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初二教案 第580期


Honest way to write (P2) 


Can you explain what the cartoon wants to tell us?


While reading

Choose the answer: 

Springer Nature took back 107 papers because the papers _____.

A. did not support their ideas

B. made up some numbers 

C. are were unimportant articles

D. gave included fake peer reviews


2. According to the third paragraph, using other people’s work without quotes is _____.

A. plagiarism

B. fabrication

C. fake data

D. fake information


3. What punishment will high school students get 

for academic dishonesty?

A. A low grade.

B. A failure.

C. Being expelled.

D. Losing a job.


4. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?

A. An example of how US students learn to avoid plagiarism.

B. An example of academic dishonesty in US high schools.

C. An example of how to have academic writing lessons.

D. An example of the punishment of academic dishonesty.


Words in use

Fill in the blanks:

1. They _______ (支持) each other in their work.

2. He ______ (没能) pass the exam.

3. The bad weather ________ (结果) a traffic jam.

4. You can easily make up an excuse to ____ (避免)  going out with him.



What will you do if your classmate intends to copy your homework?

Weird and wonderful food (P4)


Can you name the following snacks?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. According to the first two paragraphs, we learn that the writer _____.

A. has never eaten Chinese food before coming to China

B. doesn't like Chinese restaurants in Australia

C. finds there're there are many different kinds of Chinese food   

D. finds Chinese food in Australia tastes better than that in China


2. After eating a meal at the traditional hot pot restaurant, the writer thought _____.

A. the hot pot was very different 

B. duck was a must for a hot pot

C. duck blood and duck intestines were delicious

D. he would eat duck blood or intestines again 


3. What did the writer learn from his Wangfujing night market experience?

A. It was the biggest night market he'd seen.

B. Scorpion tasted better than sea urchin.

C. Crazy-looking animals can be good food.

D. Chinese people like to cook food on sticks.


4. What does the last sentence in the story mean?

A. It is difficult to find a good Chinese restaurant.

B. The writer is picky about food.

C. The writer doesn't like Chinese food. 

D. There are too lots of Chinese food many choices of Chinese food.


Words in use

Fill in the blanks: 

1. We never ______ (发现) how to open the box. 

2. _____ (上菜) it with French bread. 

3. The students watch the experiment ________ (有兴趣).

4. The policemen ______ (搜索) every room for the lost kids. 



Jack is from America. He will come to China this summer. Could you please introduce a famous local snack to him.

Building our own big ship (P6)


1.Do you know anything about aircraft carriers?

2.Do you know which country in the world can build an aircraft by itself?

3.What do you think it takes to build an aircraft carrier?


While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Which of the following is TRUE of China’s new aircraft carrier?

A. It is China’s first aircraft carrier.

B. It is called Liaoning.

C. It was designed in China.

D. It was bought from Russia.


2. What is the main idea of the fourth paragraph?

A. An introduction to what an aircraft carrier is.

B. The similarities between an aircraft carrier and an airport.

C. A new place for planes to take off and land on.

D. A secret weapon for wars.


3. Which is NOT mentioned in the fifth paragraph for building an aircraft carrier?

A. Time.

B. Money.

C. Technology.

D. Troops.


4. What can we learn from the story?

A. China already has two aircraft carriers.

B. China cannot can't make its own aircraft carrier.

C. Building an aircraft carrier is not an easy job.

D. China has finished making its own aircraft carrier. But aircraft carriers are very hard and expensive to build. 


Words in use


1. 他想引起那个穿红色裙子女孩的注意。

   He want to  ___________ the the girl. 

2. 她用两年的时间修完了课程,拿到了学位。

   She ________ her degree in two years.  

3. 飞机什么时候起飞? 

   When will the plane ______?

4. 建这座桥花费了很多钱。 

  ___________ money were spent on the bridge.



China’s first homemade aircraft carrier has not got a name yet. Could you please give it a name, and explain the reason behind it.



1. D。由第二段最后一句The reason is because the papers gave fake peer reviews which is an important part in published papers 可知。


2. A。由第三段最后一句plagiarism,which is when another person’s work is used directly without quotes.  可知。


3. B。由四段第三句In high school, academic dishonesty can result in a failure可知。


4. B。由最后一段第二句They are usually taught clear rules about and to avoid plagiarism in these lessons.可知。


1. C。由第二段第一句And now, almost eight months since arriving, I’m still discovering the weird and wonderful world of Chinese food.可知。


2. A。由第三段第二句I have eaten plenty of hot pot before, but this one was really, really hot. 可知。


3. D。由第四段最后一句One thing I have noticed in China is that people love to eat everything on sticks!  



4. D。由第五段第一句But the thing I like most about Chinese food is that you don’t have to search very hard to find it.可知。


1. A。由第一段China’s first homemade aircraft carrier hit the water in Dalian, Liaoning.可知。


2. D。本题是一道主旨大意题,第四段整段都在介绍什么是 aircraft carrier。


3. D。由最后一段It costs a lot of money and uses a large amount of steel and other special materials. It also uses complex technologies including radar electrics, mechanics and weapons. Finally, it takes years to build. 可知。


4. C。由文章最后一段第一句But aircraft carriers are very hard and expensive to build.可知。

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