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Editor's note: 复合句也是高考命题的热点之一,主要考查引导词的选用。研究近几年的高考题,可发现对于复合句引导词的考查主要有以下六种类型:



1. You may use the room as you like ______ you clean it up afterwards. (09北京)

A. so far as B. so long as C. in case D. even if

【解析】根据句意“你可以使用这个房间,_____你用完后将其清理干净”可知,答案为B (只要)。so far as 就……而言; in case 万一;even if 即使。

2. I had just stepped out of the bathroom and was busily drying myself with a towel _______ I heard the steps. (06湖南)

A. while B. when C. since D. after

【解析】B。was/were doing sth when…为固定结构,表示“正在做某事时突然发生了另外一件事情”。类似句型还有be about to do sth when…。



1. People in Chongqing are proud of ______ they have achieved in the past ten years. (08重庆)

A. that B. which C. what D. how


2. A person ______ e-mail account is full won’t be able to send or receive any e-mails. (09天津)

A. who B. whom C. whose D. whoever

【解析】C。先行词a person在从句中作定语,要用whose引导,whose相当于“a person’s”。



1. Gun control is a subject ______ Americans have argued for a long time. (09陕西)

A. of which B. with which

C. about which D. into which

【解析】argue about sth表示“议论某事”,将先行词还原到从句中,即Americans have argued about the subject…,故选C。

2. The man pulled out a gold watch, ______ were made of small diamonds. (08陕西)

A. the hands of whom B. whom the hands of

C. which the hands of D. the hands of which

【解析】将先行词还原到从句,即the hands of the gold watch were made of…,故选D,但也可用of which the hands或whose hands引导。



1. ______ the Internet is of great help, I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend too much time on it.(08湖南)

A. If B. While C. Because D. A


2. Nancy enjoyed herself so much ______ she visited her friends in Sydney last year. (08福建)

A. that B. which C. when D. where




1. –It’s thirty years since we last met.

– But I still remember the story, believe it or not,______ we got lost on a rainy night. (06四川)

A. which B. that C. what D. when

【解析】B。题干中的插入语believe it or not使句子变得复杂了。将其去掉,可知that在此引导同位语从句,补充说明story的具体内容。

2. Because of the financial crisis, days are gone ______ local 5-star hotels charged 6,000 yuan for one night. (09江苏)

A. if B. when C. which D. since

【解析】B。先行词days与修饰它的从句被谓语分隔开了,将days还原到从句,即during those days…, days在从句中作时间状语。



1. I just wonder _______ that makes him so excited. (06山东)

A. why it does B. what he doe

C. how it is D. what it i

【解析】D。本题关键是识别宾语从句是由一个强调句构成。把强调句标志词“it is/was… that”去掉,可知D项为正确答案。

33. Unsatisfied ______ with the payment, he took the job just to get some work experience. (09重庆)

A. though was he B. though he wa

C. he was though D. was he though

【解析】B。though引导让步状语从句可以倒装,也可以不倒装。上句相当于though he was unsatisfied…。

高 考 原 题 回 放


1. You can’t borrow books from the school library ______ you get your student card. (09上海)

A. before B. if C. while D. a


2. All the dishes in this menu, ______ otherwise stated, will serve two to three people. (09全国II)

A. as B. if C. though D. unle


3. Leave your key with a neighbor _______ you lock yourself out one day. (07北京)

A. ever since B. even if C. soon after D. in case



1. Whenever I met her, ______ was fairly often, she greeted me with a sweet smile. (09山东)

A. who B. which C. when D. that


2. The how-to book can be of help to ______ wants to do the job. (09陕西)

A. who B. whomever

C. no matter who D. whoever

【解析】D。宾语从句中缺少主语,排除B;C不能引导名词性从句;who表示“谁”不合题意;whoever =anyone who。

3. It is obvious to the students ______ they should get well prepared for their future. (09天津)

A. as B. which C. whether D. that



1. By nine o’clock, all the Olympic torch bearers had reached the top of Mount Qomolangma, ______ appeared rare rainbow soon. (08福建)

A. of which B. on which

C. from which D. above which


2. Eric received training in computer for one year, ______ he found a job in a big company. (07辽宁)

A. after that B. after which

C. after it D. after thi

【解析】B。which指代前面整件事情,主从句两件事情又有先后关系,故用after which。

3. I saw a woman running toward me in the dark. Before I could recognize who she was,she had run back in the direction ______ she had come. (06重庆)

A. of which B. by which

C. in which D. from which

【解析】D。还原即she had come from the direction...


1. How can you expect to learn anything ______ you never listen? (06山东)

A. in case B. even if C. unless D. when


2. –Do you have anything to say for yourselves?

–Yes, there’s one point ______ we must insist on. (06江西)

A. why B. where C. how D. that


3. We’re just trying to reach a point ______ both sides will sit down together and talk. (06山东)

A. where B. that C. when D. which

【解析】A。与上题的区别是,此处a point在从句中作地点状语,相当于at this point, both sides will...。


1. News came from the school office ______ Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University. (09四川)

A. which B. what C. that D. where

【解析】C。此题难点是,news与修饰它的同位语从句被谓语came from the school office分隔了。

2. Later in this chapter cases will be introduced to readers ______ consumer complaints have resulted in changes in the law.(08江西)

A. where B. when C. who D. which

【解析】先行词cases及其从句被谓语分隔,将其还原到从句,即in these cases, consumer complaints …, 故选A。

3. The old lady’s hand shook frequently. She explained to her doctor ______ this shaking had begun half a year before, and ______, only because of this, she had been forced to give up her job.(05重庆)

A. when; how B. how; when

C. how; how D. why; why

【解析】C。去掉插入语only because of this或将其挪至句尾,句子结构就清晰了。


1. So sudden ______ that the enemy had no time to escape. (09山东)

A. did the attack B. the attack did

C. was the attack D. the attack wa


2. It was ______ he came back from Africa that year ______ he met the girl he would like to marry. (09江西)

A. when; then B. not; until

C. not until; that D. only; when

【解析】C。本题考查not...until...句型的强调句:It is/was + not until… + that +其它部分。

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