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602期 高二 Quiz time

Day 1
Avoiding the prom (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. Ashley Yong decided to give up her prom night because ______.
A. she couldn’t find herself a proper dress
B. she wanted to set up a crowd funding website
C. she would rather spend her time helping the homeless in Chicago
D. she was too busy shooting a video called Feeding the Homeless to attend

2. Ashley Yong kept her decision to miss out on prom night a secret because ______.
A. she didn’t want to upset her father
B. she didn’t want her friends to feel guilty because of her plan
C. she felt guilty for not being able to go to prom
D. she was afraid that her friends might get in the way of her plan

3. Which of the following is TRUE about Ashley Yong’s GoFundMe campaign?
A. She has raised $250 for the homeless in total.
B. The video she put online has encouraged many people to join in her efforts.
C. She invited her friends to help with packing the boxes for the homeless.
D. She also started a nonprofit organization for local people in need.

4. In Ashley Yong’s eyes, missing out on prom night was ______.
A. an inspiring experience
B. an embarrassing surprise
C. a fashionable choice
D. a regrettable mistake

Day 2
Remember to tip ... (P4-5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the article mainly about?
A. How tipping culture started in the US.
B. How to give tips properly in the US.
C. New ways to give tips in the US.
D. The different attitudes that Chinese people and Americans have toward tipping.

2. Which of the following is said to be against the norm of tipping in the US?
A. Paying waiters and waitresses less than $7.25 per hour.
B. Ignoring the tip jar at fast food restaurants, cafés, or ice cream shops.
C. Tipping taxi drivers less than 15% because of poor service.
D. Refusing to give tips to your tour guide.

3. The underlined word “obligated” in Para-graph 7 probably means ______.
A. being forced to do something
B. being grateful for something
C. being surprised at something
D. being embarrassed about something

4. According to the author, Chinese consumers ______.
A. don’t necessarily have to follow the tipping rules in the US
B. should use their credit cards to give tips
C. must argue about the amount of tip they have to pay
D. should take it easy and give the correct tips for different occasions

Day 3
Experiences worth more (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the article mainly about?
A. The disadvantages of impulse purchases.
B. Why people prefer to purchase material things rather than experiences.
C. The psychology behind the advantages of purchasing an experience.
D. What people should do before purchasing an experience.

2. According to the research, those who pay for an experience ______.
A. often end up finding it disappointing
B. enjoy its various possibilities
C. often refuse to interact with others
D. know very well what is coming from it

3. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. People feel the same about waiting for a vacation and a pre-ordered iPhone.
B. People tend to become more generous after they have purchased a material thing.
C. The faster people finish planning to purchase an experience, the more pleasure they get from it.
D. People get more happiness from the purchase of an experience than an object.

Day 4
Out from the tree (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. During Tommy and the author’s first meeting, ______.
A. he introduced himself briefly
B. the author noticed his shyness
C. he participated in camp songs happily
D. he accepted the author’s invitation to join in with the activities

2. What had happened by the end of the leadership camp?
A. Tommy had turned into a brilliant leader.
B. Tommy and the author had become good friends.
C. Tommy had become more confident and fit in better.
D. Tommy had turned out to be the most popular boy at the camp.

3. What was the main reason why Tommy’s mother called the author?
A. To inform him of the news that Tommy was dead.
B. To express her appreciation for the author helping Tommy.
C. To seek his help with doing something to honor Tommy.
D. To get to know him because Tommy had mentioned him so many times.

4. We can conclude from the article that the author is ______.
A. patient and modest B. reliable and humorous
C. considerate and caring
D. determined and strict

Day 5
Fitness Zone
Special offer
Look your best this summer with our wonderful equipment and a tailor-made (量身定制的) program made specially for you by one of our best personal trainers.
If you are having a difficult time getting active, Fitness Zone is where you want to be.
With a personal trainer assigned (指定) to you, you will be placed in a tailor-made program that will make you look your best in just 12 weeks.
With our program, you will get the full benefits of:
●Our one-on-one support and expert guidance by the top trainers in our industry.
●The use of the best fitness equipment, including free weights, treadmills and bikes.
●Ongoing group classes, from aerobics (有氧健身操) and yoga to dancercise and more.

So come for a free consultation (咨询) and get started today!
Don’t miss out!
Offer is good until this Friday.
610, St. George Street, Suite310, Chicago
Tel: 655-4866 Web: fitnesszone.com

1. Who can choose to join Fitness Zone?
A. People who want to keep fit.
B. People who are good at training others.
C. People who need a tailor-made suit.
D. People who have health problems.
2. What does the underlined phrase “look your best” mean?
A. Look in the mirror. B. Try your best to see.
C. Look more confident.
D. Be in excellent condition.
3. What is not offered in the advertisement?
A. Group yoga classes.
B. The best fitness equipment.
C. Special fitness clothes.
D. Professional personal trainers.
4. This passage is written to _____.
A. recruit (招聘) top personal trainers
B. call on more people to do sports
C. call on people to join Fitness Zone
D. encourage people to get through difficult times

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