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初一教案 第530期

北航实验中学 姜瑶

Sports dream (P1)
I. Pre-reading
Do you know Kris Wu’s Chinese name?
What do you like about him?
What is the NBA?
II. While reading
    Fill in the following blanks:
1. Kris Wu is a _____________ singer and actor, as well as a basketball fan. 
2. On Feb 13, Wu made ____ points and ____ rebounds in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. 
3. Wu is good at ___________. Wu got along well with the other NBA basketball players.
III. Words in use
1. 这是自儿时起就有的梦想。
   It’s been my dream ____________.
2. 他是第一位中国的明星获此奖。
   He was _____________ to get this prize. 
3. 她擅长唱歌。
   She ________ singing.
4. 我希望明年还能再来打篮球。
   I ______ that I can come play basketball again next year.
IV. Post-reading
What is your dream?
What would you need to do to reach your dream?
Land of great culture (P4)
I. Pre-reading
What are the greatest and oldest civilizations in the world?
What do you know about Egypt?              
II. While reading
        Choose the answer:
1. Which of the following about Egypt is TRUE? 
A. It is the oldest civilization in the world. 
B. It has the second biggest population in the world. 
C. Because of the desert, the country can’t grow plants. 
D. The Nile River, goes through the country.
2. Ancient Egypt had the following things EXCEPT _____.
A. a solar calendar quite like ours today
B. their own characters
C. the English alphabet 
D. mummies and pyramids
III. Words in use
    Fill in the blanks:
1. It’s the 60th year of ________ (友谊) between China and Egypt.
2. Each country ________ (影响) the world in their own way. 
3. Egyptian characters _____ _____ (看起来像) our oracle bone inscriptions. 
4. Egyptians thought the afterlife was very ______ (重要的).
5. The Great Pyramid of Khufu in Giza is _______ (高达) a 40-story building.
IV. Post-reading
Try to find out more amazing things about Egypt.
Tasty Lantern Festival (P5)
I. Pre-reading
* Do you like eating dumplings or sweet dumplings?
* What do you do during Lantern Festival?
II. While reading
True (T) or False (F):
1. People eat mooncakes, dumplings and sweet dumplings during the Lantern Festival. 
2. People in the South call sticky rice balls yuanxiao. 
3. People put salty or sweet fillings inside them.
III. Words in use
1. We often enjoy d_______ food during different festivals.
2. China is f_______ for the Great Wall.  
3. I like to c_________ food by myself.
4. You can also find yuanxiao with some odd fillings, s_____ as chocolate or fruit.
IV. Post-reading
What kind of special food did you have during the Lantern Festival this year? What activities did you do?
II. 1. Chinese-Canadian2.6; 7 3. making friends
III. 1. since I was young2. the first Chinese star3. is good at4. hope
II. 1-2 DC
III. 1. friendship2. influences 3. look like   4. important5. as tall as    
II. 1-3 FFT
III. 1. delicious2. famous3. cook 4. such

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