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Day 1
Listening Cafe
1. Where is Orford Castle?
A. In England.
B. In the US.
C. In Canada.

2. How old is Orford Castle?
A. 18 years old.
B. 180 years old.
C. 800 years old.

3. When does the castle open every
A. At 8:00 am.
B. At 9:00 am.
C. At 10:00 am.

4. Your parents would pay _____ to
visit the castle.
A. £2.50
B. £1.20
C. £5

5. You can phone _____ for more
A. 01392-4570402
B. 01392-4570420
C. 01392-5474020

Day 2
Back to school for US...(p4)
Fill in the table below:

Differences in school days between China and the US


The first day of school

* Most Chinese schools start on
1. ___________ in September.
* US schools might start any time
between 2. _________ and


Teachers and classmates

* Chinese students see the same teachers and classmates every year except for 3. _________ students.
* US students see 4. ___________ teachers and classmates because they can choose their favorite teachers and courses.


Other differences

* US students will go to school
5. __________ to pick their own
* First-year students get their own
lockers for the first time.

Day 3
Will there be gardens in ... (P5)
Choose the answer:
1. How did the astronauts make history?
A. They were the first to cook food on
the ISS.
B. They were the first to eat lettuce grown
in space.
C. They were the first to grow fruit in space.
D. They created a greenhouse on the ISS.

2. What do Scott Kelly’s words mean in
Paragraph 4?
A. It does not help humans at all.
B. It’s dangerous to work in space.
C. It can help during a Mars exploration.
D. It’s hard to work on a Mars exploration.

3. According to the article, “Veg-01” _____.
A. is a NASA experiment on plants grown
in space
B. studies how plants grow on Mars
C. provides oxygen for astronauts
D. failed in its first attempt

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. What achievement “Veg-01” has made.
B. What plants in space look like.
C. How astronauts get food in space.
D. How astronauts work on the ISS.

Day 4
Teams work only with all (P6)
Choose the answer:
1. What gift did the town leader decide to
present to the king?
A. A welcome speech.
B. A list of the people in the town.
C. A golden jar.
D. The best wine from every family.

2. What did the family pour into the jar?
A. Nothing.
B. A cup of water.
C. A cup of their best wine.
D. A cup of bad wine.

3. The underlined word “brilliant” in
Paragraph 3 actually means _____ in
the eyes of the writer.
A. easy B. smart
C. bad D. impossible

4. What lesson does the story tell us?
A. Don’t try to cheat others.
B. We should respect leaders.
C. Many hands make the work easy for
D. Gift giving is important in society.

Day 5
Once there lived a farmer named Henry. He had a brother, Mike, who was an excellent gardener. Mike was 1 for his skill and his beautiful trees.
One day, Henry went to town to visit Mike. “Look, my brother,” said Mike. “Here is the best 2 tree from my garden. Take it home and 3 it so that you, and your children, and your children’s children can enjoy it.” Henry was 4 with the apple tree and went back home. The next morning, he began to wonder (想知道) 5 he should plant it.
“If I plant it on the hill,” he said to himself, “the wind might catch it and shake (摇晃) down the fruit; If I plant it close to the road, people who 6 will pick some of them; But if
I plant it ...”
Finally, he planted the tree in a corner behind his house, where no one else would notice it.
7 the tree bore (结出) no fruit the first year, nor the second. Henry sent for his brother and said to him 8 : “You have cheated me. This is the third year and it brings me 9 but leaves.”
When Mike saw where the tree was planted, he laughed and said: “You have planted the tree in such a cold corner without 10 or warmth. How could you expect flowers and fruit to grow?”

1. A. simple B. famous
C. similar D. common
2. A. pear B. grape
C. apple D. banana
3. A. sell B. wash
C. hide D. plant
4. A. tired B. patient
C. pleased D. popular
5. A. why B. where
C. how D. when
6. A. pass on B. pass down
C. pass away D. pass by
7. A. But B. And
C. So D. Though
8. A. happily B. angrily
C. kindly D. carelessly
9. A. nothing B. something
C. everything D. anything
10. A. air B. earth
C. water D. sunlight


do use try speak during

You work hard to learn English. Do you know American kids are 1. to learn Chinese? About 50,000 American students now study Chinese. “Because of China’s fast growth, Chinese is more 2. than other languages,” said Scott McGinnis, a Washington language expert.
For example, in 1999, only three Chicago schools had Chinese classes. This year more than 20 do. In many US cities, students take Chinese lessons at school or on the weekends. But Chicago schools teach Chinese 3. the regular day. Last year China gave them 3,000 textbooks because they had 4. a good job.
Although Chinese classes are becoming popular, it is one of the most difficult languages. It takes an English 5. about 1,320 hours to become good at Chinese, but it only takes 480 hours to learn French, Spanish or Italian.

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