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高二教案 第475期


Chocolate box or clocks (Page 4)
山东青岛天龙中学 刘睿君
I.         Pre-reading
1.      Have you ever been to Switzerland?
2.      What comes to your mind when you think of Switzerland?
Luxury goods
ski resorts
II. Questions
1.      What makes Switzerland the most popular European destination for Chinese tourists, according to the article?
Great landscape,
luxury goods,
good marketing campaign,
easy to get to
2.      Why do Chinese travelers go to Switzerland to buy luxury goods?
They don’t have to pay the high taxes on luxury products they pay at home.
3.      Translate the following sentence into Chinese:
They long for natural scenery and clean air, so for them Switzerland is like a Shangri-la.
4.      What is the meaning of the underlined word, “chocoholics”, in the fourth paragraph?
People who are crazy about chocolate/ chocolate fans
. Discussion
Where would be your first choice of destination if you got the chance to travel abroad? Why?
Smart kids talk twice (Page 5)
山东青岛天龙中学 刘睿君
a)        How many languages can you speak?
Chinese, English, Japanese…
b)        Could you list the benefits of speaking multiple languages?
provides new employment opportunities
opens new doors to a new culture, its ideas and its people
bilingual people are believed to be to more open-minded and culturally sensitive
improves cognitive skills
. Questions
1.      What did Ellen Bialystok and Michelle’s study suggest?
It suggests that the bilingual experience improves the brain’s executive function.
2.      Fill in the blanks
Magazine                         News published
New York Times        A study to prove that being bilingual can affect one’s brain
Psychology and Aging    being bilingual helps prevent dementia
. True or false
1.      Children are less sensitive to shapes according to the study. F
2.      The two language systems in a bilingual person’s brain sometimes conflict between each other. T
3.      The more languages you can speak the smarter you will be.  F
4.      The author supports being bilingual. T
5.      Being bilingual has lifelong effects on people, according to the article. T
. Group work
 Three students work in a group
First student: stand with his or her back toward the blackboard
Second student: write words on the blackboard
Third student: act out the words with gestures as the first student guesses the words
Song of support (Page 6)
山东烟台二中 赵娟
I.          Warm up
Would you like to describe one of your most memorable experiences? What was touching about it?
II.        Fast Reading
1.       Why was the author so upset in the passage?
Key: Her mother had been laid offfrom her job and she had lots of bills to pay, so she was going through a hard time those days.
2.       What does the musical soul stand for in the passage?
Key: Keep a positive attitude about life, never look defeated, smile more and lift up your head.
III.      Careful reading
Sentence replacement
Probably, she realized that I went there, because she looked in the direction of my approach from time to time.
Key: She must have felt my presence because she occasionally looked in my direction.
IV.      Language learning
下岗         be laid off
需要勇气做某事   take courage to do
抬起头           lift up one’s head
低估自己的能力   underestimate the power within sb.
做某事感到很宽慰 be relieved to do
经历(不幸的遭遇) go through
惊讶于…           be amazed at
V.        Fill in the blanks with the correct forms.
1.      It left me wondering what was going to happen to us now.   
2.      But it reassured (安慰) me some when my mother told me she was relieved to be leaving.
3.      Through the crowd I saw a young lady sitting at a piano.
4.      I stood there watching her for about fifteen minutes, thinking that it must take courage to perform on your own.
5.      I have been going through a rough time lately, but you’ve given me hope again.
6.      I smiled, amazed at how she was encouraging me.
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