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高二教案 第709期

Keeping science alive (P1)
山东省烟台第二中学 赵娜娜
I. Warming up  
Have you seen the following TV series?
Are you crazy about science fiction?
Are you a fan of these people? Mark Zuckerberg Steve Jobs

The March for Science
The March for Science is a celebration of our passion for science and a call to support and safeguard the scientific community.
On April 14, scientists and science advocates will gather in Washington and in hundreds of other cities around the world to take part in the March for Science, a historic event that may well be the biggest march in history in support of science.

Silicon Valley Comic Con
•Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) is an annual pop culture and technology convention. It was first announced on April 17, 2015 through an online video featuring Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee.
• The aim was to bring together popular culture touchstones such as comics, movies, genre TV and technology together as one convention, including panels featuring creative artists, writers, actors, directors, producers, and science communicators.

II. Understanding-fast reading
Read the passage quickly and find out the main idea of the passage.
With the March for Science and events like the Silicon Valley Comic Con, there seems to be no danger of the light of science being dimmed. It has as high a profile as it ever had.

III. Understanding-detailed reading
Read the passage thoroughly, answer the following questions.
1. What is the March for Science?
• It is a celebration of all things scientific and the great _____science has brought to our lives. It ______the high level of general __________ science in the US and around the world.
2. What are comic conventions?
• Comic conventions are where fans of science fiction comics, movies, TV shows, video games and books gather to celebrate.
3. Who is expected to come to the Silicon Valley Comic Con?
•________inspiring speakers were invited to _______this year’s convention and to answer the many questions fans had.
• So there were ________(出席者) from stars of science-fiction movies like the Star Trek series, and also great figures of science, like Roger Penrose, the famous British mathematician.

IV. Understanding sentences
Understanding the following phrases and sentences
1. Science is not only a disciple (追随者) of reason, but also one of romance and passion.
One= a disciple
2. Geeks
•怪人:someone who is not popular because they do strange things or don’t how to behave in social situations
3. Pop culture icons
•流行文化偶像:pop culture icons
4. Collaboration

V. Post-reading
What can you do as a student to advocate science?

‘Clean’ way to exercise (P4-5)
江苏省南菁高级中学 范克强
What can you predict from the title “Clean Exercise”, and what do you think it means?
1. It can be predicted that this text mainly offers an explanation of “clean exercise ”, which sounds like a different way to exercise.
2. It means when you are jogging, you are collecting garbage across the sidewalks and along the pavement to make the environment clean and beautiful.

While reading
What is the main idea of this passage?
It is mainly about a phenomenon that involves collecting garbage while jogging.
Reading in detail
1. What does the word “plogging” mean in this text?
It combines the Swedish phrase “pick up” and the English word “jogging”, indicating  that
it is beneficial to both the environment and our body.

2. What are the benefits of “plogging”?

3. What do ploggers do when they collect garbage on the pavement?
(1). Carry a trash bag and wearing a pair of gloves
(2). Learn to classify and dispose of garbage correctly
(3). Keep a note of what has been collected

4. How do you understand the sentence “The process of collecting garbage is simple, but it sheds light on serious environmental issues”?
It reflects the existence of serious environmental problems and raises ploggers' awareness and concern about garbage left in public places.

5. What is the purpose of this passage?
The author tries to call on more people to take part in “plogging” and make a difference to their body and the environment.

Task 1: Retelling
Use the following words or phrases to retell the text.
Plogging; Shed light on; Classify; Dispose of; Calories; sense of self-satisfaction; body and environment

Task 2:
Do you think it’s necessary to collect garbage when you are jogging? Can you list some reasons why or why not?

Task 3:
Critical thinking
What else can you do to protect the environment and make the world a cleaner place? Try to answer using different perspectives.


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