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高一教案 第704期

More time to rest for school students (P2)
邯郸市第一中学  李 松

I. Warming up  
How do you feel when the alarm clock goes off in the morning?

II. Pre-reading
Have you ever dreamed of staying in bed longer and going to school later without being punished?

III. While-reading
A first look
Read the article and answer the following questions.
1. Which provinces in China have introduced new rules to allow students to stay in bed longer than before?
Zhejiang and Heilongjiang .

2. What is the purpose of the new rules?
These changes are aimed at making sure students get adequate (足够的) sleep and enough time for breakfast.

3. Were these changes well received by people?
Yes, these changes have received much praise.

4. Are there any similar rules worldwide? Can you give an example?
Yes, pushing back school times isn’t unique to China.
In the United States, schools in at least 21 states began to start school later in 2017.

A closer look
Fill in the chart.

words & expressions
Sentence analyzing
1. Some schools in Zhejiang province have been chosen to test this new guideline, which is expected to be used in other areas in 2019.
2. I definitely welcome the move, since this will ensure my son has enough time for breakfast, which is vital for his health and growth...

解析: 以上两个句子中都含有which引导非限定性定语从句
翻译:1. 浙江省的一些学校已经被选中来测试这一新的指导方针,预计2019年其他地区也将执行新方针。
2. 我非常欢迎这一举措,因为这将确保我儿子有足够的时间吃早餐,这对他的健康和成长至关重要。

IV. Post-reading
Discussion and Debate
What do you think about the guideline published in these two provinces? If your school adopted these new rules,  do you think the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages? Please give your opinions.

Unexpected impacts (P6)
邯郸市第一中学  吴新萍

I. Warming up  
Discuss and list the causes of air pollution.

II. Pre-reading
Read the title and the first two paragraphs and predict what the story is about.

Unexpected impacts
These days, the environment is a huge topic. It seems like we’re always being reminded to recycle, or to ride a bike instead of taking a taxi.
However, it isn’t just garbage and vehicles (车辆) that can cause damage to the environment.

III. While-reading
Skimming   Read quickly to find out all the unexpected items that damage environment.

Fertilizer (化肥) in farm soils is a major contributor
to smog (雾霾) in nearby cities.

It takes around 6,000-8,000 liters of water just
to create a single pair of jeans.

Beef farming could be causing more damage to the    environment than all of the planet’s cars combined.

Explain the following numbers.
25-40%,   6,000-8,000,    28,    11

Agricultural soils make up of 25 to 41 percent of
nitrogen oxide emissions in California.

It takes around 6,000-8,000 liters of water just to
 create a single pair of jeans.

Beef needs 28 times more land and 11 times
more water to produce than pork or chicken.

What suggestions does the writer give us? 
Buy new jeans less frequently;
Replace the beef in our dishes with chicken or pork every now and then.

IV. Language-learning
•1. 提醒某人做
•2. 构成,组成
•3. 过去常常做
•4. 对… 有巨大的影响
•5. 平均
•6. 更别提
•7. 对… 有坏处
•8. 没有必要做
•9. 当提到,涉及到
•10. 用…来替代

•1. remind sb to do
•2. make up
•3. used to do
•4. have a huge impact on/ make a huge difference to
•5. on average
•6. not to mention
•7. be bad for
•8. there is no need to do
•9. when it comes to
•10. replace… with

V. Post-reading
Do some research to find some other unexpected environmental impacts.
Come up with at least three things that you can do in your daily life to improve the environment.


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