20

2. David wanted to find a job at _____.
A. a school B. a bank C. a hospital

3. How did David answer questions?
A. He wrote them down on paper.
B. He answered the man face to face.
C. He answered them online.

4. The man didn’t find out David’s
______ of birth.
A. day B. month C. year

Class tradition of cookies ... (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. Who is Mr Tarr?

2. Why is Mr Tarr called Cookie Tarr?

3. What do students expect from Mr Tarr’s

4. What was the relationship between the
cookies and the quiz?

5. What other meanings did cookies have
for Mr Tarr?

Showing love on Father’s ... (P4)
Fill in the table below:
Father’s love
Usual differences between mother’s love and father’s love Mother’s love is 1. ________.

Father’s love has many qualities, such as independence, 2. ________, courage and adventure.

Advantages of a caring father A caring father can:
* help the kids 3. _______ with others;
* lead the kids into their social circle;
* teach the kids to control their
4. _________.

Celebrities and their fathers

Bill Gates His father often held
5. __________ for him and encouraged him to
6. __________ with his family. These helped to improve his 7. __________ and cooperating ability.

Will Smith
His father taught him important lessons through
8. __________. He thought it was 9. __________ to build a wall when he was a little boy. But soon he learned from his father that he could 10. __________ every day to eventually bulid a whole wall.

How do we measure our ... (P5)
Choose the answer:

1. When Aahil knew his IQ test results, he
A. felt surprised at the high score
B. thought it was an average score
C. felt unhappy with the score
D. wanted to take the test again

2. Which of the following is NOT true
about Mensa?
A. It’s the largest and oldest IQ society in the
B. The members must have very high IQ
test scores.
C. There are over 120,000 members of
Mensa in 100 countries.
D. Members of Mensa must be aged between
2 and 103.

3. Keith Stanovich thinks the IQ tests are
A. creative
B. incomplete
C. unreal
D. perfect


Every day, on her way to work, Amelia had to pass a slum (贫民窟). As a social 1 , she had not paid much attention to it. This 2 one day when she met a ragged (衣衫褴褛的) boy named Sam. Sam knew she was the head of social services, and that she 3 help. He reached out his hand and said: “Can you help me? I’m 4 for my dad.” His hands were so
5 . “What’s up?” Amelia asked. “My mom is terribly sick. Her birthday is coming,” said the boy. “I know my 6 coming back would be the best present. He had left us when I was two 7 old.”
Amelia was 8 moved and asked Sam to take her to his home. Amelia saw a woman lying on the bed. The woman knew she was dying. She said to Amelia: “Please find a 9 for my son.”
Amelia 10 her hand and nodded with tears. She got an idea. Her husband and she had no children. Amelia brought Sam home. They made up a happy family.

1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________
4. __________ 5. __________ 6. __________
7. __________ 8. __________ 9. __________
10. __________


【Listening Cafe】BBAC
David Smith finished school last year when he was 19 years old. He wanted to find a job at a bank. One day he went to a bank to ask for work. A man took him into a small room and gave him some questions on a piece of paper. David wrote his answers on the paper, and then he gave it to the man. The man looked at the answers and said to David: “Your birthday is on the 12th of June, Mr Smith?” “Yes, sir,” David said. “What year?” the man asked. “Oh, every year, sir,” David replied.
【P3】1. He is a math teacher.
2. Because he likes baking cookies.
3. A big plate of cookies of different flavors.
4. The more delicious the cookies were, the harder the quiz would be.
5. Cookies were a matchmaker between him and his wife.
【P4】1. gentle 2. confidence 3. get along 4. feelings 5. family parties 6. play simple games 7. leading
8. small things 9. impossible 10. lay a brick
短文填空:1. worker 2. changed 3. could
4. looking 5. cold 6. father’s 7. years 8. deeply
9. home 10. took


【Listening Cafe】CBAA
A father and his young son are going home after having dinner at a restaurant. The father is excited, singing and dancing in the street. The little boy is only 5 years old. He is interested in all kinds of things. He is always asking his father questions. “Dad, what does the word ‘drunk’ mean?” he asks. “Well, my dear son,” his father said, “look, there are two policemen over there. If I say there are four policemen over there, then I am drunk. A drunk man can’t see clearly.” “But, Dad,” the boy says, “there’s only one policeman!”
【P3】1. It’s a student band in the US, which brings music to young patients at a local children’s hospital.
2. They also hosted a story time and brought small instruments for the kids to play.
3. They meet once a week for a two-hour practice after school.
4. He and a few other band members went back to the patient’s room and sang to him.
5. It really promotes a sense that they are all one community and good citizenship as well.
Cloze: 1-5 ABCDA 6-10 CDACB

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