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605期 高一 Quiz time

Day 1

Animals can help (P3)
1. What is special about Stephanie Duno? (No more than 12 words)
2. What does Stephanie Duno advise those who are being bullied to do? (No more than 15 words)
3. What did Duno receive for her hard work fighting bullying? (No more than 5 words)
4. What is the true reward for her hard work in Duno’s eyes? (No more than 6 words)
5. Have you ever been bullied or seen others being bullied? How do you think we can fight it? (No more than 25 words)

Day 2
Accents tell us a lot (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the article mainly about?
A. How we should deal with different accents.
B. Why we should learn a posh British accent.
C. The problem of accentism and ways to deal with it.
D. Why some British people like to change their accents.
2. According to the article, a posh accent reminds people of ______ in the UK.
A. working-class people
B. upper-class people
C. poorly-educated people
D. fashionable young people
3. We can see from the article that changing their accents ______.
A. made most of the people asked feel posh
B. meant that some of the people asked were treated worse
C. made some of the people asked feel bad about themselves
D. made most of the people asked feel unsure of themselves
4. What are people advised to do with their accents?
A. To make themselves clear in the accent they choose.
B. To warn listeners to accept different accents.
C. To make no changes to their accent at all.
D. To adapt their accent to their listeners.

Day 2
Machines ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What could a computer do for football games according to the article?
A. It could pick the best players for the managers.
B. It could make up passing strategies for the teams.
C. It could find important strategies for the managers.
D. It could change the results of games at certain times.
2. Why did Atletico Madrid have such a successful season in Stefan Szymanski’s opinion?
A. They had the best coach in the league.
B. They had the greatest players in the league.
C. They played the game with the best team spirit.
D. They played the game in an unpredictable way.
3. What does Alan Fern think of the role of computers in football?
A. It needs improving.
B. It doesn’t have a promising future.
C. It will be put to use in 20 years.
D. It will be able to predict a team’s performance in 20 years.
4. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. Barcelona had more repeated passing patterns than any other teams in the league.
B. Artificial intelligence could change the game of football greatly in the future.
C. Messi is a great player because he always knows when to pass the ball.
D. Computers are already very good at picking out patterns for managers.

Day 4
How to give back (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why didn’t the soldiers buy sack lunches on the plane?
A. They were not hungry at the time.
B. They missed the time when they could buy sack lunches.
C. They thought the sack lunches were too expensive.
D. They thought the lunches on the plane tasted bad.
2. When the author bought lunch for the soldiers, ______.
A. he took great pity on them
B. he expected others to pay for them with him
C. he wanted to impress the Flight Captain
D. he didn’t know others would notice what he did
3. How much money did the author receive from the other passengers in the end?
A. 25 dollars.B. 50 dollars.
C. 75 dollars.D. 125 dollars.
4. What is the main message of the article?
A. Love for one’s motherland is often rewarded.
B. You should show pity to people around you.
C. An act of kindness will invite others to join in.
D. Sometimes it costs a little to help people in need.

Day 5
Listening test
第一节 (共5小题)
1. What will the two speakers most probably do this weekend?
A. See a film.
B. Climb a mountain.
C. Play table tennis.
2. What does the woman want the man to buy?
A. Cheese.B. Bread.C. Milk.
3. Where are the speakers now?
A. In a cinema.B. In a lab.C. In a zoo.
4. What’s the weather like today?
A. It’s cloudy.B. It’s windy.C. It’s sunny.
5. Where will the speakers meet?
A. In Room 340. B. In Room 314.
C. In Room 223.

第二节 (共15小题)
6. What was the woman’s favorite part of lunch?
A. The fish.
B. The meatballs.
C. The chicken soup.
7. When is the woman’s meeting with Mr Green?
A. 1:00. B. 1:30. C. 2:00.

8. What day is it today?
A. Thursday.B. Friday.C. Saturday.
9. What do we know about the man?
A. He enjoyed shopping for his mother.
B. He has been to the shopping center.
C. He probably likes video games.

10. Where are the speakers?
A. In a restaurant.B. In a shop.
C. In a supermarket.
11. What does the man recommend?
A. The chocolate cake.
B. The apple pie.
C. Chocolate ice cream.
12. What does the woman finally order?
A. A chocolate cake.
B. Some ice cream.
C. A cup of coffee.

13. What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?
A. Strangers.B. Friends.
C. Husband and wife.
14. Why did the woman go to New York?
A. To spend some time with her sister and her baby.
B. To look after her sister for a little while.
C. To find a new job.
15. How old is the baby now?
A. Two months. B. Five months.
C. Seven months.
16. What did the woman like doing best in her sister’s home?
A. Holding the baby.
B. Playing with the baby.
C. Feeding the baby.

17. What night is the big supermarket night in the US?
A. Friday.B. Saturday. C. Sunday.
18 Why were shopping carts introduced in supermarkets?
A. To help housewives shop faster.
B. To stop babies from crying.
C. To encourage housewives to buy more.
19. How often does the average American housewife go to the supermarket?
A. Once a week.
B. Twice a week.
C. Three times a week.
20. How long do American housewives usually spend in the supermarket each time they visit?
A. One or two hours.
B. Two or three hours.
C. Half an hour.

D1 1-4 BADD
D2 1. crime 2. Comments 3. queen 4. mysteries 5. patterns
6. relationship 7. connected/related 8. language/words
9. killed/murdered 10. travel
D3 1-4 BADDD4 1-4 ACDBD5 1-4 BDAC

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