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467期 初三 Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. Where did Mr White decide to
take a holiday?
A. In a big city.
B. In the mountains.
C. By the seaside.

2. How did Mr White go on holiday?
A. By bus.
B. By train.
C. By plane.

3. What happened to Mr White’s hat?
A. He threw it away.
B. Someone took it away.
C. The wind blew it away.

4. What did Mr White do after the
hat problem?
A. He threw his bag out the window.
B. He quickly got off the train.
C. He wrote down his name and
address on paper.

A new travel trend (P2)

Choose the answer:
1. What trend does the story talk about?
A. More and more Chinese people like
B. More and more people like to stay at a
hotel while traveling.
C. More and more people stay at a family
member’s house while traveling.
D. More and more people choose to stay in
a stranger’s home while traveling.

2. Through the website Airbnb, people can
do the following EXCEPT _____.
A. find cheap ways to travel
B. find cheap five star hotels
C. rent out their houses
D. rent out a car

3. According to the last paragraph, we
learn that _____.
A. Airbnb is becoming less popular abroad
B. hosts can’t get along with Airbnb users
C. the number of Airbnb users is increasing
in China
D. the website xiaozhu.com is more powerful
than Airbnb

Mysterious place: core of ... (P5)

Choose the answer:
1. The book Journey to the Center of the
Earth is mentioned to _____.
A. make it well-known among common
B. tell readers something about the French
C. introduce people’s curiosity of Earth’s
D. call on people to protect Earth

2. How do scientists know more about
things below the surface?
A. The Kola Superdeep Borehole reaches
the core.
B. They study samples that come from the
deep Earth.
C. They do research on the density of the
material on Earth.
D. They study different metals on Earth’s

3. According to the story, we learn that
A. materials below the surface have a lower
B. Earth’s core is mainly made of iron
C. scientists give up on the study of Earth’s
D. study on Earth’s core does little help in
daily life

Look for a new answer (P6)
Choose the answer:

1. The king decided to hold a contest to
A. choose a new king after him
B. find the right man for his daughter
C. find the smartest man in the world
D. find a good man to decorate his palace

2. What does the underlined word
“despair” in Paragraph 4 mean?
A. feel hopeless
B. doubt
C. change one’s mind
D. work harder

3. The man who filled the room with _____
won the contest.
A. feathers
B. silk
C. air
D. light


Yesterday my son and I went to the grocery store. In front of us 1 was a little girl with her mother. The little girl was asking her mother for a box of Smarties. The polite way she was asking 2 broke the mother’s heart. “I’m sorry, honey, but we have no money to buy it.”
My son was watching the dialogue. He had been sweeping leaves in our garden to 3 some money to buy a bike. As he watched the mother and daughter leave the 4 , he ran to the candy counter and bought a box of Smarties with his money. Then he ran after them and gave them the 5 . He came back and told me what he told them: “Every kid should have a pack of Smarties because they can make you
6 .”
I was so 7 that I bought a pack of Smarties for my son. I told him that I was proud of him, and his act of generosity (慷慨) because he used 8 own money on others. He said: “But you do nice things for people and you never get 9 for it.” I explained: “When you do something nice for someone, you shouldn’t
10 to get anything, but when you do get something you should be very thankful.”

1. A. in orderB. in line
C. in placeD. in control
2. A. almostB. hardly
C. seldomD. never
3. A. buyB. pay
C. provideD. raise
4. A. storeB. house
C. mallD. centre
5. A. moneyB. box
C. leavesD. bike
6. A. prettyB. smart
C. sweetD. lovely
7. A. sadB. angry
C. boredD. excited
8. A. myB. her
C. hisD. their
9. A. anythingB. something
C. nothingD. everything
10. A. answerB. plan
C. expectD. turn


【Listening Cafe】ABCBC
Welcome to our school library. Today I will introduce our library to you. First of all, the library’s collections of books can be found on levels one to four of this building. Level One provides books on culture and map collections. On Level Two, you will find different kinds of newspapers and new magazines. Our science books can be found on Level Three. Group study rooms and our film collections are on Level Four. Secondly, you can borrow five books at one time and keep them for at most two weeks. By the way, the library is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays, and from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm on Saturdays. The library is closed on Sundays. Thanks for listening.
Cloze: 1-5 CBDAA 6-10 DBDCB

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