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Day 1
Listening Cafe听力测试
1. This letter is from___.
C.the Twins

2.Jack is ___ years old.

3.Jack studies in____.

4._____is Jack's English teacher.
C.Miss Lee

5.Susan and Sally are_____.
A.Jack's friends
B.John's friends
C.from China

Students get excited ... (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. Why does Li Yang look forward to Friday
every week?

2. What does Shangdi Experimental School do
to strengthen students’ labor education?

3. What do students in Shangdi Experimental
School do in their labor and crafting classes?

4. How did Li Yang feel when she first used an
electric saw?

5. What are the differences between labor and
crafting classes and other classes according
to Li Yang? (List two points)

A new bike makes it hard ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following about Yerka is
NOT true?
A. It is the world’s first unstealable bike.
B. It looks different than bikes we ride.
C. It takes a short time to lock the bike.
D. There is a long tube under the seat.

2. Paragraph 3 mainly tells us _____.
A. the frame of the bike is not easily broken
B. the reason why a thief can’t steal the bike
C. the bike is the best-built in the world
D. we can lock the bike even if there is no
pole or tree

3. What gave Andrés the idea to invent
this bike?
A. That he lost two bikes in a short time.
B. That his team liked all kinds of inventions.
C. That he was interested in making apps.
D. That his former bikes were difficult to

Safe driving with daddy (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. The little girl asked so many questions
during the first night because _____.
A. she was afraid of the deep darkness
B. she didn’t want to go to Germany
C. she didn’t believe in her parents
D. she was very hungry on road

2. What does the underlined phrase “kind
A. Mr Wan didn’t know the way at all.
B. Mr Wan could read the map very well.
C. Mr Wan was not quite sure about the way.
D. Mr Wan was familiar with the way.

3. What gave Mr Wan more strength after
this trip?
A. His daughter’s questions.
B. His daughter’s trust.
C. His good driving skill.
D. His strong will about life.

When I had something difficult to do, I used to ask my mother for 1 . But she always said: “Do it yourself, dear.” I was not happy about this at all. I thought she was the 2 mother in the world!
For example, one day, I decided to 3 some friends to my home. My bedroom was not in order. Books were 4 , and I didn’t make the bed. I asked my mother to help me clean it,
5 she still said: “Do it yourself.”
Because of my “lazy mother”, I had to 6 my clothes and clean my room. I had to help my parents do 7 . I even had to go to the doctor by myself. It was really hard for me to do a good job, but I have 8 a lot.
As time goes by, I start to understand my mother. She made me clever and diligent (勤奋的). 9 a great mother! A 10 mother is worth 100 teachers! Don’t you think so?

1. A. money B. help
C. time D. life
2. A. tallest B. happiest
C. laziest D. nicest
3. A. leave B. invite
C. visit D. drive
4. A. anywhere B. somewhere
C. nowhere D. wherever
5. A. or B. when
C. but D. so
6. A. wash B. move
C. buy D. sell
7. A. job B. homework
C. meeting D. housework
8. A. shown B. told
C. learned D. trained
9. A. Which B. What
C. Who D. How
10. A. young B. pretty
C. happy D. good

interest, miss, sit, have, get away, run, tired, eye, think, problem
A man was 1. _____ in the doctor’s office. He was telling the doctor about his 2. _____.
“I like football, Doctor,” he said. “Please help me. I haven’t been well since I started being 3. _____ in football and it is getting worse and worse. I can’t even 4. _____ from it in my sleep. When I close my 5. _____, I’m out there in the football field and 6. _____ after a flying ball. When I wake up, I’m more 7. _____ than I was before I went to bed. What should I do?”
The doctor sat back and said: “First of all, you 8. _____ to do your best not to dream about football. Before you fall asleep, try to 9. _____ about something else. Try to think about being at a party where someone is giving you several million dollars.”
“Are you crazy (疯了)?” the man shouted. “I’ll 10. _____ the ball!”

1. _____ 2. _____ 3. _____ 4. _____
5. _____ 6. _____ 7. _____ 8. _____
9. _____ 10. _____

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