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高一教案 第695期

Don’t forget family (P4-5)
中国人民大学附属中学  宋玖青

I. Warming up  
Have you watched the movie Coco? What do you think the movie wants to tell us?

II. Pre-reading
If you had a chance to meet your family members who have passed away, what would you say or do?

III. While-reading
Read the article and answer the following questions.
1.What is the English translation of the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos?
Day of the Dead

2.What is the concept at the center of Mexican culture?

Close Reading
Decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1.Miguel goes to the Land of the Dead in order to find his great-great-grandpa.
2.Skeletons can always visit their living family whenever they like.
3.When the spirits are forgotten by their family, they perish and disappear completely from the world.
Key: FFT

Read the article again, and fill in the blanks to complete the introduction of the story.

IV. Post-reading
Think about your answers to the following question, and discuss it in groups of four. Then share your thoughts with the class.
Which do you think matters more, following your family’s wishes or following your dreams? Give your reasons.

V. Homework
Movie Review
After watching the film Coco, write a movie review about it. You are expected to include the following aspects:
A brief introduction of the film
The scene that impressed you the most and why
Your understanding of the film

Big journey for food (P6)
河北省邯郸市第一中学  王永仙

I. Warming up  
What do you know about the hunting habits of seabirds?

II. Pre-reading
Can we make use of their travel patterns to protect them? Do you know how scientists use the birds’ travel patterns ?

III. While-reading
Read the passage quickly and answer the question.
What is the main idea of the article?
A study about the hunting habits of seabirds and how it could help people to protect them.

Read the article quickly and answer the following questions.
1.How did the researchers carry out the study?
A team of researchers from institutions in the UK and Ireland spent five years tracking  four species of seabird to monitor their travel patterns.
2. What was discovered?
It was discovered that over the five years, the species covered an area of 1.5 million square kilometers when hunting for food – almost four times the size of Japan.

Close Reading
Read the article, and try to fill in the chart about the research.

IV. Language
Translate the sentences. Pay attention to the sentence structures.
1. For those of us lucky enough to have our parents cook for us, satisfying our hunger simply means a short walk to the dinner table.
• satisfying our hunger simply 为动名词短语作主语。
• means 意为:意味着。

• But for many bird species, finding food may mean traveling hundreds of thousands of kilometers.
• That means we can now protect the places these birds catch the fish they need to feed their hungry chicks.

2. Stuart Housden, director of RSPB Scotland, said in a news release that although climate change is a huge threat to both humans and nature alike, we should “invest  in an energy system that works for both people and our natural heritage ”
• director of RSPB Scotland 作Stuart Housden的同位语。
• 第一个that  引导宾语从句,做said的宾语。
• alike为副词,意为同样地,类似地。
• 第二个that  引导定语从句,修饰先行词an energy system。
• 句意为:苏格兰皇家鸟类保护协会主任Stuart Housden,在新闻发布会上说,虽然气候变化对人类和自然造成了巨大威胁,但是我们应该投资对人类和自然遗产都有利的能源系统。

V. Post-reading
What should we do to protect birds and other wildlife?


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